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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 23 (part three)

Part 3!

As Lucero, Hokuto, and Kudamon set off to find the Digimon Brigade, the Digimon Brigade itself had set off long ago. The kids looked around the area as they walked, and were impressed with what they saw.

"Hey Yun-chan? What are these things?" Aria asked, pointing to a staticky spot in the sky.

"Don't touch it!" Yun grabbed Aria's hand and pulled her away from it. "Those are holes full of unstable data. If you touch it, you'll disappear and never come back!" Yun advised.

"Oh. I see. Sorry," Aria muttered.

"It's okay. I should've told you earlier," Yun muttered.

"We probably would've found out anyway," MarineAngemon piped in.

Suddenly, Lopmon and Terriermon's ears perked up in alarm.

"A Digimon!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Already? Cool!" Riku exclaimed. Minako looked up at the sky.

"I hear it too. It sounds like its coming from over there!" Minako pointed to a small formation of rocks on her left.

"I wonder if we'll kick its butt?" Riku asked.

"I'd love to see it go up in flames!" Coronamon bellowed as he clenched his little fists. Otoya, Rena, Lunamon, and Labramon all sighed and facepalmed when they heard this, but followed the kids anyway. When they arrived at the rock formation, Moosemon was the first to see the Digimon.

"It's here!" Moosemon exclaimed. What they saw left them awestuck.

A tall Digimon clad in yellow armor lay on the ground, unconscious, injured, and in considerable pain. The Digimon has pure white butterfly wings with dark purple markings on them. One of them has a big gash on it. Its armed resembled that of Gatomon's claws, yellow with red stripes and black nails on them. The Digimon also has blue eyes, white and purple ears, and black talons on its feet. Minako was the first to run towards it.

"Oh no! It's injured!" Minako yelped as she and Salamon ran toward it.

"Minako! Be careful!" Melody yelled. Minako gently stroke the Digimon's armor and got its attention.

"Are you okay?" Minako whispered softly and kindly, which made the Digimon open its eyes and look at Minako rather strangely.

"Who...who are you?" The Digimon asked in a low, lady-like voice. Minako got some gauze out of her book bag.

"Don't move. We'll take care of you. You look like you've been hurt pretty bad," Minako told her in a motherly voice as she gently wrapped the gauze around the Digimon's wing, left leg, and shoulder.

"It's okay! You'll be all better soon. Wan!" Salamon told it reassuringly, which seemed to make the Digimon smile, even though her mouth is covered with armor. Otoya looked up the Digimon's information on her digivice.

"She's Butterflymon, an armor level, vaccine attribute, insect Digimon. Her attacks are Sweet Honey Straw, Butterfly Masquerade, and Butterfly Serenade," Otoya said.

"Would you like some help?" Rena asked as she ran towards Minako.

"Me too!" Otoya followed suit.

"Huh? Why'd you all bring gauze with you?" Kosuke asked.

"Simple. We figured we'd be in the Digital World for a while, and of course there'd be some danger along the way, so I decided to bring some gauze and some first aid stuff for in case anyone gets hurt," Minako explained.

"Mina-chan's always prepared for potential bad situations! Wan!" Salamon piped in.

"I brought lots of band-aids for in case Riku got himself scraped again," Rena said.

"Me too!" Otoya piped in.

"Wow. You girls are more prepared than I expected you to be, not that I didn't expect you'd be prepared or anything," Labramon said.

"Ah, women. Such delicate and genteel creatures, they are!" Shunji said rather condescendingly, acting as if he's in some Shakespearian play, which irked Yun a bit.

"If Ayaka heard you say that, she'd think you're a flirt," Yun told him sharply.

"May I be of assistance? Some of my water attacks may help in disinfecting the wounds," Lunamon said.

"Yes. My ice attacks will cool things down, if you don't mind," Lopmon piped in kindly. Minako smiled.

"Sure! Go ahead. We could use all the help we can get," Minako told them.

