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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 25 (part four)

Part 4!


"Agumon!! Agumon, where are you!?"

In a very broken and spotty part of the Digital World, Link searched and searched desperately for WarGreymon, who had de-digivolved into Agumon, but to no avail. It also didn't help that there are MANY spots of unstable data that are so big it'd be very easy to fall into them since most of them in this area are the size of parade floats. Despite this, Link made sure to be scrupulous about not stepping into them, lest he disappear. He didn't want to disappear, and he didn't want to prove himself right when it came to being deleted in the Digital World (he told Saruto in the first flashback). He remembered hearing Agumon scream for help as Link had his back turned. Link tried to save him, but it was too late. He had already disappeared. It also didn't help that right afterward, the mystical veil closed up, meaning Link couldn't go back to the human world.

It had been about a few days (Digital World time) since Agumon disappeared, and Link had been growing tired. Right as he was about to sit down on a floating rock and rest, he saw that he was in the vicinity of another area up ahead. One that's entirely full, without any destroyed parts or unstable data spots at all! Overcome with joy, Link decided to head over there and take shelter for a while, since he's growing tired by the minute. Thankfully, once he arrived, he saw that the place IS indeed untouched by the destruction. Not one unstable data spot was in the area. Not even the tiniest little one.

But the area did surprise him. The place resembled a VERY wide and VERY vast meadow, full of lush green trees, beautiful flowers dotted in multifarious colors, little toys for babies and children, like toy cars, ducks, and dolls, and bushes and flower groves full of big eggs that resembled the Easter eggs that young children would paint. Even the sky is totally untouched. The eggs were the things that caught Link's attention as well. There were a myriad of them, and in varying colors. Some were white with red spots, some where yellow with green spots, some had stripes, some had more complex and intricate designs. They were all different from each other. Link smiled as he walked through the place. He felt as if he were experiencing a sense of nostalgia, remembering the times when he was a child when he happily played games with his friends outside or in their neighbor's barn. The area itself did have a sweet and childish feel to it, but it made Link happy instead of perturbed. He had been here before. It was when he first met his partner.

Right as he was about to remember that fateful day, a small egg suddenly rolled in front of him, causing him to step back a bit so it can roll around some more. The egg is small and turquoise colored, with dark green triangles on it. He expected the egg to roll away, but it didn't. It stayed there. Instead, a crack appeared! Then it got bigger and bigger until finally the shell came off and out came a baby Digimon! A tiny little white thing that resembles a marshmallow with a round head. It has small, beady black eyes and a good naturedly pouting mouth. Link looked the Digimon's egg up on his dark orange digivice and found the Digimon to be named Poyomon. 'A fitting name,' He thought as he saw little Poyomon toddling around, trying to walk, though it has no feet. Then it looked up at Link and babbled cutely.

"Poyo...poyo!" Poyomon hopped around, smiling happily. His heart felt warm upon seeing the cute, innocent little Digimon. He slowly kneeled down to it and extended its hand out to him. Poyomon hopped onto it and looked into Link's eye with his little black ones. Link smiled and gently stroke the Digimon's soft and slimy skin with his bulky finger.

"Poyoyoyo!" Poyomon giggled cutely upon feeling the gentle finger stroking his skin.

"You're a cute little thing," Link whispered softly and gently so as to not scare Poyomon. Thankfully, it wasn't scared. Then Poyomon caught sight of some flowers and hopped out of Link's hand so he can look at them. Link chuckled a bit as he watched little Poyomon play in the daisies. But a sudden gleam from the sun suddenly caught Link's eye, and he turned around to see what it was.

In a small hole in the ground, no more than about half a foot deep, are some gem stones. The sunbeams that slenderly permeated the trees seemed to reflect off of them. Link looked closer and was surprised. There are twelve small, egg shaped gem stones the size of robin's eggs in all kinds of colors! Cream white, crimson red, mango orange, goldenrod yellow, emerald green, ocean blue, violet purple, light lavendar, cotton candy pink, light bronze, sterling silver, and cobalt blue. Curious, Link gently picked one of the stones out from the whole. It was the blue one, and as he looked closer, it had a strange symbol on it. He couldn't tell if it was an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic or something in Greek. But he was certainly fascinated by these strange yet sublime little stones. He wanted to look at them some more, but some voices stopped him from doing so.

"I don't know...I don't think this is over yet," One purring female voice said.

"What are you talking about!? We destroyed them, along with the rest of the Digital World!" A second female voice exclaimed angrily.

