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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 19 (part one)

Chapter 19 part one!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 19
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 19: MarineAngemon's Curse

In the Digital World, Witchmon flew aimlessly through the skies on her long, crooked broom, looking quite pensive and calm, and it wasn't just because she finally has a small moment of peace in which she could do whatever she wanted, and it wasn't because she enjoyed looking at the blue sky covered with the staticky spots that could delete anything that touched them permanently, and it definitely wasn't because she felt entranced by the changing colors of the tree leaves in the forest. These trees weren't green or pretty autumn colors like mango orange or sunshine yellow or chocolate brown or vermilion red. These trees were turquoise, aqua green, light lavendar, robin's egg blue, and indigo blue! These were definitely not trees that you would see in the world of humans. Witchmon knew this because she saw with her own eyes that the human world's trees are vastly different from the Digital World's trees. She found this small, irrelevant fact quite interesting compared to her comrades, since she was always one who enjoyed an occasional change of pace and scenery, and right now, she definitely needed a great change in both pace and scenery.

Witchmon had gone around, almost all over the Digital World with her lightning fast speed, flying around and putting Dark Emblems on any Digimon she could lay her robin's egg eyes on. Zip and zoom she went, scaring small Digimon and thrusting Dark Emblems onto any one she could lay her giant hands on. Of course, she did it all so hastily and rashly that she was not cognizant of the fact that she had put Dark Emblems on them in very open and obvious places, places that could allow them to be destroyed easily. But to be fairly honest, Witchmon, in all her grace and beauty (as she says), didn't give a rat's hat about any of it. She didn't care. She didn't like being stuck with the task of just putting Dark Emblems on small, weak, hapless Digimon. She wanted to do more. She wanted to go to the human world, gather information, show it all to her master so she could prove to him that humans do exist and that they're not just some legend made up by some hack. She wanted to show off her powers and prove how strong she was. Alas, her master ordered her to continue recruiting and putting Dark Emblems on any Digimon she laid eyes on.

She was very jealous. Although silent, she had feelings of jealously aroused in her heart (if she even had one). She was jealous of the Digimon who got better jobs to do from their master. She was jealous of Roachmon for being able to go to the human world and gather information. After all, her master was lenient on him and not on her. This pained her greatly. Why couldn't her master be lenient on her? She began to feel as though her master liked picking favorites. She began thinking these pained thoughts when she and another Digimon worked together one time. They helped to curse a Digimon. They used this Digimon as a guinea pig for their first experiment: a curse in which the cursed Digimon can never be able to digivolve or de-digivolve or regain their strength and energy fast enough once they used it up in battle. It would also make them more sensitive and vulnerable to pain, making it easier to kill them, even in their highest form. Even a champion level could easily kill a cursed mega level Digimon. It was an experiment that her master thought up, and she and another Digimon were assigned to find a suitable host for this curse and see if it was any good. The first test was a success. Witchmon and her partner had successfully put the curse on the Digimon and rendered it helpless. Unfortunately, when Witchmon and her partner got back to their master's inner sanctum, Witchmon was appalled and angered to see and hear that her master gave her partner all the credit, and all Witchmon got was a superfluous scolding! A scolding! For what? Witchmon did as asked. She didn't understand. And why should her partner get all the credit when Witchmon had just as much involvement in setting the curse in motion as her partner did? Witchmon felt mortified and ashamed.

That was back then. Now, Witchmon let out a sigh.

"Recruiting Digimon and putting Dark Emblems on all of them is so booooring! Even magic battles with all my friends and rivals in Witchelny were more exciting than this! Why couldn't Master have let me go do what I want and have Roachmon do the recruiting? Well, it could be because I'm so powerful and fast that it must be so, but still! I deserve better!" Witchmon whined tiredly like a spoiled teenage girl who was sprawled out on her bed listening to her mother nag. She sat upbright on her crooked yellow broom and began counting on her big red fingers.

"Let's see...I managed to nab twelve Elecmons, a couple Garurumons, five Togemons, six Tapirmons, three Jagamons, one SkullMeramon, seven DoKunemons, two Flymons, eight Ninjamons, and ten Mushroomons! Hm! I got a decent amount today! I think Master will be pleased with this selection!" Witchmon closed her giant hands with a smile and was about to fly away, but she became perturbed when she saw the place where she was flying toward.

