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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 25 (part five)

Part 5! (Durn I hate this new character limit...)

In the Digital World...

MoonMillenniummon sat in his inner sanctum, feeling rather impatient as of late.

"Goodness gracious! What in the world is taking Witchmon and Roachmon so long? Could the Digimon at Chloros Forest be tougher than we expected? I wonder if the Digimon at Noir Lake have helped them?" MoonMillenniummon mused to himself impatiently.

But he noticed a dark shadow appearing from one of the caves. Out came a rather dejected LadyDevimon and two BlackGatomon following her dutifully.

"Master..." LadyDevimon said in a wicked but sad-sounding voice.

"LadyDevimon. Where have you been? I've been worried sick about you!" MoonMillenniumon asked.

"At Noir Lake. I had business to do there, but...we bring ill tidings, Master," LadyDevimon kneeled before MoonMillenniummon and drooped her head in an abject manner, which stimulated MoonMillenniummon's curiosity.

"What ever is the matter?"

"It's...about Witchmon and Roachmon. The mission failed. They've...perished," LadyDevimon whispered despondently.

MoonMillenniumon, upon hearing the terrible news, became silent.

"Master. I was there. I saw it happen," LadyDevimon said.

"Why didn't you interfere and help them!?" MoonMillenniummon screamed.

"I didn't think I was needed!"

"Exactly...who killed them?"

"That's another thing that's bothering me. This...may be extremely hard to believe, but...THEY killed her."


"Yes. The ones we...y'know."

MoonMillenniummon was silent again. LadyDevimon took this as an indication that he didn't know who she was talking about.

"The ones we killed back then! They've returned, Master! With human partners! They killed Witchmon! I saw everything!"

What she got in response...was unexpected.


The whole inner sanctum roared and shook like there was an earthquake. Suddenly, a blue lightning bolt shot out of MoonMillenniumon's crystal and hit LadyDevimon, electrocuting her and sending her to the ground in a crumpled heap.

"LadyDevimon-sama!" The two BlackGatomon huddled over to her with worried looks on their faces. LadyDevimon sat herself up.

"As if hearing it from Witchmon and Roachmon wasn't bad enough!! Now you're catching their knack for ridiculous lies, LadyDevimon!! The ones WE killed!? Becoming stronger with human partners!? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard in weeks!!" MoonMillenniummon roared angrily.

"B-But Master! I saw everything! The ones we killed have returned!" LadyDevimon pleaded with her master, but he didn't seem to relent.

"You were there, weren't you!? We KILLED them with all the powers we had!!"

"Yes, I know! But...somehow they've revived and have come back! I can tell the difference between them and normal Digimon! The Gargomon had a black belt strap and gold Indian war paint as opposed to red paint! And the Gatomon's eyes were purple instead of blue! And the Angemon had silver hair and a light blue loin cloth!!"



"I've had enough of this! LadyDevimon, return to your duties at once!"

LadyDevimon, seeing as there was no way to convince her master without solid proof, finally relented and left.

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry..." She whispered and walked away with the two BlackGatomon walking behind her.

"Are you okay, mistress?" The first BlackGatomon asked with concern.

"Yes, I am. Thank you for helping me back there, my faithful friends," LadyDevimon said.

"LadyDevimon! You don't seriously think they've actually returned, have you?" The second BlackGatomon asked.

"I know what I saw! I wish I had solid proof, but I don't! In that case...I'm going to the human world!" LadyDevimon edicted.

"You can't be serious!" The second BlackGatomon exclaimed, surprised by this new development.

"I've seen Witchmon and Roachmon travel to the human world a dozen times before, so I have a good idea of how to do it. I might as well do it right now and prove to Master that they've come back! You'll help me, right?" LadyDevimon said.

"Yes. We'll always help you, mistress," The first BlackGatomon said.

The two BlackGatomon hopped into LadyDevimon's arms as she flew away from the inner sanctum, oblivious to the fact that a Gazimon just ran by.

'I'm so glad...that I have you two by my side. Nobody was ever there for me before, so you're both very precious to me,' LadyDevimon thought as she flew away.

Back in the center, MoonMillenniummon looked down at the ground with his eyes closed, silently mourning.

"Oh Witchmon...Roachmon...why did it have to be you two? First the DarkSuperStarmon, and now you two hooligans. What we had was special...I'm sorry, my children. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. Please...forgive me..." MoonMillenniummon whispered to himself dejectedly, sad that Witchmon and Roachmon are gone. He thought about the little Monitormon that Witchmon befriended. What was he going to tell the little thing?

Suddenly, he was pulled out of his reverie by a frightened and perturbed Gazimon.

"Master! Master!"

"What is it? Speak up!"

"A Digimon has requested an audience with you!"

"An audience? With me? Who is this Digimon?"

"Someone from a place called Witchelny!"

"Let him in!"

Gazimon got out of the way, and a big Digimon with an axe came in.

"Halt! Stop where you are!" MoonMillenniummon yelled.

