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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 24 (part three)

Part 3!

While Lucero, Hokuto, and Kudamon finally found peace, the peace in Chloros Forest was about to be disrupted. As Lucero, Hokuto, and Kudamon were saved by Link, the kids were happily lounging around in Chloros Forest. Mikuni, Yun, Shione, Aria, Lopmon, and Terriermon were playing with all the baby Digimon. Biyomon was busy pecking Riku on the head after he called her a chicken and Coronamon tried to turn her into one by attacking her with repeated Corona Flame attacks. Bullmon intervened and stopped the fighting. Kosuke, Patamon, Pegasusmon, and Pteramon had a friendly chatting session that seemed to go on for hours. Rena, Lunamon, Otoya, Labramon, Salamon, Minako, Lynxmon, and Nefertimon helped Moosemon with making another Indian tepee for another Digimon family. Minako sat on a tree stump, tinkering around on her laptop while Salamon, Dracomon, Bearmon, Isao, and MarineAngemon played tag with some other Digimon. Shunji just sat next to Minako with his legs crossed, like the lazy and laid-back observer that he is.

"Bet you can't catch me!" MarineAngemon exclaimed teasingly but playfully until she felt a strong tug on her tail. It was one of Bearmon's claws. He got her enough to make her not escape, but loose enough to make sure he didn't hurt her. He didn't like hurting others, be it intentionally or not.

"Tag! Got you! You're it, MarineAngemon! See if you can catch any of us!" Bearmon said.

"Heehee! No way am I gonna be it!" Dracomon exclaimed.

"No way are you gonna catch meeee! Nah nah!" Isao teased playfully as he ran.

"I'm gonna get you!" MarineAngemon gave chase to the Digimon and Isao, who are having too much fun right now.

Salamon stopped and noticed Minako playing around on her laptop. Salamon also noticed that Minako has her purple digivice plugged into her computer with a small grey extension cord. Curious, Salamon decided to approach her.

"What's up, Mina-chan? What'cha lookin' at?" Salamon asked curiously.

"I'm deciphering these digital codes that just showed up on my laptop all of a sudden. I think they might be helpful in showing us how the Digital World came to be," Minako explained.

Salamon was about to ask her more questions when she saw Shunji playing around with his digivice. He opened it, pressed some buttons, and pressed it against his ear for a few minutes. Then he pressed some more buttons. Even Bearmon, in the middle of his game, became curious and decided to look.

"Hey Shunji. What are you doing?" Bearmon asked.

"Yeah. What'cha doing?" Salamon asked.

"I'm trying to call Kamitsure-kun, but he's not answering his digivice. I just sent him a text message," Shunji said.

"Text messages are those things you type in and send to people through cell phones and stuff, right?" Bearmon asked again.

"Yep! You sure catch on fast," Shunji said. Rena and Lunamon, who are carrying some piles of sticks, happened to pass by and accidentally overhear their conversation.

"I don't think Kamitsure-kun really knows how to use his digivice as a phone yet," Rena piped in.

"Perhaps maybe we should've taught him how to do so?" Lunamon asked.

"I think you're right, Lunamon. I don't think we really had time to show him all the stuff that the digivice can do. That's probably why he's not answering," Rena said.

"You're right, Rena-chan. We didn't have time to teach anyone how the digivice really works. Luckily I've played around with it a lot and know how everything works, so maybe at the next arranged Digimon Brigade meeting, we can teach everyone about the digivice in more detail," Minako explained.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea! Don't you think, Rena-san?" Lunamon exclaimed with a pretty smile on her face.

"Yeah. I agree," Rena said.

It's here that Mikuni happened to pass by, holding some baby Digimon in her hands and smiling from ear to ear, not caring about the fact that she can't hear. There's three baby Digimon in her arms. One is a pale yellow thing with a long, three tipped protrusion coming out of it's forehead, another is a squishy black thing with two protrusions coming out of its head and yellow eyes, and the third one is a little green thing with two pointed ears, a pink pacifier in its mouth, and a big leaf coming out from the back of its head. Mikuni sure looked happy caressing these little baby Digimon. Rena, Lunamon, Bearmon, Salamon, and MarineAngemon couldn't help but notice.

"You sure love those baby Digimon, don't you, Mikuni-chan?" Rena asked. Mikuni nodded vigorously. "But who are they?"

"The yellow one is Tsubumon. He looks like a plant Digimon, but he's not," MarineAngemon piped in.

