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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 22 (part two)

Part 2!

During this time, most of the kids in the Digimon Brigade had to get some things done before heading off to the Digital World. Now, all the kids and Digimon have arrived, and Kosuke was the last to arrive.

"You're late, Kosuke!" Melody scolded with her arms crossed.

"Yeah! Don't keep us waiting!" Biyomon sneered.

"Come on! At least be happy I'm here at all!" Kosuke retorted back.

"Well, better late than never, right?" Patamon said.

"I agree," Lunamon said.

"I second that notion! Wan!" Salamon piped in.

"So! Is everyone ready?" Yun asked. Everyone nodded. Yun got her digivice out.

"Alrighty! Digimon Brigade, it's time to--" Yun was about to press the door button that would send them to the Digital World. Unfortunately, Yun didn't get the chance to press it...because of a vociferous BANG! stopping her from doing so. The ground shook and it made everyone tremble and almost lose their balance.

"What was that!?" Coronamon exclaimed.

"I have no idea!" Shunji exclaimed.

Kudamon, Lopmon, Terriermon, and Lunamon's ears all perked up.

"A Digimon is here!" Kudamon exclaimed.

"What!? Already!?" Minako yelled.

"Yes! We can feel it! It's close by!" Terriermon said.

"Let's go after it!" Lopmon piped in.

"Awww man! Guess the Digital World's gonna have to wait," Riku complained with a facepalm.

"Yeah. That's what I say," Coronamon muttered.

"It's in the woods!" Lunamon piped in.

All the members of the Digimon Brigade followed the four Digimon into the woods, and what they saw shocked them. Moosemon, with Shione and Mikuni on his back, is standing before another horned Digimon. This Digimon looks like a bull clad in blue and gold armor, with brown legs, sharp gold horns, one of which is cracked slightly, glowing red eyes, a black eye patch, and a tattered red cape on its back. Yun gasped.

'Is that the Moosemon from before!? The one Terriermon befriended!? Oh my--!!' Yun thought, but became more frightened upon seeing who is sitting on Moosemon's back.

"Shi-Shione!?" Yun screamed. Shunji looked the Digimon up on his digivice.

"That's Bullmon! He's an armor level, vaccine attribute, mammal Digimon! His attacks are Matador Dash and Tail Whip!" Shunji said.

Shione heard Yun's yell and looked at her.

"Wakamiya!? What are you--!?" Shione couldn't say anything more because she was surprised by the sheer amount of Digimon in her presence.

"MOOOOOO!!" The Bullmon charged toward Moosemon at full speed, but Moosemon successfully caught Bullmon's horns with his own antlers and tried to push him away. Moosemon's red eyes widened when he saw the chip on Bullmon's right horn, the black eye patch, and the scar on it's left leg.

"Bullmon!! Wake up! This isn't you! Snap out of it!!" Moosemon pleaded as he rammed his antlers against Bullmon's horns.

"What's wrong? You know this cow?" Shione asked.

"Yes! He's my best friend! I recognize the chip on his horn, the eye patch, and the scar on his leg!" Moosemon said as he pushed against Bullmon further, not wanting to concede defeat.

Terriermon's ears perked up in alarm. 'What? This Bullmon is...Moosemon's friend? The one he nearly maimed!?' He thought with shock.

Successfully, Moosemon managed to push the choleric Bullmon away from the kids and have him fall to the ground, but Bullmon staggered to his feet yet again. He dug some dirt with his hoof and air came out of his nose.

"Moooo!!" Bullmon attempted to charge at Moosemon again, but a digilasso, now a whip, smacked Bullmon square in the neck.

"Dragon Ember!" A flurry of orange fire balls came out from Dracomon's mouth and burned part of Bullmon's cape and his left cheek.

"Who's up for a rodeo!?" Shunji exclaimed happily as he and Dracomon decided to distract Bullmon for a bit. Shione and Mikuni both got off of Moosemon's back. Moosemon looked at Yun.

"Yun-san! I'm so glad you're here! Please, I beg you! Don't hurt Bullmon too much! He's my best friend!" Moosemon pleaded sadly. Yun put a hand on his neck and smiled at him reassuringly.