"Ack!! Why did I have to arrive at Mt. Trinity of all places!?" Witchmon yelled angrily. Mt. Trinity is a tall pointed mountain surrounded by many smaller rock formations, many thick, leafy trees, and is near a beach with lots of colorful rocks and soft white sand. But there was a reason Witchmon didn't want to come here, and she certainly had an aversion toward sticking around. But she couldn't just fly away in a millisecond. Witchmon decided to float away silently.

'If I keep quiet like a mouse or rat or whatever those humans call it, maybe I can--' Witchmon thought quietly as she was about to gently and silently float away from Mt. Trinity.

Alas, she couldn't.

"Witchmon? What are you doing here?"

"GUH!" Witchmon tensed up when she heard a very cold, slithery voice run up her spine from behind, and, in an act of fear and self-defense, she whacked whatever was behind her with her broom.


The Digimon screamed once Witchmon's broom made contact. Witchmon was disgusted and incensed by this Digimon's appearance and entrance. This Digimon is a woman, like Witchmon, but taller and with a better figure. She is totally draped in black, save for her white mouth, part of her white arm, and her white left leg. Her hair was long and white, and if you looked at it from far away, you'd think her hair was made of small white chains! The woman has stitches on parts of her body, namely on her head and above her sharp, crimson, bloody red eyes that showed absolutely nothing but contempt and scorn at just about everything. Her left arm is as big and long as Witchmon's, but her arm dawned sharp, bloody red claws, a red bat tattoo on it, and a series of silver bracelets going up her arm. A white skull tattoo is on her left breast and two long black capes streamed out from her black outfit. Her right arm is wrapped in silver chains and there's a black ghostly figure coming eerily out from the left part of her outfit, wearing a wicked and contemptuous smile. Even the Digimon's shoes are black and have evil blood red eyes. Witchmon was NOT pleased by this Digimon's presence. Not one bit.

"LadyDevimon!!" Witchmon screamed as the Digimon, LadyDevimon, rubbed her throbbing head with a pained look on her face. LadyDevimon was just as discontented as Witchmon is.

"Is that really how you greet your comrades? Especially your beloved partner in crime?" LadyDevimon sneered angrily once she regained her composure.

"You're no partner of mine, and you never will be!!" Witchmon screamed in a high voice that made even LadyDevimon cover her ears.

"Oh, is this how you plan to thank me for helping you curse that MarineAngemon?" LadyDevimon asked with malice in her voice.

"No! Never! And you've obviously forgotten, but WE cursed MarineAngemon yet YOU got ALL the credit! I did the hardest stuff, in case your tiny brain forgot! I helped set the trap and I held it down! But you didn't do anything but put the curse on her, yet you got all the credit!" Witchmon explained angrily, which made LadyDevimon choleric.

"For YOUR information, my brain is NOT tiny!" LadyDevimon let out a sigh and crossed her arms. "Secondly, Master clearly said that all he wanted was for the curse to be placed, not to waste any time on traps or spells."

"But my trap was perfect!"

"Do you really think so? Because from what I hear your magic in itself isn't exactly the best!"

"That's only because I never had any formal training! Is that so wrong?"

"Yes, it is! Especially since you're the one who destroyed most of Witchelny's most important ancient archives in their library."

A vein popped in Witchmon's head, and she instantaneously exploded into a paroxysm of anger.

"THAT WAS NOT ME!!! All I did was fly past them!! I didn't touch them! Not once! Better yet, I never laid a finger on them in my entire life!!" Witchmon screamed.

"But your hat was found at the scene!"

"That's because I dropped it and didn't know it! Is it really that hard to know what's the truth and what's a fabrication?"

LadyDevimon sighed and shook her head like a disappointed mother. "You really don't get it, do you?"

"OF COURSE I DO!!! And it's bad enough I had to deal with a human just now who said I have bad taste in clothes and look like I came out of a dumpster!"

LadyDevimon literally burst out laughing when Witchmon said that. This made Witchmon blush violently.

"Wha!? Why are you laughing!?"

"Someone...told you that!? Ha ha ha! Now this is a first! And yeah, it's true. You do have bad taste in clothes!"


A vein popped in LadyDevimon's head and she exploded.

"I am NOT promiscuous!!"

LadyDevimon and Witchmon butted heads and engaged in a verbal battle until they finally calmed down. Witchmon remembered that she had something she needed to bring up.

