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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 20 (part two)

Part 2!

It was mostly because Yun could hear really strange music along the way. They followed it, and came upon a small oasis full of water in between some huge rock formations and a set of mossy green trees that looked just fine. The music became louder and more lucid as they got closer to the valley. The closer they got, the more Yun noticed that the people singing the song had very...grating voices. To her, the voices sounded like cats that got caught in a blender. As they got much closer, they finally found the source of the singing. Apparently there's a very large group of Digimon. The Digimon look like frogs, with light green skin and big eyes...only to Yun, they were EXTREMELY creepy looking. Their eyes are HUGE and looked cross eyed. Their hands and feet are webbed and look slimy looking, they have yellow tubes coiled around their necks, and their expressions made them look like demented patients in mental institutions who have been overdosed with anti-schizophrenia medication. One of them held a small stick and waved it around like he was some famous composer conducting an orchestra in Carnegie Hall. All the other Digimon sang along. Yun looked up the Digimon's information.

"Gekomon, a champion level, virus attribute, amphibian Digimon. His attack is Symphony Crusher, Tongue Attack, and Noisy Echo," Yun said and she put her digivice back in her pocket. Right when the Gekomon group started singing again, Yun covered her ears.

"Do you not like it?" Lopmon whispered very softly and quietly so the Gekomon wouldn't hear her.

"It's not that I don't like the song. It's just sooo loud. And their voices are a bit...grating," Yun whispered back.

It's here that Pichimon suddenly succumbed to the urge to talk to the Gekomon.


She hopped off of Aria's head and darted after them.

"Wha! Pichimon! Come back!"

At that instant, the Gekomon stopped singing and saw the tiny little fish Digimon hop toward them with brimming and sparkling curiosity in her cherry red eyes. The Gekomon turned to observe the scrawny fish baby, who hopped in front of them and squeaked joyously.

"Pichi! Pichi!"

"Now who's this little fellow-geko?" One Gekomon asked in a strange voice.

"This is a Pichimon, isn't it-geko?" Another Gekomon asked.

"Yep! This is a Pichimon! No doubt about that-geko!"

"Don't they live in the Net Ocean-geko?"

"Not always, as far as I know-geko."

Another Gekomon suddenly caught sight of the kids and were shocked.

"GEKOOOO!! Look!! It's them! The creatures of legend! Geko!"

All the Gekomon turned to look at the kids and inhaled big globs of air. Pichimon failed to notice their shock.

"Wow! It's them! It's really them! The creatures of legend!! Geko!!"

"Oh! Well I'll be on the heights of joy-geko! They really are real after all! Geko!"

"What an honor it is to be in their presence! Geko!"

Aria and Yun looked at each other with confused faces, then back at the jaunty and excited Gekomon.

"Umm...creatures of legend?" Yun asked. One Gekomon took Yun by the hand.

"Yes! You're humans, aren't you-geko?" The Gekomon asked with brimming curiosity in it's crazed eyes, just like Pichimon.



"So...why do you call us creatures of legend?" Yun kept on forgetting to ask the Digimon she met why they loved to see humans so much. Now seemed like the best opportunity. The Gekomon standing in front of her decided to explain...very happily.

"You humans created us and gave us life! That's what! See, you humans have been the subject of many myths and legends passed down since the creation of the Digital World! Only very few know that humans truly did create us Digimon and give us life, but nobody we know has really seen them. They've always been a mystery to us. We Gekomon are fascinated by another, much higher life form creating another life and we have long since dreamed of coming across a creature of legend. And we're not the only ones either! Lots of Digimon who believe in humans dreamed of going to a human world and seeing another world that's different from ours. Of course, not many of us have been successful in doing so, and some Digimon don't believe in humans. We tried going to the human world, but we had no luck. It's been our dream to confirm the existence of holy creatures such as yourselves! Now our dream has finally come true-geko!!" The Gekomon explained. Aria looked up at Yun with a confused look.

"So to the Digimon, we're like angels and devils who are told in stories?" Aria asked.

"Yep! Some don't believe in us while some do," Yun explained.

