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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 24 (part four)

Part 4!

Back in the inner sanctum, MoonMillenniummon could tell that something's wrong.

"Those idiots! Why are they going to Noir Lake!? That's not why I sent them the army!!" MoonMillenniummon muttered to himself angrily. Suddenly, three Digimon appeared with terrified expressions on their faces. A Bakemon, a Gazimon, and a frog-like creature with yellow fur, an orange mane, small blue eyes, webbed black claws, and four black horns protruding from its back.

"Master! Master! There's trouble! Big, BIG trouble! It's plain awful! Awful!!" Gazimon yelled.

"What's going on!? Speak!" MoonMillenniummon asked.

"Gizamon! You tell them!" Gazimon told the frog Digimon, Gizamon.

"Chloros Forest is fighting back! They've defeated most of Witchmon's army and have driven them to Noir Lake!" Gizamon exclaimed fearfully.

"Master! Please! Let us go with them! We'd like to help them, but we can't do it without your permission!" Bakemon said.

MoonMillenniummon ruminated deeply in a pensive state, then looked at the three Digimon.

"Here's a duty for you. Tell the Digimon at Noir Lake to assist Roachmon and Witchmon. I have underlings who live there. You have the walkie talkies, do you? Go on! Tell them to assist those two and retaliate!" MoonMillenniummon commanded.

"Yes sir!" The three Digimon cried out and ran out of the inner sanctum.

As that happened, Witchmon, Roachmon, and the Digimon Brigade finally arrived in Noir Lake. Yun was the first to notice something. Once she got closer, she immediately beamed with joy once her emerald green eyes locked onto what it was.

Standing near the lake, fighting off some yellow versions of Numemon, are Link, WarGreymon, Hokuto, Kudamon, and Lucero! Yun couldn't hold in her joy and relief any longer. She leaped off of Turuiemon and ran after them waving her arms.

"Oh! Yun! Wait!"

"Lucerooooo!! Hokuto-kuuuun!!"

Upon hearing her high voice, Lucero and Hokuto both turned to look and beamed with joy.


The two boys (and Kudamon) leaped into Yun's arms, giving her a very warm welcome. They laughed happily as they embraced each other. Even Kudamon couldn't help but laugh merrily.

"Oh thank God!! I was so worried about you two!!" Yun wailed happily.

"Yun!! I'm so glad thou art alright!!" Lucero exclaimed, feeling happier than he ever did.

"We've been waiting for you here," Kudamon muttered solemnly, but with a smile. His tone of voice was warm and kind when he said that. Yun noticed the bandages on Kudamon, but she decided not to say anything since the situation is dire.

"Yun...thank you," Hokuto muttered. Then they let go of each other. Yun was about to approach Link, who is now slashing yellow versions of rabid Numemon with his digisword. The other kids came down and greeted Lucero and Hokuto as well. Not wanting to see Link get hurt, Otoya and Seasarmon decided to step in.

"Hey you! Clear the way!" Otoya called out, which got Link's attention, along with the yellow Numemon.

"Tee Dia!" Glowing yellow arrows came out from Seasarmon and they defeated the yellow Numemon.

"Thanks, little missy!" Link said.

"No, don't mention it! But now I wouldn't mind you helping us a bit!" Otoya said with a smile at first, then solemnly when she looked up at Witchmon and Roachmon.

Suddenly, Yun let out a bloodcurtling scream. Link, Otoya, and everyone else immediately turned around to see a myriad of Digimon appear from the black, damp, murky, and ominous waters of Noir Lake. One set of Digimon are basically yellow skinned, brown spotted versions of Numemon. Another set were...Dokugumon. Yun absolutely loathed spiders, and she ended up reliving the painful memory of having stood up to another Dokugumon when Lopmon first digivolved into Turuiemon. Then again, she expected that it wouldn't be the last Dokugumon she'd see. The other girls from the Digimon Brigade were appalled upon seeing the many Dokugumon, proven with lots of "Ewww!" and "Yuck!" and "Gross!" being screamed all over the place. Another set of Digimon are small little imps with black hoods, eyes on their red-finger nailed hands, wicked smiles, blue bodies, and black feet with red claws sticking out from them. The final set of Digimon is another version of Goblimon, but with darker skin, a dirty yellow mohawk, and a blue viking outfit. Shunji decided to look up their information.