"So, I've heard you've taken over this mountain. Why is that?" Witchmon asked curiously. LadyDevimon turned her head to look at Mt. Trinity with her bloody red eyes.

"I like the scenery around it during the night. You know I get my power from darkness, don't you? There were a few annoying Digimon, but I chased them off. I love the darkness. Don't you, Witchmon? When it gets dark, everything gets swallowed by night. Nothing but black shadows. Isn't it just beautiful?" LadyDevimon explained in a sweetly wicked voice as she looked at Mt. Trinity from the air. She smiled wickedly at the mountain, but Witchmon wasn't having it.

"Aren't there more important things you should be doing instead of smiling at darkness? Shouldn't you be recruiting like I am?" Witchmon asked.

"I actually just got back from recruiting. Master let me off early so now I can relax," LadyDevimon explained. Suddenly she turned to look at Witchmon. "Speaking of, I meant to ask you something. Do humans really exist? Did you really go to a human world?"

Witchmon was taken aback by LadyDevimon's question. But she answered anyway. "Yes. I did go, and they do exist. Why do you ask?"

"The Gazimon have been talking, saying you and Roachmon have been shirking your duties and loitering around in the human world."

"We weren't shirking our duties! Haven't you noticed that whenever Dark Emblems get put on Digimon they always disappear?"

This made Lady Devimon ruminate for a bit. "Come to think of're right for once. But none of the ones I branded disappeared. I made sure to hoard them all in the mountain before I sent them off to Master."

"Wow. Are you a pack rat or something?"

LadyDevimon showed her gritted teeth. "I only do so just so I can see what their powers are like and see if they're worthy of my Master! But anyway...I never really did believe in humans and don't really want to do so until I see some full on evidence. But if what you're saying is true, then I don't think this is something to be taken lightly."

"EXACTLY!! I've been putting Dark Emblems on Digimon left and right since three years ago, when Master destroyed the guardians and him, but they keep on disappearing to the human world! Wanna know the worst thing? There's this one particular group of pesky humans with Digimon who keep ruining our plans!"

"One particular group, you say?"

"Yeah. They called themselves the Digimon Brigade or something."

"And they actually domesticated Digimon?"

"Yeah! And that MarineAngemon we cursed is one of them!"

"Exactly how do you know of this?"

"I've seen them myself. We got into an epic battle in this place called a parking lot as I was trying to retrieve some Digimon I branded. They couldn't destroy me, thankfully, since I'm too powerful for them anyhow."

"You don't say."

"But it's true!"

LadyDevimon crossed her arms and ruminated. "If there really are humans, then--"


Roachmon suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a tiny Digimon dressed in a green ninja outfit with a small, square-shaped screen on it's face in front of a surprised Witchmon and LadyDevimon.

"Ro-Roachmon! Jeez! Don't sneak up on me like that! You almost gave me a heart attack!" Witchmon yelled, not happy with the suddenly very enthusiastic Roachmon's entrance.

"Good! I wanted to give her a heart attack too since she's so ugly!" Roachmon exclaimed, referring to LadyDevimon, who instantly became choleric.

"You're no uglier than me, you bug!" LadyDevimon screamed. "Hmph! I've got no time to waste with you two incompetents!"

And she flew back to Mt. Trinity.

"I AM NOT INCOMPETENT!!" Witchmon screamed, but calmed down when she noticed the tiny Digimon Roachmon is holding. "What are you doing with that Monitormon?"

"I'm using this little buddy and HiVisionMonitormon to record some human activity and show it to Master!" Roachmon exclaimed with a snicker. "See this little black camera here?" He pointed to Monitormon's head, showing a very tiny black camera. "I've got one hooked up to HiVisionMonitormon back in the base. I'm gonna use this to prove to Master that humans do exist! It'll be perfect! I'm gonna go the human world right now and do some info gatherin'!"

"Mind if I join you?"

"Sure! Besides, this stupid mystical veil is about to close up any minute! We oughta act fast and split right now!"

"You got it!"

A medium-sized digital portal appeared in the spotty sky, and Roachmon, Monitormon, and Witchmon flew straight into it, leaving no traces. In an instant, it dissipated.

But what they, or LadyDevimon, didn't know was that on a small island about 5 miles away from Mt. Trinity, another digital portal opened. Out came Airdramon...and Yun, Aria, Lopmon, Terriermon, and MarineAngemon! Airdramon flew into the spotty digital sky while Yun, Aria, Lopmon, Terriermon, and MarineAngemon plopped onto the soft white sand, which broke their fall. Thankfully, the digital portal wasn't that far from the ground so they weren't hurt in any way. Airdramon didn't notice and just flew away, happy to be back in the Digital World. Lopmon was the first to sit herself up from the soft white sand.