"Don't worry. We'll get the Dark Emblem off of him. We promise," Yun said.

"Yeah! Just leave it to us! We'll be careful! But we also have to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone here. Is that alright?" Terriermon piped in. Moosemon nodded.

"Yes. I leave this to you," Moosemon told her.

"Alrighty! Let's have a rodeo!" Kosuke exclaimed as he got his digivice out.

"You got it, Kosuke!" Patamon backed him up.

For Moosemon and Bullmon's sake, only a few Digimon digivolved. Lopmon digivolved to Turuiemon, Terriermon to Gargomon, Patamon to Angemon, Labramon to Seasarmon, and Lunamon to Lekismon. The rest of the Digimon remained in their rookie forms...all except for one.

"Looks like it's time for me to warp digivolve!" Syakomon edicted as a bright pink light enveloped her. Suddenly, she got smaller.

"Syakomon, warp digivolve to..."

The light got dimmer and dimmer, and Syakomon got smaller and smaller until she was the size of Aria's hand. Once the light dissipated, out came...


Aria beamed with joy once Syakomon digivolved into MarineAngemon. 'MarineAngemon's back! She came back! She fulfilled her promise after all!' Aria thought silently but happily.

"Go MarineAngemon! You can do it!" Aria cheered.

"MOOOO!!" Bullmon decided to charge again. Angemon decided intercept his attack first.

"No way are you going to gorge anyone with your horns! Angel Rod!" Angemon used his gold staff to defend against Bullmon's sharp horns. As Bullmon and Angemon pushed against each other, the rookies decided to attack. Namely, Salamon, Kudamon, Bearmon, and Coronamon.

"Holy Roar!"

"Holy Ray!"

"Bear Roll!"

"Corona Flame!"

Salamon's vociferous and piercing roar pounded on the ears of not only Bullmon, but everyone else as well. Yun covered her ears the hardest. Kudamon's holy light blinded Bullmon's good eye, temporarily rendering it blind. This gave Bearmon the opportunity to hit it with his rolling power while Coronamon threw a ball of fire at it (he was careful not to make it hit the trees).

"Be sure to look for a Dark Emblem!" Melody called out.

"We will in a second!" Angemon called back. Altough Bullmon was weakened slightly by the other Digimons' attacks, they weren't enough to totally defeat it. He pushed Angemon out of his way and charged at Moosemon.

"Horn Blade!" Again, Moosemon pushed his out of control friend away from the group, causing Bullmon to fall on his side.

"It's not on his head!" Moosemon announced.

"It's not on his body either!" Biyomon said as she flew over Bullmon to take a look at his tattered red cape.

"It's definitely not on his belly either! I just checked!" Dracomon announced as he sneaked out from underneath Bullmon, somehow managing to not get stepped on. Turuiemon and Lekismon looked at each other.

"Turuiemon. I think I have an idea of where it might be. Care to assist me?" Lekismon asked politely.

"You're thinking what I'm thinking, aren't you?" Turuiemon asked back. Lekismon solemnly nodded.

"Well, it's about time we found out!" Turuiemon edicted courageously.

"Everyone! Stand back! Turuiemon and Lekismon have a plan!" Yun pushed the kids further back so they won't be in their way. Bullmon pushed Moosemon to the ground.

"Moosemon!" Shione exclaimed as she threw Mikuni to Rena and ran to him.

"Harima! Come back! It's not safe!" Rena yelled, but Shione didn't listen. Bullmon is about to charge at them again.


That's when Lekismon made her first move.

"Moon Night Bomb!"

Three spheres of water fell on Bullmon's face, causing it to lose his sight yet again. It's here that Turuiemon swooped in and got her leg ready.

"Ninja Kick!"

Turuiemon kicked all of Bullmon's legs, causing him to fall to the ground yet again. Quickly, Turuiemon and Lekismon grabbed both of his feet and looked at them.

Lekismon found a black hexagon on Bullmon's left back leg.

"I found it! It's on one of his hooves!" Lekismon edicted.

"Mind if I had a knack at it?" Dracomon asked innocently.