"The yellow Numemons are actually Geremon. The spider's Dokugumon, obviously. Those freaky little wimps are Dracmon, and the dark-skinned Goblimons are Shamanmon," Shunji said.

Suddenly, the entire place was assaulted by a VERY noisome and repulsive odor. Even Witchmon had to cover her nose.

"GAAAHH!! What's this smell!? I don't even have a nose and I can smell it!!" Witchmon exclaimed. However, someone was happy about this.

"Yeeeeah! My homies!" Roachmon yelled like a drunk football fan as he, the Geremon, and the Dracmon danced happily. "Now that yer all here, attack those stupid humans over there! Ya hear me, dawgs!?"

"Oh sweet mother of Voltaire, this has to be the worst thing I smelled since Riku's locker!!" Kosuke wailed, covering his nose.

"HEY!!" Riku yelled.

Soon, the numbers increased, and the Digimon fought again. This time, it was truly sunset when the epic battle of Noir Lake began. Link and WarGreymon both hid in the trees and watched the kids and Digimon fight the nasty inhabitants of Noir Lake. Roachmon and the big army of Geremon attacked everyone with anything that they found (lovingly) disgusting, like garbage and poop. Like always, the Digimon Brigade fought back with gusto, and didn't have any intention of giving up, though it must be confessed that the Digimon's energy is slowly fading away, and no one knows if they'll suddenly revert back to their rookie forms. Could it happen in the middle of battle? No, they couldn't have that happen. Not when there's such a big army of Digimon assaulting them with raining garbage and pink poop that resembles strawberry ice cream. Link and WarGreymon stopped themselves from intervening.

'This is their battle, not ours. This is when they'll shine. Especially...him,' Link thought, even though his blue eye trembled. Soon, night fell. The sky turned as black as Melody's hair (if you were to exclude her red bangs). Only a few of the new army of Digimon were defeated.

"Shining Solar Strike!"

"Waltz of the Flowers!"

Turuiemon, Lekismon, Seasarmon, and Angemon, with both of their combined attacks, managed to defeat a large number of Dokugumon, Dracmon, and Geremon. Sadly, however, once they finished their combined attacks, they immediately de-digivolved back into Lopmon, Lunamon, Labramon, and Patamon, all totally drained of their energy. Their partners rushed to their aid and took them away from the dangerous scene.

"Labramon! Are you okay?" Otoya asked with worry in her voice.

"Yes. Thank you for your concern. It seems I've used up all my energy. I don't think I can fight anymore...though my friends need me!" Labramon explained sadly, feeling guilty that he couldn't stick around as Seasarmon anymore. Otoya smiled and stroke his head with her hand.

"It's okay. You were awesome. You did great overall, so it's time for a good rest," Otoya crooned sweetly, which made Labramon smile. Lucero and Hokuto all ran to Yun, who cradled an exhausted Lopmon in her arms.

"Is she going to be alright?" Lucero asked in a worried voice.

"Yes. I will. But I can no longer fight, even though the situation is so dire right now...Oh, how I wish to become Turuiemon again!" Lopmon croaked tiredly. Yun saw that Gargomon is holding off some Dokugumon with some trouble. Even though Yun hated Dokugumon, she knew she didn't want to stand around and have Gargomon get hurt. Gently, she handed Lopmon to Lucero.

"Lucero. Do me a favor and take care of Lopmon for me. Okay? I'm gonna go help Gargomon!" Yun told him solemnly.

"But aren't thou afraid of spiders?" Lucero asked worriedly.

"You hate spiders, especially tarantulas! How are you going to handle a 20 ton tarantula that looks like it's from a Halloween movie?" Kosuke said.

"I know. I hate all spiders and tarantulas. But I've dealt with a Dokugumon before. It was when Lopmon first digivolved. I don't want to just stand by and let Gargomon handle it alone. I'm gonna go help him and do whatever I can to make it easier for him," Yun told them with a strange flame of courage burning in her eyes. Lopmon saw it, smiled, and put her rosy pink paw on Yun's finger.

"You are brave, Yun. Go help Gargomon. You're partners, aren't you? Partners help each other," Lopmon cooed sweetly, which made Yun smile and run after Gargomon.

