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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 24 (part two)

Part 2!

However, while the Digimon Brigade kids are having good times right now (as a way of preparing for what's to come), it seems two of those kids are still in hot water. Lucero, Hokuto, and Kudamon are still in the desert, trying to find a way out. Lucero kept his hand wrapped around the very reluctant and frightened Hokuto's thin, slender wrist like a vicegrip, having absolutely no plans on letting go any time soon. Hokuto had tried to drag his feet and wriggle away, but Lucero is stubborn as a mule and won't let him out of his sight or grip, even for the tiniest millisecond in the face of the universe. Not even Kudamon was letting Hokuto have his way.

"P-P-Please...let me go!" Hokuto exclaimed fearfully as he was being dragged by Lucero.

"Nay, I say! Thou shalt not leave my sight! This hand may be thine, but my grip is on it, and as long as I'm holding onto it, thou art not getting away from me!" Lucero edicted proudly.

"Yes, Hokuto. Plus it's dangerous to go into the Digital World alone. Even you should know that," Kudamon told him sternly.

After a while, Hokuto finally had enough. He yanked Lucero's hand off of him with his other hand and attempted to run away. Thankfully, Lucero managed to catch up to him and leap on him, enough to make sure Hokuto was pinned to the ground, despite the fact that Hokuto flailed and struggled. Kudamon was shocked.

"Hokuto! What are you doing?" Kudamon yelped.

"Let me go NOW!!" Hokuto yelled.

"Nay! Thou art staying by my side!" Lucero scolded.

"I can't do this! I'm not worthy of being with them!"

"Thou art! Stop calling thyself unworthy!"

"Leave me alone!"


After some more struggle, Lucero brought Hokuto back to his feet. This time, he didn't run away. Kudamon stood in between the two young boys with a very stern and austere look in his golden eyes. His black-tipped ears pointed to the sky as he did this.

"If you leave us now, you'll be vulnerable to God knows how many Digimon in this world! Why do you think I remain by your side in the first place!? You know full well that you won't be able to stand up to a powerful Digimon and defeat him!" Kudamon scolded with his paws crossed like a typical strict parent. Lucero backed him up.

"Kudamon is right. Our first priority is to reunite with the Digimon Brigade. Who knows what kind of Digimon are roaming this area as we speak! They could all be very dangerous! Thou wouldst not be able to stand a chance on thy own!" Lucero explained.

Hokuto clenched both his fists and teeth, and his face looked rather contorted. "How would you know?"

Lucero was getting ticked off. "I asketh thee! Doth thou have any self-defense skills?"


"Self-defense skills! Fighting skills! If a Digimon came up to thee and began attacking, wouldst thou be able to defend thyself from it's attacks? Can thou punch or hit or kick in any way?"

Hokuto was rendered silent. Lucero had good points. VERY good points. Hokuto looked down at his shoes and ruminated. Hokuto never exactly had the best consitution nor the biggest amount of muscle in his body. He looked down at his body. Thin arms, thin legs, a thin torso, a thin neck, the only thing big about him is his head, and possibly his brain. Robust was one thing Hokuto was never told he'd be (by everyone except his mother). Hokuto had never even lifted a heavy object in his life. Not one. Not even some small weights. Not only that, he didn't have any self defense skills or fighting abilities at all. If some big kids approached him and attempted to beat him up, there would be no way Hokuto would be capable of standing up for himself. He wouldn't be able to fight back. Lucero saw Hokuto's silence as a blatant answer to his question.

"I didn't think so!"

" don't have any self-defense skills yourself!"

"Doesn't mean I'll let a monster trample all over me! I may not have much physical strength, nor am I very good at fighting, nor do I even like fighting, but if I'm in a situation like this, I'd have to fight with everything I have, no matter what gets thrown at me! The Digital World is VERY different from the real world, Hokuto-dono! It's like being in the wild, only with more chances of getting defeated unless thou hast proper fighting skills or a strong Digimon by thy side. Besides, we have Kudamon with us! This may sound selfish and I apologize for sounding as such, but Kudamon may be able to help us if we were to get into trouble! If the timing is right, he may even digivolve!"