"The green one with the leaf on its head is Leafmon, if that wasn't morbidly obvious. They're quite the cute little things, though when they digivolve, they turn into bugs," Bearmon explained.

"Not all bugs are yucky and gross! Anyway, the black one is Botamon. He's the most common baby Digimon in all the Digital World. Wan!" Salamon explained.

"Awwww! They're so cute!" Lunamon said as she gently stroke Botamon's head with her paw. She couldn't help but relish in how soft, squishy, and tender its black skin felt. Botamon seemed to love being caressed by Lunamon too. Mikuni smiled throughout the whole thing, content to just be with these baby Digimon. Once Lunamon finished petting Botamon, Mikuni walked away with that same smile on her face. The trio of little baby Digimon didn't seem to mind being in Mikuni's loving arms at all. To Mikuni, this is probably MUCH better than having to deal with Himari and her dad yelling every single day, even though she couldn't hear them yelling and screaming.

"Hey! Mikuni! Come back!" Shione yelled as she, Yun, Lopmon, Aria, and Terriermon all ran up to the stump where Minako is sitting.

"I'll go on ahead. You guys can take a break," Shione told them before she ran off to chase Mikuni, who didn't seem to care about anything right now.

"What's up?" Minako asked.

"It's time for the babies to be fed, but Mikuni-chan loves them too much and keeps wandering off with them. Not that I blame her, since Shione-chan told me about their situation at home," Yun explained.

"Maybe she can be their partner! That'd be so cool, wouldn't it?" Terriermon piped in happily.

"While I do think it'd be lovely for Mikuni to have a Digimon partner, the babies need to be fed, and we don't want them to start crying. Yun doesn't like the sound of crying babies," Lopmon explained.

"She's right," Yun muttered. Bearmon noticed and put a hand on Yun's arm.

"Not to worry! My paws are big and bulky, so I can cover your ears if you need me to!" Bearmon said reassuringly, which made Yun smile until she heard the voices of Riku and Coronamon.

"Hey! That's no fair! Get back here, you furry red hamster! That's my onigiri!" Riku yelled as he chased Coronamon around.

"Life is never fair! Catch me if you can!" Coronamon yelled teasingly and ran around happily while Riku chased him. Rena sighed while Otoya and Labramon approached her.

"Is your brother always like that?" Otoya asked.

"Yeah. He never seems to go a day without making trouble," Rena muttered.

"I'm sure he doesn't mean it," Otoya said with a reassuring smile.

"I wonder how Hokuto, Lucero, and Kudamon are doing. I sure hope they're alright," Labramon said.

"Yeah. I'm worried too. Kudamon can't digivolve yet, so they must be in more trouble than Riku is in right now," Otoya said.

"That's a nice way of putting it," Rena said.

"We should've taught Hokuto how to use his digivice, I know it," Lunamon muttered. Suddenly, Isao appeared.

"Hey Bearmon! Let's play hide and seek! The bushes here are really big and easy to hide in!" Isao exclaimed with a smile.

"Sure! I'd love to! Come on!" Bearmon followed Isao into another part of Chloros Forest.

"Where's Butterflymon at? Is she okay?" Rena asked.

"Last I checked she was in the infirmary. Shurimon's taking care of her as we speak," Labramon replied calmly.

"That's good. She'd be an awesome secondary partner for Mina-chan!" Otoya said with a smile.

"I know, right? She saved Mina-chan and Mina-chan saved her. Is that cool or what?" Rena said.

"How very noble! It's no wonder Minako-san received Butterflymon's D-Chip," Lunamon said. Suddenly, Melody appeared from one of the tepees, holding a hot dog on a stick.

"Hey slowpokes! Get in here! These digital weener dogs are insanely good!!" Melody yelled.

"Since when did you eat hot dogs on sticks?" Otoya asked.

"Since I was three, that's what!" Melody snapped as she chomped on the digital hot dog on a stick like a hungry wolf. Unfortunately, Melody wasn't going to be able to eat the rest of the hot dog on a stick.

"Everyone! There's trouble brewing!!" Searchmon yelled as he flew onto the scene. Everyone in Chloros Forest, including the kids from the Digimon Brigade (and Shione, who finally caught Mikuni and the three baby Digimon), became up and alert.

"What's up!?" Melody yelped.

"There's a massive Digimon army headed toward us!" Searchmon exclaimed.

"WHAT!? A Digimon army? No way!" Bullmon yelled.

"This can't be good at all!" Pteramon exclaimed.