"Bunny Pummel!" Gargomon bashed Dokugumon on the head, hoping it'd knock it out. But Dokugumon wasn't planning on giving up.

"Poison Thread!"

A spire of white spider web was about to hit Gargomon, but Yun successfully managed to chop it up with her digisword. Not only that, she dredged it into Dokugumon's face, so much so that Dokugumon wailed in pain and turned into data that floated away.

"Thanks Yun!"

"You're welcome!"

That was only one Dokugumon down. However, it wasn't over yet. Right when they defeated the Dokugumon, Rena screamed.

"No! Get away from us! You're disgusting!!" Rena screamed because a Geremon is about to attack. This made Lunamon, Labramon, and Patamon all jump in front of it. Kosuke, Rena, and Otoya wanted to protest, but since they knew the situation is dire, the girls got their digilassos out while Kosuke got his digisword out. As Geremon jumped at them, Rena and Otoya used this opportunity to swiftly wrangle it with their the stems of it's EYES!

"Holy Wing!"

"Echoing Bark!"

"Lunar Claw!"

All three rookies and Kosuke attacked the Geremon enough to turn it into data. But it's not over yet. Birdramon, Coredramon, MarineAngemon, Firamon, and Gatomon are having a hard time taking down Witchmon and Roachmon while Grizzlymon is still trying to take down the rest of the Dracmon and Shamanmon.

"Jeez! This is stupid! These guys are more annoying than this kid at school! Don't they ever give up!?" Isao yelled as Grizzlymon knocked out two Dracmon and Shamanmon.

"We're starting to get somewhere now! Crescent Dawn!" With that attack, Grizzlymon defeated more Dracmon and Shamanmon.

"Yeah! You go, Grizzlymon! That was awesome!" Isao rejoiced when the Digimon got destroyed.

While things are going well on their end, the others are still unable to beat Witchmon and Roachmon.

"Meteor Wing!"

"Spray of Hearts!"

"Fira Bomb!"

"Blue Flare Breath!"

"Cat's Eye Hypnosis!"

Sadly, Witchmon and Roachmon evaded them all. They've been evading their attacks this whole time.

"Awww, come on! Not even my all powerful Blue Flare Breath can get them! This is so stupid!" Coredramon exclaimed angrily.

"You're not kidding! This is insane!!" Shunji said.

"Who said this would be easy!?" Melody snapped at Shunji, then turned to look at Witchmon. "Will you do us a favor and just quit already!? I've had about enough of you!!"

"Yeah! So what if you've outnumbered us! Give up NOW!!" Riku yelled with his fist in the air.

"As if we'd ever give up to the likes of you humans!" Roachmon yelled.

Witchmon, however, is another story. She descended to the ground, lost in thought, with a rather abject and contorted look on her face. She was growing tired. She needed a back up plan. She didn't want to admit it, but she had to in her mind. Riku was right. Even though the Digimon Brigade is outnumbered, they're still superior to them in terms of strength. It also doesn't help that the new Digimon of Noir Lake army is slowly getting defeated. She watched as Unimon, Grizzlymon, Prairiemon, Bucchiemon, and the other armored Digimon defeat more of Noir Lake's inhabitants. Even Kudamon is helping out, despite his injuries.

"Star Shower!"

"Missle Storm!"

"Love Laser!"

"Prairie Claw!"

"Rosetta Stone!"

"Howling Buster!"

"Holy Ray!"

"Aerial Attack!"

"Crescent Dawn!"

Attack names being shouted echoed in the dark forest draped by night. Witchmon looked at everyone with a worried and concerned look on her face. The Digimon army is being taken down despite the Digimon Brigade being outnumbered, and it's likely that the other Digimon at Chloros Forest are fighting back too, taking out every unwanted trespasser that stepped foot into their home with ill intentions. Witchmon couldn't believe her eyes. The first time she fought with the Digimon Brigade, she managed to evade all of their attacks and outmatch them easily, but it was only because most of the Digimon couldn't digivolve back then. Now they've all digivolved, and they're sure to outmatch her in terms of strength. She watched as the Digimon who were originally branded slowly awoke from their dormant states, about to be bombarded by a myriad of attacks, though not directed at them. Unbeknownst to her, Kudamon saw her floating over part of the black lake, lost in thought. However, someone got her attention.