"Owww...that hurt!" Lopmon rubbed her backside with her pink paw. Yun got up, then Aria, Terriermon, and MarineAngemon. Aria rubbed her pale blue green pants and rubbed some sand off of her sleeveless white shirt with a pale blue butterfly on it the size of her hand. Terriermon stretched his ears out.

"Now THAT was crazy!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Yun? Where are we?" Aria asked once she saw Yun get up and observe everything. Yun looked around carefully. Once she realized that this wasn't the real world, she realized it.

"We-We're in the Digital World!" Yun exclaimed.

"What!? The Digital World!? No way!" MarineAngemon shouted.

"But how did we get here?" Terriermon asked.

"Airdramon took us here," Lopmon said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah. My shirt got caught in his tail and you all tried to help me get out. That's when he flew and took us here," Aria said in a strangely calm and serene manner. She didn't sound afraid or confused at all. This made Yun a little concerned.

"How come you're not afraid, Aria-chan?" Yun asked.

"Do I need to be afraid?" Aria asked back innocently.

"Well, no, it's just...normally when little kids enter a new world, they get kinda scared or think someone's gonna get them. You look pretty calm and cool with it. Why is that?"

Aria looked up at the spotty sky and ruminated for a bit, then she looked at Yun and smiled sweetly.

"I'm not afraid. That's because I have you and MarineAngemon with me. We'll be fine!" Aria exclaimed with her sweet smile. To prove her security, she gently held onto Yun's hand.

Yun was surprised. Nobody ever said they were safe with Yun around before (other than Lopmon and Terriermon). In fact, most people both thought and told Yun right to her face that her presence either frightened them, made them uncomfortable, or just weirded them out. All in a malicious, virulent way. Yun never expected anyone to say they felt safe with her, let alone a little child nearly half her age and height! Of course, Aria did mention MarineAngemon too, and MarineAngemon is a mega level and at her highest power, so of course she would mention her and hold her in high regard. But Yun? Not one person ever said they felt safe being around her.

Aria was another story entirely. For reasons she didn't quite mention, Aria never exactly considered herself to be safe, even in school where she had nice teachers. She didn't tell anyone, but she felt insecure and wanted to be with someone. Someone kind, brave, knowledgeable, understanding, and who would make her feel safe. She didn't care how big they were or how old they were. She just wanted someone to rely on. Despite her own sweet and congenial personality and demeanor, she had trouble finding people in her own family that made her feel safe. But since MarineAngemon and Yun came into her life, she finally felt as though security had come to her. Once she realized that Yun and her newfound Digimon were kind, protective, and reliable, she vowed to never be afraid of anything so long as she either thought of them or stayed by their side. Aria really liked Yun, and she loved MarineAngemon too, so she was perfectly content with these two.

Their silence was interrupted when MarineAngemon got their attention.

"Girls! Look! There's a continent!" MarineAngemon exclaimed. Yun and Aria looked and saw what looks to be a very large island with a mountain rising up into the sky. Terriermon hopped onto Yun's head to get a better look while Lopmon stayed next to Aria.

"How can you tell it's a continent?" Yun asked.

"I looked at this place from above and I see it's an island. Not very big, I presume," MarineAngemon replied as she flew back downward.

"What's a continent?" Aria asked Lopmon, who stood next to her quietly. Lopmon smiled.

"A continent is a very large mass of land that's bigger than an island. People live on them," Lopmon explained.

"Do people live on islands?" Aria asked.

"Yes, but islands aren't really considered continents since they're small," Lopmon replied.

"What's that mountain over there?" Terriermon asked as he pointed to it with one of his black fingers.

"If I remember correctly, I think it's called Mt. Trinity," MarineAngemon replied.

"How do you know?" Yun asked.

"I'm starting to remember. I've been there a couple of times. It's home to a lot of holy Digimon, like Tapirmon or Kudamon or Unimon," MarineAngemon explained in her sweet, dulcet voice.

"Something about it doesn't feel right," Terriermon muttered.

"I agree. I can feel something rather eerie and ominous coming from there, and it doesn't feel good at all," MarineAngemon said.


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