"Searchmon. Tell us. Do you know if there's anyone leading this Digimon army?" Pegasusmon asked.

"Yes! Two Digimon. A Witchmon and a Roachmon!" Searchmon piped in.

This made Yun stand up immediately, with Lopmon and Terriermon by her side. She pounded her fist on her chest.

"Do you mind if we help you take down the army?" Yun asked.

"Oh! Sure! We'd love to have you assist us!" Pteramon exclaimed.

"Since Witchmon and Roachmon are leading this army, we may very well need to act fast and keep them away from Chloros Forest," Lopmon said.

"Well what are we sitting around for? Let's take down the army already!" Melody yelled.

"Awww! But I wanna eat!" Biyomon whined like a spoiled little girl.

"Quit complaining! Come on!" Melody yanked Biyomon by the wing and pulled her away.

"This is our chance to take down Witchmon once and for all!" Patamon said.

"Indeed it is!" Kosuke said.

"Do you mind if we assist you, Kosuke-san?" Both Pegasusmon and Pteramon asked. Kosuke and Patamon both nodded. Lynxmon and Nefertimon did the same with Minako and Salamon, and they agreed too. Pegasusmon looked at some Digimon.

"All of you! Tell the others what's happening and be sure to keep them out of Chloros Forest as much as possible! We can't have this army attacking the infirmary and the day care! Hold them off as much as possible!" Pegasusmon edicted.

"Mikuni and I will stay in the infirmary with Shurimon and Butterflymon!" Shione said and escorted Mikuni, and the baby Digimon, into the tepee where Shurimon and Butterflymon are.

"Don't let anyone in, no matter what! Fight with all you've got!" Pteramon edicted.

"Yes sir!" The Digimon said in unison.

Lopmon digivolved to Turuiemon, Terriermon to Gargomon, Salamon to Gatomon, Patamon to Angemon, Biyomon to Birdramon, Labramon to Seasarmon, Lunamon to Lekismon, Coronamon to Firamon, Dracomon to Coredramon, and Bearmon to Grizzlymon. MarineAngemon is already at her highest level so she doesn't need to digivolve further, and neither do the other armor leveled Digimon. Moosemon, Bullmon, Pegasusmon, Pteramon, Lynxmon, and Nefertimon all followed them out to Chloros Forest. Yun decided this was a great opportunity to use her D-Chips. Aria too. They both called upon their respective Digimon. As they chanted, Bucchiemon came first, then Unimon, and finally Prairiemon. Yun found out that she can't put in more than one D-Chip in the slot on her digivice, but she didn't mind. She was just happy to see her secondary Digimon partners. Aria hopped onto Unimon's back.

"It's great to see you, Aria! Need a little back-up? I can help with that!" Unimon whinnied happily.

"You too! And yes, we might need your help taking down all these bad Digimon!" Aria said as Unimon flew into the air with her on his back, and with MarineAngemon staying close by. Upon seeing her, Unimon found a small opportunity.

"MarineAngemon. I'm truly sorry for taking your life back at Mt. Trinity. I know I was under the control of LadyDevimon's Dark Emblem, but what I did is still wrong," Unimon said. MarineAngemon smiled sweetly.

"It's okay! It's not your fault. On the contrary, you killing me freed me from my curse, so at least some good came out of it!" MarineAngemon exclaimed happily, which made Unimon and Aria both smile.

"Hey Coredramon! You see an army yet?" Shunji called out from on top of Coredramon's head.

"Oh, you bet I do! It's coming this way! Look!" Coredramon pointed to the ground.

Witchmon and Roachmon are in front of a large, amassing army of Digimon. The kids recognized most of them. Garurumon, Elecmon, Mushroomon, Togemon, Tapirmon, DoKunemon, Flymon, Ninjamon, Tuskmon (a big green dinosaur with big black horns), and Snimon (a big green flying praying mantis with big silver sickles and red markings on it's face). Others they didn't recognize, such as a few purple foxes, a few dragons engulfed in brown flames with beige helmets on their heads, a white and blue elephant with big red ears that resemble ceiling fans, and a small group of grey dragonflies with greyish green skin and big green eyes. Otoya took it upon herself to look up the information of the Digimon they didn't recognize.

"Okay. The big armored elephant is Elephantmon, the purple fox is Youkomon, the black fire dragon is DarkLizardmon, and the dragonfly is SandYanmamon," Otoya explained calmly.

"Looks like we're in for a big one!" Seasarmon exclaimed.