"Lucero's right," Kudamon piped in sternly. "I'm the only chance you two have of getting out of here alive. It also helps that I happen to have retained most of my knowledge of the Digital World, and that I can feel a Digimon's presence and determine if they have good or ill intentions."

"But you can't digivolve yet!" Hokuto yelled.

"Perhaps not now. But what about tomorrow? Or next week? I've been preparing for my digivolution for a long time now. When the time is right, maybe I will digivolve. But even I don't know when that'll be. But as of now, our first priority is to reunite with the Digimon Brigade and return to the human world. We cannot waste time, especially with that pessimistic attitude of yours," Kudamon retorted sharply, showing no mercy for Hokuto's frightful outlook on the situation. But he did hop back onto Hokuto's shoulders. Hokuto said nothing after that. Lucero held onto Hokuto's hand again.

"Come. Let us make haste," Lucero told him gently. Thus, the two boys walked away.

Nobody had a watch on them. They didn't know what time it was, nor how much time had passed in both the human world or the Digital World. But to the duo of boys and Kudamon, it felt like a very long time. Almost eternity, even. They walked and walked and plodded through the desert, feeling rather hungry. They didn't say it out loud, but Kudamon could tell that they needed something to eat or drink or they could pass out at any moment. Nonetheless, they walked onward...until Kudamon saw a huge grey rock coming into their view. This gave him an idea.

"Oh! That rock!" Kudamon exclaimed and hopped off of Hokuto's shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Hokuto asked. The two boys stopped walking once they saw Kudamon's sudden interest in the big rock.

"That huge rock over there. From the looks of it, if we get close to it, it may prove to be much taller than we are. It looks like it has a flat surface too. If what I'm seeing is correct, then we can climb to the top of it and see from all directions. We may even see if there are any nearby towns!" Kudamon explained. Lucero beamed happily.

"Great idea, Kudamon! Thou art very observant!" Lucero exalted him happily, since Kudamon is an exalted beast after all. Both Lucero and Kudamon loved the idea, but Hokuto didn't seem to keen on it.

"Do you not agree, Hokuto?" Kudamon asked.

"I...I've never climbed before..." Hokuto murmured. Feeling a little sympathy for the poor, scared little thing, Lucero put a hand in Hokuto's with a reassuring smile.

"It will be alright. We shall remain by thy side and make sure thou doth not leave our sight. Come! Let us depart for the large rock!" Lucero explained gently and followed Kudamon.

Although Kudamon is quite fast, he maintained a normal speed so Hokuto and Lucero can keep up with him. After a short while, they finally got to the rock, which, thankfully for them, is high enough to reach the sky. Lucero understood why Kudamon wanted to do this: he wants them to climb to the top of the rock so they can get a much wider and broader view of the desert around them in the hopes that the increased field of vision may help them find a nearby town or village where they can at least rest up and eat something for a while. The rock looked sturdy enough. Lucero, it must be confessed, like Hokuto, also has no experience with climbing, especially not with rocks. But with this new development and with the situation they're in right now, he knew that he had to in order to see if the Digimon Brigade members were close by, or if there's a town or village they can retreat to since they're getting hungry.

Since Kudamon is the lightest, smallest, fastest, and most tactical of the trio so far, they gave Kudamon the honor of going up to the top and seeing what's around them. Since there are a lot of ledges, it was easy for Kudamon to jump on them and hop to the top without falling or breaking anything. As Kudamon predicted, the height of the rock gave him a vast and much broader view of the desert than what he got from being on the ground. But being small as he is, he might need a bit more altitude before he could see anything within their vecinity. Lucero decided to climb to the top and accompany Kudamon. Carefully, he put a hand on a small protrusion and ascended from there. Cautiously and slowly, Lucero climbed and kept good grips on the protrusions. He made sure not to look down at all. Lucero was scrupulous to make sure that he didn't look down or hold onto the rock protrusions for too long, lest he fall, even though he had no prior experience with climbing big rocks at all. After a while, Lucero finally got to the top, meeting up with Kudamon, who leaped on his head of golden locks. Lucero stood at the top of the rock, looking around him with his sky blue eyes. Lucero gazed onto the vast landscape, hoping to see at least something. What he failed to see is that Hokuto is beginning to climb the rock. Neither he nor Kudamon noticed this, but they paid no heed. Lucero looked until he and Kudamon both saw something in the distance.