Witchmon looked up and saw Yun, Lucero, and Lopmon all looking at her with sympathetic faces, which Witchmon found rather insulting.

"What do you want!?" Witchmon snapped.

"Listen. Is all of this really what you want? Is fighting with everyone really how you're going to live for the rest of your life? You can't go around hurting others for your own self gain! You know that, right?" Yun pleaded, but Witchmon wasn't having it.

"I'm giving all these Digimon what they deserve! They were never there for me when I needed them the most, so who cares if they suffer!? I sure don't, and I have absolutely no plans for doing so in the future!" Witchmon snapped vehemently.

"Art thou doing such wicked deeds for thy master? Thy master is a bad influence on thee!" Lucero piped in.

This made Witchmon snap.

"Baluluna Gale!!"

A ferocious gust of wind shot out from Witchmon's big hand, though Yun, Lucero, and Lopmon managed to evade it in the nick of time.

"Don't EVER say that my master is a bad influence on me, you worthless bags of flesh!!" Witchmon screamed angrily. It was blatant that she is quite choleric right now. "You obviously don't understand what I've been through!! I've been thrown away, neglected, and abandoned by my own kind just because they accused me of a crime I didn't do!! Right when I was about to die, my master came and saved my life! He gave me food, shelter, and best of all, love! He's the only Digimon in this cruel world who ever cared about me, even after I was banished from my native Witchelny!! I'm happy to do all of this for him! He's the best thing that ever happened to me!!"

The three of them were stunned. Unbeknownst to all of them though, Hokuto is also watching. Witchmon didn't notice, even though Hokuto is right behind Yun, Lopmon, and Lucero. Also unbeknownst to them, Gargomon is eavesdropping on their conversation. Witchmon's little tirade just now left Yun frozen in place. Witchmon was abandoned? Thrown away by her own kind, accused of a crime she didn't do? Yun couldn't believe what she just heard. She had always suspected that Witchmon had some kind of ulterior motive for branding innocent Digimon with Dark Emblems all the time, hither and thither, but Yun never dreamed that it was some kind of subtle revenge against the Digital World for not being there for her when she needed it the most. Despite the fact that Witchmon's voice is very loud and high pitched, Yun didn't cover her ears or flinch. Not once. Instead, she sighed and looked at Witchmon straight in the eye. Yun knew how Witchmon felt. She knew exactly what Witchmon was talking about.

Loneliness, abandonment, neglect, melancholy, distrust, and hate. Yun had felt all of those things before.

Witchmon hissed.

"Of course creatures like you don't know the meaning of the word suffering! You humans probably have it easy, drowning in all kinds of luxuries and pleasures while we Digimon go through hardship every day! I don't care if you created us! All you did was use us up and spit us out!!"

"You really believe we humans don't suffer?" Yun asked solemnly, without a hint of fear in her voice. "You think we're living it up while you Digimon suffer? I'm sorry, but I have to correct you. We humans suffer just as much as you do, Witchmon. We're not pure and holy creatures. We suffer misfortune too. Countries in the middle east are suffering from poverty and starvation, some of which are protesting against their leaders, who are cruel and power-hungry dictators. Some parents abandon and abuse their own children for selfish reasons. I've been picked on and bullied, by both kids and adults, just because I happen to be different from them. Nobody's perfect, Witchmon. Not even us."

As she said this, some unpleasant memories and voices creeped into her head.

'You stupid girl! You can't even solve a simple math problem like this on your own!? Look at your classmates! They can do it just fine! You need to follow their example and be more like them, you retard!'

'Quit thinkin' yer so much smarter than the rest of us, you piece of white trash!! You oughta die already!!'

'Go die already, you spoiled brat!! Everyone always takes your side so quit complaining!'

'Are you ever going to see that you're not worth it, Wakamiya? You're a retard!'

'You wicked, wicked girl!! You must love making my precious boy look like the bad guy, don't you!? I get complaints from the school every single day because of you trying to pin everything on him!!'

'Get away from us, you freak! We don't need no retards here!'

Witchmon's light blue eyes got bigger.

"Lies!! All lies!! Stop trying to act all high and mighty!!" Witchmon yelled.

"If I did act high and mighty, I'd be saying things like "Oh! I'm soooo much better than you. Ha ha ha!" and call you mean names and all those things. Have I ever did that to you?" Yun said.