"I agree. Perhaps THIS is where we can go overboard with our Shining Solar Strike!" Angemon piped in rather sarcastically, which Kosuke found very unexpected. Seasarmon smiled widely.

"Oh yeah! You got that right!" Seasarmon yelled happily.

"Oh dear! This is huge! I wonder how we'll be able to defeat them all? One Digimon is one thing, but here it looks like there's almost thirty of them! All with Dark Emblems!" Bucchiemon piped in, looking a tad worried about the situation.

"Not to worry! Numbers don't always dominate the outcome of a great battle, you know! Let's give it our best!" Prairiemon piped in.

Once Witchmon and Roachmon saw the Digimon Brigade and some inhabitants of Chloros Forest approaching them, they became flabbergasted.

"ACK!! Not you again!! Can't you leave us alone for two seconds!?" Witchmon whined.

"If we did, you'd be free to destroy Chloros Forest, and we can't let you do that! How would you like it if someone else destroyed your precious home!?" Yun piped in.

"It's about time I got back at you for puttin' that Dark Emblem on me!!" Gargomon edicted proudly, with his gun hands up in the air ready to fire. Turuiemon facepalmed with a sigh.

'I certainly hope Gargomon doesn't go overboard with this...' Turuiemon thought.

"HEY!! OUTTA OUR WAY, HOMIES!! We gots a forest to take over!!" Roachmon yelled, which left everyone else flabbergasted as well.

"Homies...?" Bucchiemon asked, appalled by Roachmon's vernacular speech.

"What's a homie?" Lynxmon asked.

"I...think it'd be best if we don't know..." Nefertimon said.

"Not very good with making a first impression, are you?" Pegasusmon said. Kosuke and Angemon both facepalmed in perfect unison.

"God! To think I always thought Nemoto was the one who used really bad gangster speech all the time! This really takes the cake!" Kosuke said.

"He needs epic grammar classes, big time," Angemon said.

Some of the Digimon in the army growled like wild animals, wanting to attack their prey. Witchmon decided it was time to get it done and over with.

"Well! Since you refuse to get out of our way, we'll make you! Are you ready to see what we're really capable of!?" Witchmon struck a pose as she spun her broom around and winked like she was some super model. Melody wasn't having it.

"Are you kidding!? I'd rather see Muammar Gadhafi get water-boarded in potassium cyanide spiked Kool-Aid mixed with cow urine than see you act like some spoiled princess!! Bring it on already!! We're tired of waiting!" Melody yelled like she was some protester from Libya. Even Birdramon was amazed.

"Wow. You really nailed it this time, Melody," Birdramon muttered to herself. This made Witchmon and Roachmon mad.

"Pheh! Looks like it's time to begin! Take this, yo! Yard Sale Bomb!" Roachmon began with a barrage of repulsive, noisome garbage being thrown at the kids.

"Hey! Don't leave me out of this! Baluluna Gale!" Witchmon helped the garbage get to them faster by adding in her wind attack. Angemon and MarineAngemon were the first ones to act.

"Hand of Fate!"

"Spray of Hearts!"

Both their attacks managed to destroy Witchmon and Roachmon's combined attack, leaving them both shocked.

"GAHHH!! 'Dis is jank, yo!! Digimon army, attack!!" Roachmon screamed like a patient in a mental institution and commanded the Digimon army to attack.

And they did. All the Digimon under their control raced towards the Digimon Brigade.

"Everyone! Hold them off as best you can!!" Yun commanded.

"You got it!!"

Gargomon was the first to act.

"Gargo Laser!"

He managed to lay some decent hits on three DarkLizardmon, enough to make their Dark Emblems go away. Gargomon felt proud after defeating them so easily. But it's not over yet. The two Garurumon attempted to attack Bullmon.

"Howling Blaster!" A stream of blue flames shot out from their mouths, about to hit Bullmon. But Bullmon had other ideas.

"Matador Dash!"

Bullmon ran so fast he literally ran through the blue flames and managed to nail the two Garurumon in their jaws with his horns. Oddly enough, the Dark Emblems were both on their chins, so he managed to destroy them. Lynxmon was impressed.

"Wow! You sure got better in these past few months, Bullmon! Way to go!"

"Now's not the time for praise! Help the others!"

Lynxmon, with the help of Prairiemon, managed to hold off some Elecmon and hold their own against them.

"Super Thunder Strike!" A bolt of lightning shot out from their tails, hoping to electrocute the two of them. Sparks flew, but not enough for Lynxmon and Prairiemon to back down.

"Howling Buster!"