There seemed to be a row of trees. Deep, raven black trees with thick black leaves, black as the raven's wing. A forest, maybe? Lucero didn't know. But he did feel a little tense upon laying eyes on it, feeling as though the forest gave off a rather eerie and ominous aura. However, upon laying eyes on it, Kudamon tensed up more than Lucero did.

"What's wrong, Kudamon? Thou look pained," Lucero said.

"I know that place! Noir Lake is within that black forest!" Kudamon exclaimed with alarm.

"Noir Lake?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, it's a dangerous place where lots of dark and ill-intentioned Digimon live. Especially at night, when the Digimon come out! However, if you manage to pass through there, you'll wind up in Chloros Forest, which is a much safer place than Noir Lake is. But it's very risky, and since I can't digivolve yet, and that neither you or Hokuto have any self-defense skills, no offense, then the risks are much higher," Kudamon explained calmly, though Lucero could tell that he's just as frightened as he is by even the sight of Noir Lake.

"But it doesn't look as though there's any other alternative, is there?" Lucero asked. Kudamon sighed abjectly.

"Sadly enough, yes. As reluctant as I am to go through there, it seems we may not have any choice. It helps that not many of the Digimon that live there come out during the day, so if we act quickly, perhaps we may be able to get through it unscathed," Kudamon said.

"I agree. Let us make haste!" Lucero said. Kudamon went off first and hopped back to the bottom, even though he saw Hokuto trying to very slowly climb the rock. His feet aren't on the ground anymore.

"Hokuto. There's no need to climb the rock now," Kudamon told him, but it seemed Hokuto didn't listen.

"Noir is the French word for black. It can also be written as noire. It is also used as a surname..." Hokuto murmured to himself. Kudamon was used to hearing Hokuto delve into long and detailed explanations regarding just about anything he hears or sees. Just as Hokuto decided to climb back down to the ground, Lucero attempted to do so too...but a piece of rock broke underneath one of his feet, causing Lucero to fall.

"Wha!? Wha--AHHH!!" Lucero screamed as he fell from the rock. Hokuto and Kudamon both became alert upon hearing Lucero's scream. A second later, a cloud of orangeish brown dust came up from the ground.

"Lucero!!" Kudamon yelped as he and Hokuto ran to see if Lucero is alright.

Much to their relief, Lucero is okay. However, much to Kudamon's horror, Lucero is sitting on a metal Digimon! Lucero didn't know this, as he's too busy grimacing and rubbing his back in pain. The Digimon is shaped like a sphere, covered in purple metal, with black and white eyes, sharp teeth, two metal arms with red gloves at the ends of both of them, and a tiny dagger in it's left hand. The Digimon obviously broke Lucero's fall, albeit causing more pain to Lucero, who finally decided to get off of him.

" okay?" Hokuto asked, both fearfully and timidly.

"Owwww! Y-Yes, I am. But my back hurts!" Lucero replied in pain. But right when he turned around, he saw the metal Digimon he fell on, and immediately screamed again.

"Gaaaaah!! I-I-I-I'm so sorry!! I-I didn't mean to fall on thee like that!!" Lucero pleaded, hoping that the Digimon would forgive him. However, the Digimon got up from the hole that it unknowingly made and looked at the trio with evil eyes. Kudamon leaped in between them.

"Lucero! Hokuto! Get back!" Kudamon commanded. "Holy Ray!!"

Right before the big metal Digimon attempted to attack, Kudamon beat it by shining a bright white light from his purple earing, temporarily blinding the Digimon and allowing the trio to run. Unfortunately, the Digimon saw them run and chased after them. Hokuto just happened to notice.

"He found us!" Hokuto yelled.