Seeing that they're coming, Link quickly grabbed all the stones, stuffed them in a pocket in his bag, and hid in one of the bushes. He stayed there and watched as two Digimon came out. They resemble Gatomon, but they're starkly different from normal Gatomon. For one thing, their skin is black, black as the grim reaper's robe, their eyes are eerily yellow, their paws are purple with black claws and red stripes, and they have no gold holy rings on their tails. Link looked up their information on his digivice and found them to be BlackGatomon. The two black cats stood under a tree and talked. One looked worried while the other looked rather angry.

"I don't suppose you've heard, but...have you ever heard the legend?" The first BlackGatomon asked worriedly.

"What legend?" The second BlackGatomon hissed while cocking her head to one side curiously.

"The legend that states that if any member of the Holy Guardians or the Holy Council were to be destroyed, a small fragment of their data would be crystalized and turned into a gem stone called a D-Heart," The first BlackGatomon explained.

"D-Heart? What does that mean?"

"Supposedly it's a piece of not just their data, but their holy power as well. I...I honestly don't think we've totally destroyed them, my friend. Maybe we should--"

The second BlackGatomon smacked her friend over the head. "Don't talk such nonsense! You were there when it all happened, weren't you!? We helped our master destroy every single one of those overzealous Digimon! If you go gatting about this in the inner sanctum, Master most certainly won't be pleased!" The second BlackGatomon yelled. The first BlackGatomon rubbed her injured head with her paws.

"Y-Yes ma'am..." She muttered while grimacing. The second BlackGatomon crossed her arms.

"You always were gullible, and Master hates it when his underlings believe every little thing they hear, especially if it's proven not true!" The second BlackGatomon said.

"W-Well...I just thought maybe I'd tell you in advance in case it DID happen! I mean...who knows?" The first BlackGatomon said.

"Alright. Enough mumbo jumbo. Now where the heck are we?"

"If I had to guess, this is the Meadow of Birth, where all baby Digimon are born.'s strange. There's not one digital spot anywhere! It doesn't look like it was destroyed!"

The second BlackGatomon gasped. "No! This can't be! The Meadow of Birth actually SURVIVED all that destruction!? This can't be!"

"Actually, I don't find it all that surprising. The Meadow of Birth is the most heavily protected and heavily guarded place in all the Digital World. It's protected by a very special magical barrier that protects it from all destruction. I don't know exactly how it works or why or how it manages to guard it so well, but it sure is a marvel!"

"A marvel? Don't be silly! This place doesn't have any guard Digimon or anything, so how could it survive? Master must be informed of this!"

"Actually, the Gizamon already did that."

"Nyan!" The second BlackGatomon hissed and balled one of her claws. "It looks like Master's mission was a failure after all. But I won't worry. Perhaps it'll work next time. Alright! Enough lollygagging! It's time we head out to Kiwi Meadow and raid some of their kiwi! LadyDevimon-sama's waiting for us there!"

"B-But the Kiwimon have awful tempers!"

"So? That doesn't mean they're better at fighting than we are!" After this, the two BlackGatomon finally left.

Link overheard the entire conversation, albeit unintentionally. He pulled one of the stones, the D-Hearts, out, particularly the orange one. He looked at it and ruminated. He found out three things this morning: the Master who those two BlackGatomon are talking about is the one who destroyed the Digital World recently, these supposed members of the Holy Guardians and Holy Council, both of which he does not know about, are either missing or destroyed, and the stones in his hands are the crystalizations of their data and power.

'The D-Hearts...' Link thought. He put the orange stone back in his pocket and decided to walk away.

(end flashback)

"...The end!" Link announced.

"So...who are the Holy Guardians and the Holy Council?" Yun asked.

"Oh! I know! They're the Digimon that once protected the very core of the entire Digital World! They're all kind and pure-hearted Digimon whose duty is to protect the Digital World and it's peace and harmony. The Holy Guardians are the holiest and purest of them all, and they keep the Digital World in balance while serving the one who gave them their status. The Holy Council are a class under them, but they're just as important. Whenever there's trouble, they're usually the ones asked to take care of it, though it usually depends on how big the trouble is. They also fight when they need to, though they're not fans of fighting. That's about all I know, I'm afraid," Prairiemon explained with a smile.

"They seem like very respectable Digimon," Kudamon muttered.

"I'm sure they are," Labramon said.

"I wonder if they're still alive somewhere?" Salamon asked.

"Who knows. We Digimon can turn into DigiEggs after we get destroyed, so I don't doubt that they might still be alive," Dracomon piped in.