"Prairie Claw!"

Together, they both managed to defeat the Elecmon. However, more Elecmon were still on the loose. Gatomon managed to use her Cat's Eye Hypnosis to paralyze three more of them. Yun and Minako, with their digiswords, pryed the Dark Emblems off of two of them while Gatomon used her lightning paw to remove the other one.

"That was easier than I expected! Nyan!" Gatomon said with a purring smile.

"Don't think you can take a break just yet!" Yun said.

"That's true. Everyone needs our help!" Minako said.

They were about to try and help the others out, but they didn't act fast enough. Aria saw it and screamed.


"Yard Sale Bomb!"

"Aqua Pressure!"

A huge wave of muddy, dirty water (made from Witchmon and Roachmon's combined attacks) was about to hit Minako. The water was coming so fast, both Yun and Gatomon couldn't act fast enough. Thankfully, two other Digimon did, and they swooped in to help.

"Howling Buster!"

"Cat's Eye Beam!"

Both Lynxmon and Nefertimon managed to both save them and temporarily hold off Witchmon and Roachmon's attacks.

"Thanks for saving us, Lynxmon and Nefertimon!" Minako said with a smile.

"You're both awesome! Nyan!" Gatomon piped in.

"Don't mention it, girls. Come on! The others need our help!" Nefertimon said.

While Minako, Yun, and Gatomon were saved, Kosuke is in a bind of his own.

"Shining Solar Strike!"

Seasarmon and Angemon, with their own combined attack, managed to defeat a large portion of the Digimon army. All the Youkomons, Tuskmons, and Mushroomons. Unfortunately, two Snimon snuck up on Kosuke, preparing to attack him from behind. Angemon was the first to notice.


"Ultimate Twin Sickles!"

Two glowing pink crescent beams appeared from Snimon's sickles, heading straight towards Kosuke. They were coming so fast, both Kosuke, Angemon, and Seasarmon couldn't act fast enough. Thankfully, others did.

"Star Shower!"

"Missle Storm!"

"Aerial Attack!"

Pegasusmon, with a single flap of his golden wings, made stars rain out from them and stop two of the crescent beams from hitting Kosuke. A myriad of missles shot out from Pteramon's wings, destroying the other two crescent beams as well. Unimon was the one who attacked Snimon and destroyed the Dark Emblem with Aria on his back.

"Hello! You okay?" Aria exclaimed, waving her little hand as Pegasusmon and Pteramon descended to the ground gracefully. Otoya arrived on the scene with a smile on her face.

"That was great!" Otoya said.

"Blue Flare Breath!" A big stream of blue fire spewed out from Coredramon's mouth and defeated most of the Digimon army, so much so that they turned into DigiEggs.

"Yeehaw! Nice one, Coredramon! You really roasted them!" Shunji swung his fists around like a football fan.

"Like steak? Yeah! I know, right? But now's not the time to lollygag!" Coredramon agreed. Now Witchmon and Roachmon were getting mad.

"Awww man! Our army's being blasted one by one!" Witchmon complained.

"This is jank, yo! We gotta do somethin' quick! We ain't givin' up just yet!!" Roachmon yelled.

The battle seemed to go on for hours. The Digimon fought and fought, hoping to keep the Digimon army out of Chloros Forest. Thankfully, once the sky began to show specs of mango orange and violet purple, most of their army was subdued. Moosemon and Bullmon were definitely fervent in keeping them out of Chloros Forest, since it's their home. The other Digimon tried to fight Witchmon and Roachmon, but even though they've all digivolved to champion level, Witchmon and Roachmon were still too powerful for them. This left everyone baffled. Even Coredramon, Seasarmon, and Angemon, even with their holy powers, couldn't subdue Witchmon and Roachmon, who were REALLY persistent. Firamon and Riku both intervened when Witchmon tried to unleash an Aqua Pressure on Shunji and Coredramon.

"Flame Dive!" Firamon engulfed himself in fire and stood in between Coredramon and Witchmon, with Riku on his back with digisword in hand.

"Hey Witchmon! Why don't you just give up already!? Now you're totally outnumbered!" Riku exclaimed, with his digisword pointing at Witchmon.

"He is right. There is nothing more you can do than concede defeat," Firamon told her in an icy voice. Roachmon intervened.

"Nawww! 'Dat ain't no option for me, dawg! Yard Sale Bomb!" Roachmon screamed and made a big pile of trash come out from the sky.

"Tail Smash!"

"Love Laser!"