"What IS that Digimon!?" Lucero exclaimed.

"That's Tekkamon! He's an ultimate level and a virus attribute! With the way we are now, there's no way we could be able to defeat him!" Kudamon yelled.

And he was right, because Tekkamon is gaining speed and chasing after them with an insidious smile and the wickedly sharp dagger it holds in it's hand.

"Electronic Blast Sword!" The dagger in Tekkamon's hand suddenly made blue sparks fly around. Tekkamon swung the sword in a crescent-shaped arc and threw the blue blast at the boys. Thankfully, they split up so the blast didn't hit them. Suddenly, Hokuto tripped and fell flat on his face, causing his round glasses to fly off of his head and bounce onto the sand.

"Boys! What are you doing!? Run!" Kudamon yelled as he stood in between Tekkamon and Lucero, glaring at Tekkamon with a sparking fire in his gold eyes. Lucero saw Hokuto crawling around helplessly, trying to find his glasses.

"Hokuto-dono! We must make haste and run!"

" glasses! My glasses!"

"Electronic Blast Sword!" Tekkamon attacked again. The blue blast zipped right past Lucero, barely missing him by about an inch. Although he wasn't hurt, he could feel his skin tingling thanks to the spark, but he paid no heed as he proceeded to try and grab Hokuto's glasses and give them to Hokuto so they could escape. But Tekkamon proved to be faster than he looked and zipped in front of them, preparing for yet another attack. Only this time, he's in close range, and Lucero had seconds to come up with some kind of plan.

"Electronic Blast Sword!"

Lucero came up with something. He knew it possibly wouldn't work, but he had to try.

"Lucero! Look out!"

Before the blue blast hit them, Lucero raised his fist in front of it as if he were a gladiator raising it's shield in a colisseum battle. Oddly enough, Lucero's thick, hard golden bracelet actually blocked the attack with aplomb! Even Tekkamon was surprised, but it had no plans on giving up. He tried to stab Lucero with his sword, but Lucero intercepted it with his bracelet, holding off the attack. Even Kudamon (who gave Hokuto his glasses) and Hokuto couldn't help but feel awestruck, but Kudamon knew it wasn't to last.

"Hokuto! You can make your digivice turn into a shield! It'll protect us from Tekkamon's attacks! Come on! Get your digivice out!" Kudamon importuned.

" won't work!"

"You don't know that until you try! Come on! Lucero can't hold him off forever!"

"I don't even know how to make it appear!"

"Just think it! Yell 'digivice, turn into a dome shield!' in your head, and it'll appear!"

After a while, Tekkamon finally pushed Lucero away and prepared for another attack. Lucero then jumped on the metal creature and clung to it similar to how he did with Witchmon's broom. Tekkamon struggled and flew around, hoping to throw Lucero off of his metal body. This gave Hokuto time to think.

"Hokuto. You can do it. I know you can. You're my partner," Kudamon crooned quietly, so Hokuto wouldn't be so overwhelmed.

Hokuto looked down at his silver egg-shaped digivice and ruminated as Lucero and Tekkamon are at odds with each other. Hokuto's small, thin hands began to shake. Hokuto never did consider himself worthy of anything, nor did he think he could contribute anything important to just about anything, not even the Digimon Brigade. He assumed that all he'd been doing was hold them back with just his very presence. Other people told him that before. But after seeing Lucero fight and try to get a hold of Tekkamon, even though Lucero has absolutely no proper fighting or self defense skills, Hokuto's heart stirred. Hokuto couldn't just sit around and watch. But he didn't know WHAT to do. The situation was getting dire, and Tekkamon has had just about enough. Right as Hokuto was about to act, Tekkamon threw Lucero at him, causing both boys to fall to the ground, and Hokuto's digivice to slip out of his hand and bounce onto the sand. Lucero is on top of Hokuto and in considerable pain. Tekkamon approached the two boys with his sword in hand. Kudamon leaped into the scene away.

"Stay back, you vile, wicked creature! Bullet Whirlwind!" Kudamon spun himself around like a top and threw himself, and his tiny goldenrod cartridge, at Tekkamon. Unfortunately, Tekkamon decided to fight back.