Another Gekomon caught sight of Terriermon, Pichimon, and Lopmon.

"I suppose you have been domesticated by these two?" Gekomon asked curiously. Pichimon hopped onto Lopmon's head.

"Yes, we have. But they're very nice girls, so I'm perfectly happy with being Yun's partner," Lopmon replied with a smile.

"Pichi!" Pichimon backed her up with a squeak.

"Yep! Yun's awesome!" Terriermon said.


"Oh! We forgot to introduce ourselves. Hello, Gekomon clan. I'm Wakamiya Julia, but call me Yun. This is Yukino Aria, but call her Aria," Yun explained in a kind voice.

"So do you like to sing?" Terriermon asked.

"Oh, yes! Singing is our livelihood! That's how we Gekomon live in peace-geko!" Gekomon exclaimed.

Suddenly, Yun thought of an idea.

"Umm...question! Do you guys know this song?" Yun asked. The Gekomon, Aria, and the other Digimon looked at each other. Yun normally would never do this, but since she found it a nice occasion to do so, she decided to do it.

She sang.

"Oh, the million points of light.
Oh, the many lights in the sky.
Oh, how they light the night sky.
Oh, they are called stars.

They shine and illuminate each other,
As if they're affirming each other's existence.
But one star shines purely and brilliantly.
That star is you.

You are the star that makes me heart sing.
You are the star that lights my world.
You are the star that lights my world of darkness and despair.
You are at peace, and make me feel harmony.
Your mercy gave me freedom and faith.
Your grace and strength nurtured my determination,
In a world that needs justice.
You make me worthy of giving forgiveness.
Your acknowledge my prudence and help me.

The star that shines the brightest gives me hope and liberty.
You are my hope, my harmony, my eternally shining star."

Practically everyone was entranced by Yun's singing. Even Pichimon couldn't help but be immersed by it. Once she finished, the Gekomon cheered happily.

"Oh! What a beautiful song it is-geko!" One Gekomon said.

" sounds familiar-geko," Another Gekomon said.

After talking with the Gekomon more, they offered them great hospitality. They made them a great feast, which they enjoyed. But even the Gekomon couldn't handle the hyper and jaunty little Pichimon, who jumped around and darted off to whatever her big cherry red eyes caught sight of. After a while, they decided to leave Symphony Valley. They gave the grateful Gekomon a thanks and a goodbye and left Symphony Valley. It's still light out, so they decided to journey some more, even though they didn't have a particular destination. As they walked, it began to feel more and more like a desert. But along the way, Yun saw some red Digimon with blue stripes running around. She looked up their information and found them to be Elecmon. What's more, Lopmon and Terriermon heard a conversation going on between three of them.

"Look! More humans!"

"Really? There's more? I thought Link-sama was the only one!"

"Link? Who's Link?"

"You haven't heard? Link is a human who's been in the Digital World for six years now. He travels the world with a faithful WarGreymon by his side and they fight crime!"

"Not only that, he wears a funny-looking blue and purple mask."


"Nobody knows. Some say it's because he's self-conscious about his appearance. But he's become quite famous."

"I saw him defeat a herd of DarkSuperStarmon around here! It was amazing!"

"But other DarkSuperStarmon are still around, aren't they?"

"Yes, and they're very powerful. Even three of us rookies wouldn't be able to defeat just one. But he sure can!"

"I think it's high time we went to Symphony Valley."

"Yes. That's the best plan for now."

So the three Elecmon darted away from the pile of rocks they hid behind and headed in the opposite direction, towards Symphony Valley. Their conversation piqued their curiosity.

"Link? There's another person here?" Yun asked. 'I wonder if maybe he knows more about Digimon than we do?' She thought.

"Wow! Looks like the Digimon Brigade aren't the only ones who have Digimon!" Terriermon said.

"I wonder what this person named Link is like?" Lopmon asked.

Suddenly, something caught Pichimon's attention.


She darted off again.

"No! Pichimon! Come back here!" Aria chased after her. Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon followed suit.

"Jeez! Pichimon's a real handful sometimes!" Yun exclaimed.