The kids put Butterflymon against the rock and the three girls tended to her wounds. Lunamon used a mild Tear Shot attack to clean up Butterflymon's wounds and disinfect them. Lopmon used a mild Freezing Snow to cool Butterflymon down, since it's rather hot outside right now. After the Digimon did what they could, Minako, Rena, and Otoya wrapped Butterflymon in however much gauze they needed and made sure to be as gentle as they could be. As the three girls tended to Butterflymon, Melody nudged Yun on the arm with her elbow.

"What's up, Mel-chan?" Yun asked.

"Have you ever heard of a Ladies' Aid Society?" Melody asked.

Yun cocked her head to one side, confused. "Ladies' Aid? Well, I've read about it in some of my books, but they never do explain what they are."

"I did some research, and I found out that in the 19th and 20th centuries, Ladies Aid Societies gave food to soldiers who went off to war, made clothes out of scraps, nursed the injured back to health, and all that jazz," Melody explained in a prosaic manner.

"Is THAT what they're for? I never knew! But why bring it up?"

"'Cuz...Minako, Rena, and Otoya are acting like total nurses right now," Melody looked at the trio of girls who dutifully tended to the wounded Digimon's injuries with aplomb. Yun looked and smiled. Terriermon too.

"They sure look like they're having fun doing it!" Terriermon exclaimed. Yun stroke his ear with her hand and smiled with him. Suddenly, MarineAngemon approached the three girls and Digimon.

"May I help out too?" MarineAngemon asked.

"Sure! Do whatever you need," Otoya replied.

"Okay! Here goes! Spray of Hearts!" MarineAngemon shot three small, pink glowing hearts from her mouth, which hit Butterflymon, but not in an injuring way. Butterflymon actually sighed and closed her eyes as if she were content with everything that's been happening.

After a while, Butterflymon was fully wrapped up in gauze.

"Ah...I feel much better already. I don't know what I'd do if you hadn't come. Thanks for taking care of me. I really appreciate it," Butterflymon muttered.

"It's alright. We're just glad we made it in time," Minako said.

All of a sudden, Butterflymon's eyes widened and she looked at Minako with interested blue eyes and ears rising into the sky. Salamon noticed and decided to bring it up.

"What's wrong?" Salamon asked.

"Do my eyes deceive me? You''re humans, aren't you? You are! You are, indeed! Wow! Magnificent! I've always dreamed of meeting a human being, and not only have I met them, but they've taken care of my wounds! Oh, what joy!" Butterflymon exclaimed happily.

"Oh. You Digimon...have heard about us?" Minako asked, her curiosity piqued by Butterflymon's complimentary remarks.

"Yes, but mostly in the form of rumors and legends. Here in the Digital World, we're told that there exists a being much higher than us, who created us from nothing and gave us life. I've always dreamed of meeting the very creature who gave us Digimon life, and now here I am in your presence!" Butterflymon explained.

"Do other Digimon like humans?" Salamon asked with a smile.

"Some do and some don't. Some don't believe in humans and think they're nothing but a farce, while some, like I, truly believe in their existence and have long since tried to go to the human world, but we've found no means to do so," Butterflymon replied.

"How come you were all hurt like that?" Bearmon asked.

"Yeah. You look like you've been pecked at real good!" Isao backed him up.

Butterflymon's blue eyes closed in dejection. "Pecked at is exactly what happened to me. Some Kiwimon branded with these things called Dark Emblems attacked me out of nowhere. I tried to stop them, but they were too powerful for me," She explained rather sadly. Minako put a hand on her bandaged shoulder.

"I'm sure they were. But hey, at least you survived!" Minako told her reassuringly.

"Yes, if it hadn't been for you, of course. I need to get back to Chloros Forest so I can work on my business, but in my condition, I don't think I'll be well enough to fly all the way there," Butterflymon said.

"We're actually on our way there. If you want, you can come with us!" Minako said.

Butterflymon's eyes widened. "Really? Can I? But what if things get dangerous?"

"Not to worry!" Salamon piped in. "They have us Digimon partners to protect them! Everything's gonna be just fine! Wan!"

"My champion form's the biggest Digimon around, so we can take down some bad Digimon easily!" Dracomon piped in courageously.

Butterflymon smiled. "Well, it's no wonder you humans are so wonderful. Alright, I will accompany you. I hope I won't get in your way. I promise I'll do whatever I can to pay you back for your kindness," Butterflymon said.