"Slamming Skull!" Tekkamon headbutted itself at Kudamon, causing a small fiery explosion to occur and Kudamon to fall to the ground.

"Kudamon!!" Hokuto wailed. Now they were in hot water. Tekkamon smiled wickedly at them, finally having the chance to destroy them. Whether it was because of Lucero falling on top of him or something else, nobody knew. Tekkamon raised its sword and attempted to stab them with it. Lucero and Hokuto both couldn't move.

'No! No no no! It can't end here! There has to be something more I can do! Hokuto-dono and Kudamon are counting on me! Yun and the others! I can't leave them!' Lucero thought wildly.

'I knew it was a hopeless situation. I couldn't do anything after all. Perhaps...' Hokuto thought silently and abjectly.

'Hokuto...I...I can't...let you die here...' Kudamon thought.

Tekkamon didn't hear their ardent and fervent pleas. He was about to dredge his sword into them. The kids and Digimon closed their eyes, conceding defeat.

"Electronic Blast Sword!"


Sparks flew. Tekkamon thought he finished them off, but was surprised to see that he didn't! Lucero, Hokuto, and Kudamon all thought that they were finished, but were surprised to see that they're still alive! When they finally got the mettle to open their eyes, what they saw in between them and Tekkamon left them awestruck. Another Digimon stood in front of Tekkamon, successfully intercepting Tekkamon's sword with it's claw. Even Tekkamon was frozen with shock.

"Uh!? UHHH!?" Tekkamon screeched like a broken machine. Tekkamon tried to stab the Digimon with the sword, but the heavily armored dinosaur Digimon's claws began to glow in a ghostly but warm orange light.

"War Driver!" The Digimon's claw was consumed by flames, and he pushed Tekkamon so hard that he was sent flying.

Hokuto decided to use this opportunity to help Kudamon. At this point, his digivice didn't feel important.

"Kudamon! Are you okay?" Hokuto asked. Kudamon opened his eyes and saw a fearful and very worried Hokuto looking down at him with trembling cobalt blue eyes that looked as if they were about to burst into tears.

"Hokuto...I'm alright. Thank you..." Kudamon croaked weakly, which made Hokuto smile. This wasn't a fake smile. It was a real smile. A real, genuine smile full of love. Lucero finally got up and saw something else that shocked him.

Standing next to him is another human! An adult man with short blonde hair wearing a purple mask with blue markings on it, with his left blue eye exposed. In his hand is a dark orange digivice, and he smirked once he saw Tekkamon trying to attack again.

"Slamming Skull!" Tekkamon charged himself at the Digimon, but the man stepped in and intercepted Tekkamon's attack with a digisword.

The two got into a swordfight, where they clashed and clashed and threw themselves at each other nonstop. Finally, Tekkamon got tired enough to fall to the ground, panting. The man turned to the trio with a smile.

"You kids alright?" The man asked. Hokuto and Lucero all nodded.

"Link. I'll let you handle this one," The Digimon said.

"Thanks, WarGreymon! I've been waiting to polish my skills!" The man, Link, told his heavily armored dinosaur Digimon, WarGreymon, happily.

Link approached the now tired out Tekkamon with a smile as he turned his digisword into a...digi-hammer? The light that formed his digisword now spread out in two ways at the top, looking rather bulky and much like that of a sledge hammer. Link pounded the hammer on Tekkamon, causing Tekkamon to finally dissolve into a cloud of dusty purple data, flying away into the digital sky. Hokuto closed his eyes as it happened and clung to Kudamon the whole time, but Lucero couldn't keep his eyes off of this strange man, who saved their lives. After the fight ended, Link approached the two boys, kneeled before them, and helped them up.

"Seems there's an outbreak in kids coming to the Digital World!" Link said with a smile.

"Uhh...uh...I...I thanketh thee for thy chivalry and kindness!! Thou hast saved our lives! If thou had not come, we would surely have perished! For that, we are grateful!!" Lucero stammered shyly. Link couldn't help but laugh. Hokuto finally loosened up and looked at the man with admiration, after he got his digivice.