Unfortunately Bullmon reawakened and mooed and struggled so hard Turuiemon and Lekismon both had to let go of him. Bullmon became more volatile. The rookies, Seasarmon, and Gargomon decided to attack.

"Bear Roll!"

"Spiral Flame!"

"Tee Dia!"

"Gargo Laser!"

"Holy Rod!"

All of them attacked, but Bullmon just charged through them without a hitch. That's when someone decided to digilasso Bullmon and hop on top of him.

It was Shunji.

"What!? Anjo!! What are you doing!?" Otoya screamed as Bullmon wailed around the clearing angrily as Shunji was riding him like a crazed cowboy in a rodeo contest...and enjoying every minute of it.

"YEEEEAAAAHH!! This is way more fun than that time I nearly made my 6th grade science class explode!! Yeeee-haaaaaaw!!" Shunji screamed joyously like a cowboy, which angered Dracomon too.

"Shunji! Get off of him! This isn't the time to be playing around! Dragon Ember!" Dracomon pleaded, then attacked Bullmon with his flames, but Bullmon somehow evaded them.

Shione watched with awe as all the Digimon, including Moosemon, tried to keep Bullmon at bay. She couldn't believe all of this was happening right in front of her eyes. Digimon, fighting another of their kind, trying to protect their human partners.

'Wow! This is awesome! But this is getting dangerous too. I wish there was--Oh!' Shione thought, but became alert when she saw Yun's red hooded vest. This gave her an idea. Shione ran from Moosemon and approached Yun for a sixth time. Only this time...the reason was different.

"Yun! Do you mind if I borrow your red vest?" Shione asked. Yun was confused, but she took it off and handed it to Shione.

"Umm...okay, but-" Yun said reluctantly, but then Shione just grabbed the vest and ran.

"Don't worry! I'll give it back! Thanks!" Shione ran in front of two thick trees that were the same distance apart as Bullmon's horns.

"HEY BULLMON!! OVER HERE!!" Shione screamed, which got all the Digimons' attention, including Bullmon, who prepared to charge at her.

Shione looked at the rabid bull courageously and held Yun's red vest in front of the two trees, while making sure she was a good distance away from them. Everyone watched with awe.

"Toro(1)!! Toro! Toro toro!" Shione yelled, which made Bullmon even angrier.

"What the freak is she doing!?" Melody asked.

"Oh no! She's trying to draw Bullmon toward her! This isn't a Mexican bullfighting contest(2)!!" Minako screamed, but Shione continued to insult Bullmon.

"Toro!! Toro!!" Shione yelled.

Finally, Bullmon charged at her.


"Harima! Move it!!" Kosuke yelled.

Angemon, Turuiemon, and Lekismon were about to save her, but stopped once they saw Shione smirk. Once Bullmon was about a few feet away from her, Shione swiftly moved out of the way, causing Bullmon's horns to ram into some trees, trapping both them and him. This gave Shunji the opportunity to get off...but not before he knocked Bullmon over the head with a digisword.

"Yo soy un torero(3)!!" Shunji yelled like a drunk cowboy as he knocked Bullmon unconscious with his digisword and hopped off of him with a smile on his face. Bullmon was officially out cold. But not before MarineAngemon landed a hit.

"Spray of Hearts!" Wanting to make sure he stayed out cold, MarineAngemon spat out some pink hearts that made Bullmon even more woosy. Then, the champion level Digimon de-digivolved. Dracomon, Terriermon, and Lunamon decided to hold onto Bullmon's leg and destroy the Dark Emblem.

"Dragon Ember!"

"Bunny Blast!"

"Lunar Claw!"

Dracomon's flames, Terriermon's flurry of bunny shaped white lights, and Lunamon's black and purple glowing claw both destroyed the Dark Emblem, and the red glow in Bullmon's eyes disappeared. Everyone rejoiced.

"Yay!! We did it!!" The kids yelled.

"That was fun!" Shunji said.

"Jeez! You're worse than me!" Riku scolded.

"Also...when and where did you learn Spanish?" Hokuto asked shyly.

"My Dad likes Spanish women," Shunji replied gawkishly.