"She is right, Witchmon," Lopmon piped in, despite being rather weak. "You don't have to live your life the way you do. I mean, I'm sure your master cares for you very much and makes you happy, and we respect that--"

"No you don't!!"

"--However, you must understand that hurting other Digimon is wrong. Would you like it if we were to hurt you and your precious friends?"

"I don't have any precious friends anymore! Those 'friends' of mine turned against me and conspired in throwing me out of Witchelny and never letting me back in! That's why I'm with my master! So I can feel loved again!"

"Love is an imperative ingredient in the growth of all things, be it human or Digimon. I'm sure thou art a good Digimon and do not wish to hurt others. Thou wish to be loved, yes? I can understand that with great respect. However, as thou art now, thy feelings had lead thee astray. Thy heart is being corrupted with impure thoughts. Hurting others is NOT a way to receive love! Thy will is thine and thine alone! Doth thou truly need a master to live through life?" Lucero said solemnly, as if he were reciting some famous Shakespearian monologue.

However, right then and there...

"Bullet Whirlwind!"

Kudamon wrapped himself in a little tornado and threw himself at Witchmon's back, causing her to yelp in pain. Kudamon landed an impeccable hit! Once she regained her balance, Kudamon looked at her with his striking gold eyes.

"It is very unwise of an opponent to let their guard down. Thanks for distracting her, Yun!" Kudamon said.

Much to his surprise, Yun was appalled.

"Kudamon!! I wasn't trying to distract her so you can attack her!!" Yun yelled, angry at Kudamon's noble and chivalrous deed.

But it didn't help. Witchmon finally snapped. It began with a high-pitched, bloodcurtling scream so loud that it made Yun and Hokuto both cover their ears.

"I'M SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIIIIIS!!! YOU DON'T KNOW A THING ABOUT ME OR SUFFERING, SO I'LL TEACH YOU!!!" Witchmon screamed louder than she ever did before. Tears were literally oozing out of her eyes. 'Master! I'm sorry! I have to do this! I have to do this in order to destroy these heartless humans! Forgive me!!'

Right then and there, an eerie and ominous purple sphere of light enveloped Witchmon. It was so ominous and terrifying that all the Noir Lake Digimon and Roachmon looked up at it. Even the Digimon that Witchmon branded before woke up to see it. The kids stopped fighting so they could look. Everyone became a little scared. Aria, since she's so little, ran to Yun and clung to her with her tiny hands. Lucero clung to Lopmon, who looked quite frightened. The aura surrounding Witchmon made cold shivers run down everyone's spine at about a million miles per hour. Even Roachmon, who often put up a brave and bold front (with bad, poorly constructed gangster-like language included), was rendered helpless.

"Wi-Wi-Wi-Witchmon!! What are ya doin'!?" Roachmon wailed, but Witchmon didn't listen.

Then, two VERY big, VERY thick dark purple hands protruded out from the sphere, resembling Witchmon's hands, but MUCH bigger. They flew towards Roachmon and all the Digimon from Noir Lake.

"Look out!!" Quickly, Coredramon covered all the members of the Digimon Brigade with his big, bulky body and wings, since he's the biggest champion level around.

"Whoa! What is that!?" Isao yelled.

"ACK!! Witchmon!! Git offa meeeee!!" Roachmon found himself trapped in one of the big hands, along with a lot of Geremon and Dracmon on his end. The other was full of raging Dokugumon and Shamanmon.

"What are ya doin', Witchmon!? 'Dis ain't part of the plan, yo!!" Roachmon tried to reason with her, but she didn't listen. Even the Geremon were getting agitated.

"I'm sorry, Roachmon! I have to do this! Thanks for being my friend and sticking with me for all this time, even though you don't exactly display the best behavior! Lend me your strength so I can defeat these pests!! Goodbye!!"

"No way!! You can't--!!"

"Haunting Absorption!!"

The hands that carried every single Digimon in Noir Lake (and Roachmon) pulled back into the purple sphere. Roachmon screamed and screamed, but couldn't get away.

"Lemme go, Witchmoooon!! My homiiiiiiiiie!!"

That was the last thing he said as he turned into data and got absorbed by Witchmon, along with all the other Noir Lake Digimon. Suddenly, the ominous sphere of dark energy grew bigger and bigger.