"They could be! Maybe we should look for them!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"I don't think it'll be that easy," Lunamon whispered quietly.

They wanted to continue their discussion, but someone happened to come into the room. Yun was the first to see who it was.


There was Hokuto, standing wearily before the table with a rather dejected look on his face. Despite this, Yun squealed like a happy fangirl and leaped onto Hokuto, locking him in an embrace. Feeling the need to be with him, Kudamon did the same, though with a more composed demeanor.

"Why...why are you--?" Hokuto muttered.

"I'm so glad you're alright!!" Yun cried out happily as she hugged Hokuto. But Hokuto...didn't seem to be happy about being hugged by Yun.

"But...I...I turned--"

"It's fine! I don't care about that. You're still my friend, and I'm happy you're safe!"

"Me too. We were all very worried about you, Hokuto. How are you as of now?" Kudamon explained calmly as he settled himself onto Hokuto's shoulders.

Hokuto then suddenly pushed Yun off of him...and his face became overcome with shock upon seeing the band-aid on Yun's face. Isao found this to be an opportunity.

"Niichan. I'm sorry I called you a monster," Isao said softly, but...much to his surprise, it didn't seem to help.

"I-I-I-I-I...I did that!" Hokuto yelped, pointing to Yun's cheek.

"This? It's alright! It'll heal soon!" Yun tried to sound optimistic and upbeat, but she seemed to feel it felt rather flat. Hokuto fell to his knees, clung to his knees, and sounded as though he was about to cry.

"I...I...I really am...a monster!!" Hokuto yelled.

"I said I'm sorry!" Isao said, thinking that the comment was directed at him.

"No! Don't say sorry! You're right! I'm a monster!!"

"Thou art not a monster!" Lucero exclaimed, running up to Hokuto with Yun.

"Don't say you're a monster, Hokuto-kun! So what if you went through some bad experiences? I'm sure you probably didn't want this, but...I don't care one bit! You're still my friend, Hokuto-kun!" Yun explained. Although Hokuto calmed down, Yun could tell Hokuto still believes that he's a monster. Kudamon decided to help out.

"She's right. Every human being is special in their own way. Don't think of yourself as inhuman, Hokuto. What happened to you back then isn't your fault," Kudamon told him gently. Hokuto finally relented and stood up, balling one of his small fists.

"Also...I believe you should keep this," Kudamon said, handing the silver stone to Hokuto. "The ancient DigiCode on it reads Liberty, which I think is exactly what you need."

Hokuto looked down at the pretty silver stone with his listless cobalt blue eyes. He didn't seem to really be looking at it, but was lost in his mind. But after a while, he put the stone in his pocket. Link got up from the table, and so did WarGreymon.

"Well, I believe it's time for us to be heading home. I'm sure you're all tired," Link said.

"Yeah. We fulfilled our mission, so we wouldn't mind going back to the human world," Rena said. Right then, Shione and Mikuni came into the room.

"We're going home? Yay!" Shione cheered.

"But one thing before we leave for Kiwi Meadow. Citizens of Chloros Forest! What you heard just now has to be kept absolutely secret at all costs! Don't EVER let this important information slip your mouths, not even to your closest friends! This Master's underlings might be wandering around, trying to gather information as they see fit. See to it that you will zip your lips and never let this information come out!" Link edicted.

"Yes sir!" All the Digimon replied.

"Why do we have to go back to Kiwi Meadow?" Shione asked.

"Link said that if we go back to the human world from another area, we might end up in some place different in the human world," Moosemon said.

"But Biyomon, Patamon, and Dracomon are too tired to digivolve to their champion forms again, so we can't fly there," Kosuke said.

"Do you mind if we help?" A voice said, but it wasn't from inside the longhouse.

Link and the Digimon Brigade ran outside to find some Tuskmon, Snimon, and Garurumon standing before the long house.

"As thanks for removing the Dark Emblems, we'd like to take you to Kiwi Meadow, if you don't mind," One of the Snimon said.

"If you're worryin' about us, don't be. We're just fine! Those Dark Emblems don't drain your energy even if you're in battle," One of the Tuskmon said.

"You guys are awesome! Consider this our thanks," One of the Garurumon said.

"We'll help too!" Some Gargoylemon appeared from the longhouse.

"Wow! Thanks everyone!" Minako said.

"Yay! We made new friends! Wan!" Salamon exclaimed happily.

"Since it's so dark, I'll light the way!" Coronamon exclaimed. "Shining Sunbeam!" Coronamon engulfed himself in a low but warm gold light, which permeated the darkness so much that they could see for miles. Some of the Elecmon, with their Sparkling Glow, accompanied them.