Everyone agreed to take Butterflymon with them since they didn't want to just leave her there. What if another branded Digimon were to pass by and attack her? She wouldn't have stood a chance. Minako took Butterflymon by the hand and led her away from the big rock. Everyone else surrounded them so Butterflymon would be protected. They walked away from the rock and headed towards Chloros Forest.

"So Moosemon. How much longer til we get there?" Shione asked.

"Not much longer. Just another 2 kilometers," Moosemon replied. Shione and Mikuni both sighed. Salamon sat on top of Butterflymon's head. For some reason, Butterflymon decided to strike up a conversation with her.

"Salamon? Your partner's very nice and intelligent," Butterflymon told her, which made Salamon smile.

"I know, right? She's smart and teaches me lots of fun things!" Salamon piped in.

"You're very lucky to have her for a partner," Butterflymon said. Salamon smiled sweetly.

"Me too," Salamon replied, which got Minako's attention.

"Is that me you're talking about?" Minako asked.

"Butterflymon says you're nice and intelligent, which you are! Wan!" Salamon piped in without fear or hesitation at all. In fact, she didn't mind if Minako heard their conversation. It was about Minako and the good things about her, so Salamon simply thought 'What's wrong with someone unknowingly hearing about a conversation about how nice you are?' Minako blushed a bit.

"Yeah. Lots of people tell me that," Minako said.

"Want to know a little something interesting? Did you know that I happen to be one of Salamon's armor digivolutions?" Butterflymon whispered like she was someone's girlfriend.

"Yeah. I knew that," Minako said.

"Hm! I see! Well, I suppose you don't recognize the symbol on my wings, do you? It means knowledge," Butterflymon said.

"The crest of knowledge?"

Butterflymon cocked her head to one side. "What's a crest?"

Minako chuckled. "Oh..."

Suddenly, Isao decided to join the conversation. "Oh! I know what a crest is! It's those things that the Digidestined have so their Digimon can digivolve to ultimate level! Izzy has the crest of knowledge!"

"Isao-kun. You know that's a TV show, right?" Minako told him.

"Yeah, but I thought she'd want to know," Isao said while rubbing the back of his thick red hair with his hand.

"That's right. Is it wrong to tell someone about a little interesting piece of knowledge?" Bearmon asked. Minako chuckled a bit.

"You kind of worded it wrong, but no, there's nothing wrong with sharing knowledge once in a while, so long it doesn't hurt anybody," Minako replied tactfully.

"How can knowledge hurt someone?" Bearmon asked curiously. Minako's eyebrows dropped a bit.

"Well..." Minako let the sentence drift away because Isao is just a young kid, and he wouldn't understand Minako's explanation for how knowledge could potentially hurt someone. That, or he would get bored to death by it. Nonetheless, Isao and Bearmon walked along merrily, forgetting their part in the conversation. The Digimon Brigade walked along quietly, when all of a sudden...

"Kiwi Bomb!"

A myriad of pale green orbs of light charged towards the Digimon Brigade. Yun, Melody, and their Digimon were the first ones to react.

"Freezing Snow!"

"Terrier Tornado!"

"Spiral Flame!"

Lopmon, Biyomon, and Terriermon's attacks managed to stop most of the kiwi bombs from hitting the Digimon Brigade, but a few managed to fly past them. This is where Yun and Melody stepped in.

"Shield!!" On cue, the two girls held their digivices up, and a big rainbowy dome appeared over the Digimon Brigade, causing the kiwi bombs to dissipate. The kids were impressed.

"Wow!! You can use a digivice to make a shield too!? That's awesome!!" Riku said.

"Indeed it is!" Bullmon piped in.

"Everyone! Look!!" Shione yelled as she saw the culprits behind the assault. Standing before them are three Kiwimon, with glowing red eyes and angry demeanors. Butterflymon gasped.

"That's them! They're the Kiwimon that attacked me!" Butterflymon said.

"Hey! Ya think we should pound 'em?" Coronamon asked.

"Now you're speaking my language!" Riku exclaimed.

"But what about Lucero and Kamitsure?" Kosuke asked.