"Oh my God!! She just ate everybody up!!" Rena screamed, clinging to Lunamon tightly.

"No way! Normal Witchmon shouldn't be capable of using that move!" Kudamon yelled, appalled by Witchmon's transformation.

"I can't watch!! Nyaaan!!" Gatomon exclaimed as she clung to Minako.

"No way. This can't be happening..." Melody muttered to herself.

The sphere grew to the size of the entire lake, which is bigger than even Coredramon. Once it reached the size of the lake, the purple mass of dark energy finally dissipated and out came Witchmon. She didn't change much...except for the fact that she's ten times the size she originally was! Now she's the exact same size as Noir Lake itself! Everyone gasped.

"She got bigger!!" Isao exclaimed.

"This CANNOT be good! At all!" Moosemon said.

"How're we gonna defeat this thing!?" Pegasusmon yelped.

"So what if she's a little bigger!? We can still take her down!!" Riku edicted, though with a quiver in his voice. Even he didn't sound so sure he could defeat Witchmon, especially now that she's bigger than all of them combined.

But really, it was Hokuto and Kudamon who were the most scared. They were both trembling with fear.

'I don't believe this! Normal Witchmon shouldn't be allowed to master such a horrible, terrifying spell such as that! But more importantly, nothing we've done has worked, even though everyone's digivolved to champion level! She's turned the tables! I...I'm the only one who hasn't digivolved! Even though I've been saving up all this energy, it's not coming out when we need it the most! Why can't I digivolve?' It's here that tears oozed out of Kudamon's gold eyes, even though he's normally not one to cry. 'I have to protect Hokuto and the others! They need me! Come on!! Let me digivolve already!!'

Witchmon eyed Hokuto and smirked maliciously.

"I'll take down the weakest one first, since he hasn't done a thing!" Witchmon exclaimed as her big red hand flew outward and attempted to grab Hokuto. It passed by so fast not even Coredramon, MarineAngemon, or any of the armor level Digimon could stop it.

However, someone wouldn't let Hokuto be Witchmon's bait.


Witchmon's hand wrapped around Kudamon, completely encasing him in it. Hokuto fell to his knees, and his cobalt blue eyes, hidden by his round glasses, got bigger than they ever did in his life. While he was frozen with fear, everyone else became incensed.

"Not if we can help it! Let Kudamon go, you witch!!" Gargomon was the first to wrap himself around Witchmon's big arm.

"Let him go, NOW!!" Birdramon squawked like a chicken.

"Don't think you can defeat us just yet!!" Coredramon piped in.

"You're a real idiot, you know that!?" Melody leaped onto Witchmon's arms and began kicking it and punching it like crazy. Witchmon continued to smirk wickedly as if she didn't feel a thing.

"Infidels!" Witchmon flung them off of her arm. Melody was caught by Coredramon's hand, which broke her fall.

Everyone was so preoccupied with either yelling at Witchmon or trying to stop her, they failed to notice Hokuto shaking like a leaf.

"Kudamon...Kudamon...Kudamon...!" He muttered with fear in his small voice. Images of him and Kudamon, all the memories they shared and made together, flashed through his brain in a millisecond. His eyes got bigger...and bigger.

"Kudamon...! Kudamon...!!" The image of Kudamon screaming his name and being encased in Witchmon's big hand flashed through the most, hitting Hokuto like an avalanche.

Not only that...his finger nails and teeth are growing and getting longer!

His eyes glowed a bloody, ghostly crimson red light.

The hair on his wig stood up, pointing to the night sky, and he roared.


The feral wolf-like howl was so loud that it echoed through the entire forest, not only getting the Digimon Brigade's attention, but Witchmon. If they thought Witchmon's transformation was terrifying, the behavior that Hokuto is displaying right now scared them even more! Yun being the most notable.

"Hokuto...kun?" That was all Yun could mutter once she saw Hokuto's own transformation take hold. Only one thing zipped through her, and everyone else's minds.

Hokuto wasn't Hokuto anymore.


1. Seiza means "proper sitting posture" with one's shin folded under while sitting on tatami mats. To the Japanese, this is the most efficient, beautiful, and "proper sitting posture" while engaging in formal activity.


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