Once they rejoiced, the kids and Digimon decided to pry Bullmon's horns out of the trees...except for Yun, Mikuni, Shione, and Moosemon. Yun was a little frightened, but she gathered her mettle and spoke to Shione.

"Ummm...Harima-san. That thing you did just now...that was real brave," Yun muttered shyly, lauding Shione for her valiant and chivalrous deed. Shione gave Yun back her red vest.

"Thanks! I saw it on TV and thought maybe it'd work here. Bulls hate the color red," Shione exclaimed happily. Mikuni nodded to back her up.

" shouldn't have done that. That was very dangerous. You could've been killed!" Yun explained.

"She's right, Shione. It's not safe to put yourself in a dangerous situation like that," Moosemon told her kindly.

"I know. But I wanted to do something to help! And besides...Yun-san. Ummm...sorry if this is a sucky time to tell you, but...the truth is, I've liked you for a long time. Umm...can we be friends!?" Shione blurted out finally.

Yun was stunned. She remained stunned even as Terriermon and Lopmon returned to her side faithfully. After a while, she smiled.

"Umm...I-I know we probably don't have much in common, but...I've always liked you. You're always nice, you always do well in school, you don't act all stuck up and selfish like Shimizu, and you try hard and do everything honorably. I've actually been trying to befriend you all year, but Shimizu kept stopping me from doing so. I never did like her, and I feel bad that she's always picking on you. I feel even more bad that I never stood up to her in public. Umm...I'm sorry. This is probably stupid! I--"

Shione felt a hand crawl into hers. It was Yun's. Yun smiled at her sweetly.

"Sure! I'd love to be friends with you, Shione-chan!" Yun edicted sweetly, which made Shione beam. Moosemon lowered his head toward her.

"See Shione? You made friends with her after all! I knew you could do it," Moosemon told her. Shione beamed and hugged Moosemon's head.

"Not just her! You're my new friend too, Moosemon!" Shione exclaimed happily as she nudged herself against a happy Moosemon. Suddenly, all the kids managed to get Bullmon out of the trees and watched as Shione and Moosemon bonded happily.


"Wan! Look!" Salamon exclaimed loudly.

Moosemon and Shione looked up to see a radiant dark blue light floating in between them. The blue light floated gently into Shione's hands and dissipated to form a dark blue digivice. Everyone lit up.

"Wow! She tamed Moosemon! He's her partner now! Wan!" Salamon cried out happily.

"Congrats! You have a Digimon!" Patamon said.

"Oh, wonderful!" Rena and Lunamon both called out in unison. Shione found herself smiling so much her cheeks were hurting. When she looked at Yun, she stopped.

"Oh! Uhh...sorry about the really bad timing. I promise I won't tell anyone about the Digimon! I promise!" Shione said.

"Hey! Wanna be part of our group?" Yun asked.


"Yeah! We're the Digimon Brigade!"


"Yep! Alrighty! Harima Shione, from this day forth, to reward you for your valiant and noble deed, I shall name you honorary member of the distinguished Digimon Brigade!" Yun edicted like she was some priest conducting a solemn ceremony.

"Distinguished? Yeah right!" Dracomon exclaimed. Shunji laughed with him. This irked Yun.

"Hey! Don't laugh!" Yun yelled. Suddenly, Shione's attention was directed elsewhere.

"Awwww! They're so cute!" Shione gushed over Terriermon and Lopmon. Then she saw Salamon and beamed. "Awww! So cute!!"

And she wasn't the only one. Mikuni pulled on Yun's shirt, typed something into her cell phone, and showed it to Yun.

"May I hold Lopmon, please?" Mikuni asked with her phone. Yun smiled and gently handed Lopmon to her.

"Okay. But be gentle," Yun told her quietly. Mikuni nodded and gently cradled Lopmon in her arms. Lopmon smiled.

"Hello! Nice to meet you!" Lopmon cooed sweetly, which made Mikuni hug her, happy to hug the cute bunny.

"Is she your sister?" Rena asked.

"Yep! Harima Mikuni," Shione said.

"Oh! Your sister helps me out at the church a lot! She's deaf, right?" Otoya exclaimed.