"I haven't forgotten about them, but we don't want to leave these Kiwimon to suffer, now do we?" Yun pointed out.

"Yun-chan's right. The Dark Emblems could also be hurting the Digimon! We can't have that happening! Come on! Let's help them out!" Patamon said.

"Yes. Let's purify them!" Labramon exclaimed.

Since there are three Kiwimon, only a few of the rookie Digimon digivolved. Labramon digivolved to Seasarmon, Coronamon to Firamon, and Patamon to Angemon. Moosemon, Bullmon, and MarineAngemon are already at their highest forms, so they didn't need to go any further. They were enough. Despite this, the rookies and the kids decided to fight with the champions so they could keep the Kiwimon at bay. Minako held onto Butterflymon.

"You're in no condition to fight, so I'll stay with you," Minako told her. Butterflymon wanted to protest for Salamon's sake, but decided not to.

The three Kiwimon charged at them.

"Pummel Peck!"

Little tiny objects in the form of small Kiwimon shot out at the kids. The kids got their digiswords out and slashed most of them, while the Digimon helped out.

"Lunar Claw!"

"Freezing Snow!"

"Dragon Ember!"

"Holy Roar!"

"Spiral Flame!"

Although their attacks destroyed the tiny Kiwimon objects, the three Kiwimon themselves are still at bay, trying to peck at everyone. Biyomon became incensed when a Kiwimon attacked her out of nowhere and plucked off some of her feathers.

"Why you disgusting, horrid thing!! You're gonna pay for that!! Holy Blaze!!" Biyomon, in a paroxysm of anger, engulfed herself in flames and rammed into Kiwimon repeatedly.

As Biyomon and one of the Kiwimon were duking it out, Yun seemed to have a plan.

"Everyone! I've got a plan! All of you get into pairs of two! Have your Digimon either tire out or knock out the Kiwimon with their attacks long enough so they won't be able to fight. Once they're worn out, digilasso them so they won't run away! After that, find the Dark Emblems and remove them! Got it?" Yun edicted like a leader. Everyone smiled at her.

"Right!!" Everyone yelled in unison.

"Look out!!" Aria yelled as a Kiwimon was about to attack Yun.

"Spray of Hearts!"

"Hanging Twister!"

MarineAngemon and Moosemon attacked the Kiwimon and saved Yun.


"Consider this payment for saving me back then!" Moosemon told her.

Upon hearing her command, Kosuke decided to pair up with Otoya since both their Digimon are at their champion levels. Angemon and Seasarmon seemed to know they had plans and decided to go along with it.

"Hey Seasarmon!" Angemon said.

"What's up?" Seasarmon asked.

"You up for a little holy tag team action? I could use your powers!"

"Sure! In fact, I've been waiting for a little something like this! How about it?"


A Kiwimon came charging at them.

"Angemon! Seasarmon! Attack!!" Kosuke commanded.

"Kiwi Bomb!"

Angemon and Seasarmon performed a little dance before preparing to unleash their combined attack. Once Angemon and Seasarmon were in their positions (Angemon sitting on top of Seasarmon like he's some equestrian), they went and did it.

"Shining Solar Strike!" Angemon and Seasarmon were engulfed by a dazzling gold light and both charged at Kiwimon so much that they not only knocked it unconscious, but destroyed it enough to have it turn into a DigiEgg. Otoya rubbed her head with her hand.

"Wow. That worked a little TOO well," Otoya said.

"It seems we went a bit too far," Angemon said.

"Well, at least Kiwimon should be fine from now on," Seasarmon said.

"Speaking of Kiwimon, wanna help the others out?" Kosuke asked.

"You've just read my mind!" Angemon exclaimed with a smile. But his smile faded immediately when he heard Yun scream.


"Kiwi Bomb!"

Yun screamed as she saw a Kiwimon attempt to attack her. It came by so quickly nobody had time to react, not even Salamon.

Except for one.

"Butterfly Serenade!"

A myriad of butterflies glowing in multifarious colors streamed out from Butterflymon's arms and consumed the kiwi bombs as if they were dinner. But not only did they consume the kiwi bombs, they also managed to lay some hits on Kiwimon. Angemon pummeled that same Kiwimon with his holy rod.