So some of the kids got on the backs of the Tuskmon, Snimon, Garurumon, and WarGreymon and traveled back to Kiwi Meadow. But not before saying goodbye to their secondary Digimon and the grateful citizens of Chloros Forest, who exalted them for their heroic and chivalrous deeds. Then, a question popped into Riku's mind and he decided to ask.

"Hey Link! Are you gonna come with us or are you gonna stay here?" He asked.

"There's things I still need to do, so I'll stay here for a while longer," Link replied. Riku didn't look very satisfied, but he accepted Link's answer anyway.

Once they arrived at Kiwi Meadow, the previously branded Digimon dropped them off and walked away. Link and WarGreymon followed them since they decided to stay here. They all used their digivices to go back to the human world. They left Link and WarGreymon behind. They made it back to the park without a hitch. Otoya was the first to see it.

"Hey! We're back!" Otoya exclaimed.

"Wow! Now THAT was some adventure we had!" Riku exclaimed with a smile.

"It was both fun and scary, but I loved it!" Aria said.

"Hey! Look!" Rena pointed to all the Digimon who, much to everyone's surprise (except for Yun and Aria), de-digivolved into their in-training forms.

Kokomon, Gummymon, Nyaromon, Tokomon, Bukamon, and Yokomon have certainly de-digivolved, but the rest of the in-training Digimon are those that most of the kids haven't seen before. One of them is a pint-sized Labramon with small magenta legs, long ears, a long curly tail, cream white skin, and a little piece of hair on his forehead. Another is a little Digimon resembling a tiny orange sun, with a big smiley face and a small yellow flame on his head. Another is a Digimon whose skin is purple, like lilacs, and resembles a drop of water hitting a pond. Another is a green seahorse like dragon with a curly white tail, a yellow belly, black Y-shaped horns with red tips, little green bat wings, and blue eyes. Another is a fluffy beige raccoon with white tipped ears, blue eyes, and a blue and white raccoon-like tail, and the final Digimon is a ball of orange and white fur with red eyes and a big black horn on its head.

"Oh! They all de-digivolved!" Kosuke exclaimed.

"I'm afraid...we don't know all your names. Care to tell us?" Aria asked politely.

"Sure! I'll go first! I'm Tsunomon, Bearmon's in-training form!" The horned Digimon, Tsunomon, exclaimed with a smile.

"I'm Sunmon! Coronamon's in-training form!" The sunny Digimon, Sunmon, exclaimed happily.

"I happen to be known as Moonmon, and I'm Lunamon's in-training form," The purple droplet-like Digimon, Moonmon, whispered timidly.

"My name is Xiaomon, and I'm Labramon's in-training form," The pint-sized Labramon, Xiaomon, said politely.

"I'm Bebydomon, Dracomon's in-training form! Can I have some steak, please?" The green seahorse, Bebydomon, exclaimed.

"And I'm Kyaromon! Kudamon's in-training form!" The little raccoon, Kyaromon, said.

"Awww! You're all so cute!" Yun cooed happily, awed by the many small Digimon.

Out of all of them, Moosemon is the only one who didn't de-digivolve.

"I think they de-digivolved because they ran out of energy," Minako said.

"Yer right! Nyan!" Nyaromon piped in with a smile as she hopped into Minako's arms.

"Ah! It is so great to be back home!" Lucero said.

"It's still daytime out!" Gummymon said.

"Does anyone know what time it is?" Yun asked.

Rena looked at her watch. "Wow! It's only 3:57!"

"WHAT!? No time passed!?" Kosuke asked.

"Nope. The Digital World's different from the real world," Aria told them innocently as if she knew more about the Digital World than any of them.

"I'm tired..." Moonmon said as she fell into Rena's arms. Rena smiled and cradled her in her arms.

"We'll go home now and you can get some well needed rest. I need it too. Good thing I don't have dance class today," Rena said.

Yun had Kokomon and Gummymon tucked safely in her arms as she saw Rena talking to Moonmon. "She's right. We should get home, or our parents might get worried. I know I need to study for Friday's math test!"

"You gonna study when you get home?" Gummymon asked.


"You're so very devoted," Kokomon told her cutely. Yun happily nudged them both with her face, making them giggle a bit.

"No way am I gonna fail this week's test!"

So, the kids parted ways and left for home safe and sound. But...unbeknownst to them...

A man leaned against a tree. He had witnessed them come out of the digital portal!


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