"Ha ha! It's no problem at all, though I must say that--" Link laughed like a mellow old man with his eyes closed, but when he opened his eyes and got a good look at Hokuto, his merry laugh immediately dissipated. His blue eye got big upon seeing Hokuto, and he gasped just a little bit.

All Hokuto was doing was staring up at him with his cobalt blue eyes in admirnation, but just looking at Hokuto in plain sight made Link frozen in place with shock. It was as if he actually recognized Hokuto and saw him before. But both boys didn't understand why Link looked as though he saw a ghost. His knees felt as though they were about to buckle and cause him to fall to the ground. Even WarGreymon noticed the fear plastered all over Link's face. But WarGreymon didn't dare touch him because his metal claws are sharp, and he didn't want to unknowingly scratch Link in any way. Lucero looked at Hokuto and Link at the same time with a confused face. So did Kudamon, who is slowly coming to. Lucero finally decided to break the awkward silence.

"Umm...why doth thou stare so?" Lucero asked.

Link was finally pulled out of his reverie, and shed his initially fearful expression. He let out an embarrassed chuckle and rubbed the back of his short blonde hair with one of his bulky hands.

"Hehehe. Sorry about that. You kinda reminded me of someone I once knew. Sorry to have confused you," Link said. Hokuto didn't say a word. But Link did catch sight of Kudamon, who is injured.

"Oh. The poor thing. Mind if I take a look?" Link asked in a soft voice. Knowing what he meant, Hokuto handed Kudamon to him gently, even though he was reluctant to do so. Link took a quick look at Kudamon's injuries and smiled.

"Good. They're not deep. I think I might be able to stitch this up a bit," Link handed Kudamon back to Hokuto, got out a big black bag, rummaged through it, and pulled out a first aid kit.

Hokuto handed Kudamon back to him. Link put some alcohol on a cotton ball and very gently pressed it on Kudamon's wound. Even though it stung, Kudamon tolerated it in silence and made sure not to cry out in pain. Link gently rubbed the cotton ball on the wound a bit, then put it away. He then got out a small packet of gauze and slowly wrapped it around Kudamon. He put a band-aid on Kudamon's smaller wound, on his right paw. After a few more seconds, Link put the last band-aid on Kudamon's back.

"That should do it!" Link said as he handed Kudamon back to Hokuto, who smiled at him.

"You're...healing his wounds, aren't you?" Hokuto asked timidly, but with a gentle smile as he gently stroke Kudamon's ears with his small, slender fingers. Seeing how careful he is with Kudamon, who looked very content with being in Hokuto's slender arms, Link smiled.

"I always come prepared. Not just for me, but for others who are in need as well," Link said.

"That's right. Link always has what he needs for his journey. Preparation is very important when it comes to traveling," WarGreymon piped in.

"Thank you for tending to my wounds. I appreciate it," Kudamon whispered.

"I'm just glad we made it in time. I take it you're all hungry, too?" Link said. Hokuto, Lucero, and Kudamon all looked at each other. Link smiled again.

"Don't worry. I have some stuff on me," Link said.

Link pulled out three self-cooling camoflage lunch boxes full of blueberry flavored granola bars, packs of orange juice, crackers, little fruit gummy snacks, yogurt (with plastic spoons), chocolate milk, and packets of apple slices. Lucero, Hokuto, and Kudamon chowed down (in a polite manner) to their heart's content. It seemed as though Link had actually read their minds. They all sat down and consumed their hearty meal, even though it was nothing like they'd ever expected. Nonetheless, once they finished, they felt full and satisfied. Even Kudamon couldn't help but feel a little revitalized by the food he just scarfed down (politely, of course).

"Alrighty then. Now that everyone's full, I must ask...what are you two boys doing here?" Link asked as he sat in seiza(1). Lucero decided to speak first, since Hokuto is tending to Kudamon.