"Yeah, she is," Shione said.

"WHAT!? DEAF!? You should've told me that earlier! I don't know sign language!!" Yun yelled.

"It's fine. She can read lips too. In fact, she can read lips better than other deaf people I know. Besides, she prefers using her phone over sign language," Shione told her while smiling as she watched Mikuni play with both Lopmon and Salamon.

"Ummm...don't we have more important things to do than play around?" Kosuke asked.

Yun realized it, and screamed.

"EEEEEEK!! LUCERO!! That's right! We gotta go to the Digital World and save him!!" Yun wailed.

"Whoa! You can go there!? Awesome! Do you mind if Moosemon and I come with you?" Shione asked.

"Sure! I don't mind!" Yun said.

Mikuni, kindly giving Lopmon and Salamon back to Yun and Minako, typed into her cell phone and showed it to them.

"Can I come too?" Mikuni typed.

This made the entire Digimon Brigade go "EH?" and feel a little scared. Melody decided to take the plunge.

"Sorry, but you can't come. It'll be really dangerous. You could get killed!" Melody explained as Shione signed everything she said.

"But I want to go anyway! Going to the Digital World will be better than hearing Daddy and Himari-Neechan yell every day!" Mikuni typed.

"She has a point," Shione muttered.

"Besides, I'll be safe if my nice sister Shione's around! Moosemon's here too! I'll be just fine!" Mikuni typed.

"You sure?" Shione signed.

"Yep! I won't wander off. I promise," Mikuni typed.

The kids looked at each other, then back at Mikuni, who looked pretty ardent about her decision to follow them to the Digital World.

"Alright. You can come. But you MUST stay with us! Okay?" Minako said.

Mikuni smiled and hugged Minako, and then Salamon.

"Miku-chan's nice! Wan!" Salamon piped in.

"Alright! Enough wasting time! Let's goooooo!" Yun exclaimed as the entire Digimon Brigade, with Moosemon, Shione, and Mikuni following, went back to the park.

But before they could even leave the clearing, they heard a small groaning sound. Kudamon was the first to notice.

"Look! Bullmon is reawakening!" Kudamon announced as he saw Bullmon trying to stand on his feet.

"Bullmon!" Moosemon ran to Bullmon and helped him up. Bullmon shook his head.

"Huh? Moosemon? Is that you?" Bullmon asked in a deeper voice than Moosemon's.

"Oh! Oh, thank goodness you're alright!" Moosemon nudged himself against Bullmon gently and happily, which made Bullmon happy.

"Umm...where am I?" Bullmon asked.

"You won't believe this! We're in the human world!" Moosemon edicted happily.

"WHAT!? The human world!?"

"Yes! Awesome, isn't it? Look!" He and Bullmon looked at the Digimon Brigade. "See those children over there? They removed the Dark Emblem and turned you back to normal! Isn't that great?"

Bullmon walked closer to the kids and examined him with his good eye.

"We'll I'll be a Monmon's banana peel! These are real life humans! I never thought they existed at all! Guess I was wrong!" Bullmon said.

"Ummm...nice to meet you?" Yun muttered shyly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Bullmon said kindly.

"Bullmon. These kids are going to the Digital World to save their friend. Would you like to come along? We could surely use your powerful horns and unrivaled head power!" Moosemon said. The kids looked at each other, then nodded.

"Sure. We don't mind," Shione said. Mikuni nodded to back them up.

"Ha ha! Isn't this great! Sure, I wouldn't mind taggin' along! And don't worry, since you saved me, I'll make sure not to run into you with my horns! That wouldn't be good!" Bullmon exclaimed happily.

The kids went back to the park to go to the Digital World.


1. Toro is Spanish for bull.

2. Shione and Bullmon are imitating a sport known as bullfighting, where bullfighters try to wrangle a bull and try to avoid being killed by it. Minako makes a reference to Mexican bullfighting, which often takes place in the Plaza de toros Mexico, which is in Mexico City, Mexico. It is currently the largest bull fighting ring in the world, though bullfighting originates from Spain.

3. Yo Soy Un Torero is Spanish for "I'm a bullfighter!"


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