After a while, Pichimon stopped in front of three very big and ominous-looking creatures. Scared, she hopped back into Aria's arms. These giant Digimon are shaped like stars, but their bodies and sharp-looking sunglasses are as black as night. In between their sunglasses are small, gold diamonds on their foreheads. A black scarf protruded from the tips of their star bodies, and all three of them have red gloves and boots. They didn't look like nice Digimon at all. It seemed even Pichimon knew this. Yun looked up their information.

"Wow! These are the DarkSuperStarmon! They're ultimate levels, virus types, and mutant Digimon! Their attacks are Dark Explosion, Black Fog, and Dark Hole!" Yun said. Aria clung to Pichimon in fear as the trio of DarkSuperStarmon looked at them with ominous looks behind their jet black sunglasses.

"We should probably run! We can't take down three ultimates in the state we're in now!" Lopmon advised. She knew that she and Terriermon could only go up to their champion levels, and that wouldn't be enough to defeat them. It also didn't help that Pichimon is still a baby and doesn't have enough energy to digivolve just yet.

"You're right. Let's--" Yun was about to take them and run, but suddenly one of the DarkSuperStarmon attacked.

"Black Star Punch!" One DarkSuperStarmon darted in front of Yun and punched the ground, making rocks go flying.

"Terrier Tornado!" Terriermon quickly deflected the rocks with his own counterattack, saving Yun and the others. Suddenly, they were surrounded.

"Oh no! We're locked in!" Yun exclaimed.

"It looks like we have no choice but to fight!" Lopmon said.

Lopmon and Terriermon digivolved to Turuiemon and Gargomon and fought with the three DarkSuperStarmon as well as they could. Perhaps they could stall them and allow Yun, Aria, and Pichimon to run to a safe place until they were subdued. Unfortunately, the trio of the jet black DarkSuperStarmon are not only fast, but powerful as well. Yun wanted to step in and help, but she knew her meager strength wouldn't be enough to defeat them, let alone even lay a scratch on them. Not only that, the trio of DarkSuperStarmon were VERY persistent.

"Jeez! Don't these things ever take a break!?" Gargomon complained as he gargo lasered a DarkSuperStarmon coming his way.

"They're ultimate levels! Of course they'd be more powerful than we are!" Turuiemon snapped as she kicked a DarkSuperStarmon off of his feet albeit only for a little bit.

Suddenly, one DarkSuperStarmon decided to end it.

"Black Explosion!"

Out of nowhere, a HUGE and loud explosion of bright purple and indigo blue smoke and light appeared from DarkSuperStarmon's hands, causing not only Turuiemon and Gargomon to immediately de-digivolve, but send Yun, Aria and Pichimon all flying! Far away, no less!

For Yun, everything went black. She could tell she fell on something hard and her back hurt. After a while, she, Aria, and Pichimon woke up. When Yun tried to sit up, her back jolted.

"Ow!! My back!" Yun rubbed her back with her hand as well as she could, but it didn't work. She didn't know how much time had passed. She looked at Aria, who clung to Pichimon.

"Aria-chan! You okay!?"

"Y-Yeah. But my hand hurts," Aria muttered, showing Yun her injured hand. Yun could see some dirt and blood coming from it. Noting the way Aria held onto Pichimon, she probably got that injury from protecting her. Yun wanted to use something to take care of it, but she found she had nothing on her.

But Pichimon had other ideas.

"Pipichi!" Suddenly, a slur of soapy rainbow froth spilled out from Pichimon's mouth and caressed Aria's injured hand. Her hand glowed and not only did the froth disappear, but Aria's injury as well. Aria no longer felt the pain.

"Wow! It's all better! Thanks, Pichimon!" Aria replied.

'I should call that attack Healing Rainbow Bubbles,' Yun thought.

"Pichi!" Pichimon squeaked happily. Yun smiled. At the same time, she remembered something similar happening to her. The time when Lopmon, as an infant Conomon, healed the injury that she got from being slapped in the face by Nenji's mom with rainbow bubbles. Yun absolutely loved that memory because it made her remember how much she influenced Lopmon and Terriermon.