"We didn't come here on purpose. A Roachmon kidnapped me and tried to take me to his master, but I escaped. I ran into Hokuto-dono shortly after. He and the rest of the Digimon Brigade apparently came here to get me back. But he separated from them, and we're trying to find the others so we can return to our world. So far, it hasn't quite gone well. Not until thou and WarGreymon hath come, of course," Lucero explained as calmly and lucidly as possible.

"Huh? Did you say Digimon Brigade?"

"Yes. They all have Digimon partners, so I believe they're fine. I don't believe thou hast encountered them, right?"

"Tell me. Are there any girls in your group?"


"Is there one with short brown hair, green eyes, white skin, and has a Lopmon and Terriermon for partners?"

Lucero gasped so loud even Hokuto and Kudamon heard him. "Y-Yes! That's my friend Wakamiya Yun! How didst thou know about her?"

Link cracked a smile. "I figured as much. How did I know? Simple. I ran into her last time she and her little friend wound up in the Digital World. Something about an Airdramon dragging them here?"

"Yes! I suppose they toldst thou?" Lucero asked.

"Sure did! Since you say she and the rest of her friends are here, would you mind if I joined you in finding them?" Link asked.

Lucero sprung to his feet. "Yes! We'd greatly appreciate it!"

Hokuto slowly stood up as well.

"We're sorry for the trouble," Kudamon told him politely.

"It's no trouble at all. WarGreymon can carry you guys while I walk and keep an eye on you two," Link said, pointing to WarGreymon with his thumb.

"Hey! Why make me into their transportation!?" WarGreymon exclaimed. Link laughed.

"You can carry kids better than you can a grown man!"

WarGreymon sighed. "You have a point. Well, you don't look heavy, so I guess I can take you both under my wing."

"But you don't have wings!" Hokuto exclaimed.

"Doesn't mean I can't fly!" WarGreymon said.

"Exactly where were you two headed?" Link asked.

"We were planning to go through Noir Lake and head towards Chloros Forest. It's risky, yes, especially at night, but we didn't find any other alternatives. It's the closest we've gotten so far. We were planning to act quickly and walk through it while it's still light out since the Digimon there typically don't come out in the day time, but the Tekkamon got in our way," Kudamon explained.

"Figures. Well, you guys did pretty good in coming this far, I can tell you that," Link said.

Hokuto and Lucero climbed onto WarGreymon. WarGreymon floated in the air and moved forward, with Link walking next to him. WarGreymon maintained a slow pace so he won't go very far ahead of Link.

"What were you doing before you found us, Link-san?" Hokuto asked.

"Eh, searching for something important. I need it for my research," Link said.

"Doth thou research the Digital World?" Lucero asked.

"Yep! I've been doing it for two years in human world time, with a few trips back and forth here and there. From the Digital World to the real world, I mean. I can't stay in the Digital World for too long, now can I? People will think I'm missing if enough time went by, and too much time spent in the Digital World might be bad for you in the long run," Link said.

"What are you searching for?"


"Answers to what?"


"Can you be more specific?" Hokuto asked.

"Maybe. But not right now. When the time is right, maybe I'll spill the beans."

"But you don't have any cans of beans on you. There are many types of beans. Soy beans, kidney beans, jelly beans, green beans--"

"It's an expression. When someone says spill the beans, it means talk. If I ask you to spill the beans about Digimon, I want you to tell me about Digimon. I suppose you're not good with that kind of stuff, are ya?"

Hokuto shook his head.

"Figures," Link put his hands in his pockets and walked with the floating WarGreymon. A lot of thoughts are going through his head.

'I never believed that I'd run into his son so soon...and that he'd get a Digimon, no less! His Digimon looks nice and intelligent enough, so in a way, maybe this'll be good for him. But I wonder how he'll be able to survive in the world? He's been cooped up in that little laboratory room his whole life and had all sorts of stuff done to him. I don't think he realizes the impact it's going to have on him. Or maybe he does. I don't know. Oh, Saruto...I don't know what you've done to your own kid, but it's time that he come out into the world and finally know what it's like to be human. It's such a good thing I saved him back then...' Link thought in his mind.

Yes. He had seen Hokuto once before.


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