Coredramon, Bucchiemon, and Riku both counterattacked, though Riku just threw up a digishield and made the trash dissipate.

Meanwhile, Turuiemon, Yun, Rena, and Lekismon are having a lot of trouble handling some branded Tapirmon. Gargomon is too busy pounding Elephantmon. Even he is having trouble.

"Nightmare Syndrome!"

"Tear Arrow!"

Lekismon managed to stop two Tapirmon from hitting her with their attack, but she knew it wasn't to last. Rena and Yun both digilassoed one rather obstinate Tapirmon for Turuiemon to hit.

"Gauntlet Claw!"

Fiercely but gently, Turuiemon removed the Dark Emblem from Tapirmon with her gauntlet. Once it was removed, Tapirmon fell unconscious and the two girls let it go.

"Goodness gracious! I've never seen such persistent Tapirmon before! This is getting out of hand!" Lekismon exclaimed.

"You're right. Dealing with these guys is tough. If their Nightmare Syndrome hits us, we'll be rendered helpless!" Turuiemon said.

"B-But they're rookies, for the love of Pete! Champions can defeat rookies, right?" Rena wailed as she digilassoed another branded Tapirmon.

"That may be true, but it's tiring if there are too many of them at once!" Turuiemon exclaimed.

Suddenly, both Turuiemon and Lekismon's ears both perked up. They both looked at each other with surprised looks in their eyes.

"I know that look! That's your thinking look!" Turuiemon said.

"Yes, I'm thinking! Are you thinking?" Lekismon asked.

"Yeah, I'm thinking! Are you thinking the same thing?"

"A double Digimon attack between us? Like with Angemon and Seasarmon?"

"The one we've been perfecting for some time?"

"Yes! This is the perfect opportunity, don't you think?"

"Oh, you bet it is!"

"Will you two stop talking amongst yourselves and defeat these rabid baby elephants?" Yun wailed as she tried to wrangle a branded Tapirmon.

Turuiemon and Lekismon stood next to each other. They both made strange hand gestures and were enveloped by a pinkish purple aura, like the sky during sundown. They performed a little ballet dance, and a myriad of pink and purple flower petals floated around them.

"Waltz of the Flowers!" Turuiemon and Lekismon both looked at the amber and pinkish violet sky as a whirling tornado of flower petals not only spun around them, but also managed to flail around enough to take down all the Tapirmon and remove all of their Dark Emblems. Yun and Rena watched the two of them with awe, impressed with their beautiful and elegant display.

"Wow! That has to be the most beautiful attack I've ever seen!" Yun whispered to herself, her emerald green eyes locking onto the beautiful flowery dance of Turuiemon and Lekismon.

"So graceful and elegant!" Rena said. Soon the flowers dissipated. Turuiemon and Lekismon high fived and rejoiced.

"Yes! We did it! That was beautiful!" Turuiemon exclaimed with a smile.

"Wasn't it? I hope we can do it again next time!" Lekismon said. Gargomon managed to defeat Elephantmon around this time.

"Phew! Now THAT's a tough one!" Gargomon wiped sweat off of his forehead with one of his gun hands.

Finally, the Digimon army seemed to be taken care of. The Digimon Brigade prepared to attack Witchmon and Roachmon.

"OH NOOOO!! What are we gonna doooooo!!?" Witchmon wailed. Then Roachmon looked behind himself and saw a black forest nearby.

"Noir Lake!!"

"What!? Noir Lake!?"

"Yeah, Witchmon! Let's go over there and try to convince the Digimon there to help us! They hate trespassers, especially loud ones! If they make a big enough ruckus, they'll want to defeat them!"

"Great idea, Roachmon! Come on!"

Roachmon and Witchmon both flew away, but the Digimon Brigade gave chase.

"Birdramon! Strike them down, will ya!?" Melody yelled.

"Will do! Meteor Wing!"

Unfortunately, Roachmon and Witchmon both dodged Birdramon's attack flawlessly, which made them both mad.

"Ugh! Those two! They're more slippery than a watermelon!" Birdramon muttered.

"Tee Dia!"

"Spray of Hearts!"

"Aerial Attack!"

"Love Laser!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Blue Flare Breath!"

"Hanging Twister!"

"Star Shower!"

"Rosetta Stone!"

"Missle Storm!"

As if that wasn't bad enough, Witchmon and Roachmon managed to dodge all of their attacks as well! But they didn't give up. The Digimon Brigade attacked and gave chase, hoping to at least tire them out so it'd be easier to defeat them.


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