"Okay! My turn! Holy Roar!" Salamon roared loudly, so much that Kiwimon was knocked off of her feet and unconscious. Minako decided to use this opportunity to get her digisword out and gently remove the Dark Emblem, which she did with aplomb.

"Mina-chan! Are you alright?" Salamon asked, her wide violet eyes trembling with worry. Minako gently picked up the worried little pup and held her close.

"I'm alright. Thanks for worrying about me," Minako whispered to Salamon gently, then looked up at Butterflymon. "And Butterflymon...thanks for saving me."

"You're welcome. Now we're even," Butterflymon said.

"But what about the other Kiwimon?" Salamon asked.

"I think we'll let Riku handle that one. Biyomon's done pecking it anyhow," Minako told her, which made Salamon smile with relief.

And speaking of Riku and Firamon...

"Grrr!! This thing's annoying!! I can't land one hit on it!" Firamon complained. Riku noticed that Kiwimon is beginning to stammer just a bit.

"Not to worry! She's starting to get weaker, so try hitting her again!" Riku commanded.

"But I might use up the last of my energy! And if I miss--"

"We don't have time to laze around! Do it!!"

Firamon sighed. "If you say so."

Finally, Firamon attacked.

"Fira Claw!"

With its forelegs engulfed with flames, Firamon clawed Kiwimon enough to both knock her unconscious and remove the Dark Emblem from the back of her head. All three of the Kiwimon were purified, though one got turned into a DigiEgg as a result of Angemon and Seasarmon's lack of control (which they didn't intend). After that, all the champion level Digimon (except for Bullmon, Butterflymon, MarineAngemon, and Moosemon) de-digivolved back into their rookie forms. Terriermon fell to his knees.

"Whew! That sure was tiring!" Terriermon exhaled a sigh of exhaustion.

"You're tired? You hardly did a thing!" Kosuke scolded, sounding rather irritated.

"Yeah I did! Lopmon, Lunamon, and I saved Yun and Melody from being pummeled by the kiwi bombs!" Terriermon retorted back.

"That was just one thing!" Kosuke exclaimed.

"So? It's better than nothing, right?" Terriermon said back.

"Now now! Let's not fight, shall we? The important thing is that the Kiwimon have been purified and everyone's safe!" Patamon jumped into the scene and quickly stopped Kosuke and Terriermon from getting into a brouhaha.

"You kinda overdid it on your part," Kosuke said, which made Patamon irk a bit.

"Yeah...that was an accident!" Patamon retorted.

"We did not intend to turn Kiwimon into a DigiEgg, though I suppose it's not necessarily a bad thing since she will begin her life anew. Perhaps we should practice our combination attacks in the future," Labramon explained calmly, not bothered by Kosuke's attitude towards this turn of events.

"They're right. At least we stopped potential destruction," Minako explained.

"Alrighty! I think it's time to--WHAT!? Butterflymon's glowing!!" Yun edicted like a leader at first, then screamed like a maniac when she saw Butterflymon's wings glowing.

Yes! Butterflymon's wings are glowing a serene and calming violet purple color, like Minako's violet eyes. Everyone watched, surprised by this new turn of events, even Minako and Butterflymon. After a short while, a small orb of purple light came out from Butterflymon's injured wing, causing her wings to stop glowing. The orb of light floated in the air for a bit and gently fell into Minako's palms. When the purple light dissipated, out came a small purple gem stone in the shape of a tiny butterfly. Everyone stared at it with awe.

"Wow! What was that?" Melody yelped.

"Beats me!" Riku piped in.

"But whatever it is, it's awesome!" Coronamon piped in.

"It's shaped like a butterfly, like Butterflymon!" Otoya said.

Suddenly, Yun yelped, seeing that she forgot to tell everyone something very important.

"AAACK!! I totally forgot!! Mina-chan! You just got Butterflymon's D-Chip!" Yun exclaimed loudly.

"A D-Chip? What's a D-Chip?" Rena asked.

"Care to tell us, Yun-san?" Lunamon asked politely.

"You know about this?" Labramon asked politely.

"Come on! Spill the beans!" Biyomon said.