And speaking of Lopmon and Terriermon, when Yun looked around, she noticed that they weren't here.

"Terriermon? Lopmon?"

She looked and looked, but didn't see them. Upon seeing this terrifying revelation, fear and anxiety began to consume her very being.

"OH NO!! Lopmon!! Terriermon!! Where are you!!?" Yun cried and cried for them, but no answer came. She could feel tears streaming down her face now.

"The DarkSuperStarmon must have blasted us apart with their Dark Explosion. What if they're still fighting them!? Lopmon and Terriermon are helpless against three ultimates!!" Yun sounded as though she were about to explode into a paroxysm of tears any moment. She often did this when extremely anxious or scared. This time, she had every reason to do so. What if the DarkSuperStarmon defeated them, turned them into DigiEggs, and sent them somewhere they never went to before? How would they find Yun? She fell to her knees.

"Terriermon...Lopmon..." Yun muttered, sounding like she's about to cry out loud. Suddenly, Pichimon hopped out of Aria's arms and hopped in front of Yun's face. Yun stopped to look at the happy little fish.

"Pichi! Pi! Pi! Pichi pichi!" Yun cocked her head to one side in confusion.

"She's saying that we'll find them," Aria muttered as she gently put a hand on Yun's shoulder. Feeling reassured, she smiled and put her hand on Aria's.

"Yeah. We will. Sorry. I know I shouldn't be the one crying, but..." Yun replied rather sadly.

"It's okay," Aria said.

That's when Yun suddenly heard a loud squeak.


Pichimon is on the ground, shaking like a leaf, with her big cherry red eyes trembling.

"Pichimon!" Yun yelled. Aria ran to her and cradled the shaking fish in her arms.

"Pichimon! What's wrong!?" Aria asked, feeling worried.

That's when it happened. Pichimon closed her eyes and was enveloped in a bright pink light.

"Pichimon, digivolve to..."

The light lasted for about a minute and a half, and once it dissipated, Pichimon wasn't Pichimon anymore! Out came a little grey seahorse like dinosaur with long, flabby grey fins, a white belly, emerald green eyes, and a little piece of fuzzy blonde hair on her head.


Both girls were shocked. Pichimon digivolved into Bukamon. Bukamon woke up and looked up at Aria with her big green eyes(5). She smiled.

"Aria-chan. I'm back. Did I keep my promise?" Bukamon asked, no longer sounding like the cute and jaunty little baby fish who would dart off toward anything she'd lay eyes on. Aria smiled and hugged Bukamon.

"Yes. You did. Welcome back, Bukamon!" Aria exclaimed as she hugged Bukamon. Yun had a thought in her head. 'I always thought Bukamon were boys(5),' She thought.

Bukamon looked around, then at Aria.

"Let's go find Terriermon and Lopmon!" Bukamon exclaimed in a more tomboyish voice.

"Should we go back to where the DarkSuperStarmon attacked us?" Yun asked.

"We probably should," Bukamon replied.

"But we don't know where we are right now!" Aria said.

"That may be true, but let's still go lookin' for them anyway!" Bukamon exclaimed.

"Bukamon's right. We can't give up now! Let's go look for them right now!" Yun exclaimed. Aria and Bukamon both nodded in agreement.

They looked everywhere in the rocky area. In every formation, in every crack, in every open area, everywhere. But they didn't find the two floppy eared Digimon anywhere. They made sure not to leave every stone unturned. The day seemed to drag on for a long time, especially since it's so hot. Despite the heat, they looked and looked. Unfortunately, they turned up empty-handed and found nothing. When Yun looked up at the sky, she could see some specs of orange. Sunset is coming. She gasped for breath.

"Ugh! How hard can it be to find Lopmon and Terriermon!?" Yun yelled.

"Maybe it's because we don't know where we are," Aria said.

"That's true. It doesn't look like we're near Symphony Valley anymore," Bukamon said. Yun got up again and walked toward Aria.

"I guess we should--" Yun didn't get to finish that sentence because Aria saw something that caught her attention.

"Look!" Aria yelled as she pointed to the thing that got her attention. "Gazimon!!"


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