"Okay okay!" Yun held her hands up to calm everyone down, feeling rather inundated by their prodding. "That thing that came out of Butterflymon just now is what's called a D-Chip. If you befriend another Digimon even though you already have a partner, you get a piece of their data and it turns into one of those gem stone things, which is a D-Chip. Any Digimon whose D-Chip you have is your secondary Digimon, and you can call for them by putting the D-Chip in that hole on the side of your digivice. I have a couple of them myself, and Aria-chan has one too."

Aria backed her up by showing off her own D-Chip. "It's true! I made friends with a Unimon!"

"Wow! Really? That's so cool!" Patamon exclaimed happily.

"Seriously? Aw man, that's awesome! I wouldn't mind getting one of those from a Leomon or a Flamedramon or somethin'!" Riku exclaimed happily.

"Hey! Are you pickin' favorites already!? Aren't I your awesome Digimon partner!?" Coronamon exclaimed, feeling rather irritated by Riku's remarks just now. Immediately, Riku felt guilty and hugged his furry red hamster Digimon.

"Of course you are! No way is anyone gonna replace you, little buddy! You were awesome today too!" Riku said.

Kosuke crossed his arms. "Why didn't you tell us this before!?"

"I was planning to!" Yun replied. "I was planning to tell you guys about this and another thing at the next arranged Digimon Brigade meeting! But all this stuff happened and we didn't have time to even make plans."

"She's got a point," Labramon said.

"How do you know they're called D-Chips?" Minako asked.

"This guy named Link told me and Aria-chan about them!" Yun replied.

"WHAT!? You met another human in the Digital World!?" Everyone yelled in unison, which inundated Yun a bit, which Melody noticed.

"Will you pipe down!? Yun doesn't like it when you yell!" Melody scolded in an austere tone of voice.

"Y-Yes...he calls himself Link. He has a WarGreymon and he wears a purple mask. A lot of Digimon seem to revere him and think he's a hero," Yun explained.

"Please don't be angry. Like she said, we were planning to tell all of this to you, but everything that's happened kind of took our minds off of it. We apologize for not telling you sooner," Lopmon told them in a dulcet, serene voice, hoping to mollify them.

Strangely enough, some of the kids laughed! Shunji and Kosuke being two of them!

"Link!? Like the Zelda character!? Oh my God, that's too weird! Oh, my ribs!!" Shunji laughed and cracked up like he heard the funniest joke in the history of jokes.

"I know, right!? What adult would like Zelda!?" Kosuke laughed.

"Jeez! This guy must be a total video game otaku!" Riku laughed.

"Yeah! Like me and Riku with Space Raiders!!" Coronamon piped in.

"Come on, guys! Stop laughing! Yun-chan just told us something very important!" Patamon scolded like a strict parent. Yun was surprised that Patamon would scold his own partner for laughing at Link's name.

"Yes. This is not funny!" Labramon piped in.

After a while, the kids finally stopped laughing. Rena decided to put in one final statement.

"Do you think maybe we should look for this Link guy, too? Along with Lucero-kun and Hokuto-kun?" Rena asked. Yun folded her arms, looked up at the digital sky, and ruminated.

"Hmmm...well, he has WarGreymon with him, so I don't think we should. I think he'll be fine. He's a grown up and can take care of himself after all," Yun said.

"Yes. That's true," Lopmon said.

Suddenly, smoke came out from Bullmon's nose.

"I feel it!! Chloros Forest is close! Come on! We better get there fast before any more branded Digimon get us! Come on, now! Scat!" Bullmon exclaimed as he attempted to dart off like a cheetah, but very quickly Moosemon bit onto his tail and stopped him from running off.

"Bullmon! Calm down! Let everyone get ready, will you?" Bullmon advised through his teeth, biting onto Bullmon's tail and keeping him out of trouble. Bullmon relented and stopped what he was doing.

Once the group got prepared and the two Kiwimon walked away with their DigiEgg, the Digimon Brigade went back to heading towards Chloros Forest.

Finally, they saw some HUGE and awesomely tall green trees and some small Digimon flying around. Moosemon beamed.

"There it is! Chloros Forest!" Moosemon edicted.

"What joy! We're here at last!" Butterflymon said.


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