The Digimon stopped and kneeled before MoonMillenniummon.

"I apologize for intruding and trespassing. I am MedievalDukemon, a Digimon from the world called Witchelny," The Digimon, MedievalDukemon, told him politely.

"Exactly how did you know of this place? Nobody outside my inner sanctum is supposed to know of its existence!" MoonMillenniummon said.

"I overheard one of your Gazimon underlings talking and made him take me here," MedievalDukemon confessed.

"He-He-He threatened to destroy me if I didn't tell him! Please forgive me, Master! I didn't mean to spill the beans!!" Gazimon importuned with tears coming out of his eyes.

"It's alright, Gazimon. I don't blame you. I believe it's time for you to return to your duties," MoonMillenniummon told him kindly and mercifully. Gazimon smiled from ear to ear.

"Oh! Thank you, Master! Thank you so much! I shall be forever indebted to you!" Gazimon exclaimed happily and ran off, leaving MedievalDukemon and MoonMillenniummon alone.

"Why have you come?" MoonMillenniummon asked solemnly.

"I've heard that you have taken in one of my citizens. A Witchmon, to be more precise," MedievalDukemon replied just as solemnly.

"Yes. I have. Why do you ask?"

"Well, she had been banished from Witchelny because the citizens accused her of destroying the ancient archives."

"I'm well aware of that. She told me."

"I suppose she has. Anyway, I've been investigating the incident on my own since then, and I found a strange piece of evidence. Some of the books had red lipstick marks on them, and there was a small bottle of lip stick laying at the scene, which I had not noticed before."

"The Witchmon you speak of never did care for wearing lipstick. That I know quite well."

"Indeed. I continued with my investigation, and I have come to the conclusion that the Witchmon you've taken in is most surely NOT the culprit behind the vandalism after all. It was the act of another Witchmon, who held a grudge against her after she beat her in a magic fight. She has been arrested."

"Hmmm. I see."

"Not only that, the archives have returned to their original state. I've tried to find her, but I've had no luck. The Gazimon told me that you have taken her in. I hope you don't mind, but I would like to request your permission to take her back to Witchelny with me."

"You wish to take her back?"

"Yes. I feel very guilty for passing judgment on her. I wanted to help her, but I didn't have the authority. If you would please be so kind, may you send for Witchmon and tell her that she's allowed to come back to Witchelny? I'd like her to know that her punishment has been lifted, and she is free to return home. Everyone is waiting for her."

MoonMillenniummon listened to MedievalDukemon's request intently and went into a pensive state. He ruminated. After a while, he looked at MedievalDukemon with a serious look in his orange and yellow eyes.

"I am sorry, MedievalDukemon, but you are too late. Witchmon is dead. Some Digimon at Chloros Forest killed her," MoonMillenniummon told him without a hint of hesitation or mercy.

MedievalDukemon stood up and walked a few steps back with shock. "What!? can that be!?"

"I just said! Some Digimon at Chloros Forest killed her, you twit! I would've loved to save her, but I'm stuck her and cannot move," MoonMillenniummon snapped angrily. MedievalDukemon drooped his head down dejectedly.

"What a pity...what a tragedy this is! If only I acted quick enough!" MedievalDukemon exclaimed sadly. But MoonMillenniummon didn't seem to buy it.

"It IS a pity, indeed. But it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Even if you had cleared her name, I wouldn't have given her back to you no matter what!" MoonMillenniummon replied rather forcefully.

"What!? But...she is one of my citizens!"

"Who you were so cruel as to abandon without any hint of remorse! That is why I took her in! She was suffering, and I ended it!"

"I didn't want to pass judgment on her, but I didn't have the authority to do otherwise!"

"You're a MedievalDukemon, for the love of Pete!! You CREATED Witchelny! You transcend time!!"

"That is one of my ancestors, mind you!"

"You didn't show her any mercy, you wicked thing! Your citizens didn't show her any mercy! Do you seriously expect me to believe that you were merciful towards an innocent soul like her yet had the audacity to banish her!?"

"The higher ups made me pass judgment on her! I was on HER side, but they weren't!"

"Oh, is THAT your pathetic excuse!? You know what, now I'm happy that she's dead, because she won't be going back to your pathetic world!"

MedievalDukemon became incensed. "How dare you say such a thing! You will pay!!"

MoonMillenniummon had other tricks up his sleeve. "Not if I can help it!! Crystalization!!"

A path of light blue crystals appeared from MoonMillenniummon and wrapped itself around MedievalDukemon's foot.

"What!? What is this!? What are you doing!?" MedievalDukemon pleaded. The crystals were now encasing his leg.

"As punishment for your cruelty towards one of my beloved children, you will spend the rest of eternity as nothing more than one of my decorations for my inner sanctum! You didn't show her any mercy, so I will show you none!" Now the crystals encased both of his legs.

"You...You don't understand!! Release me!!"

"I refuse! It is you who doesn't understand! You don't know what it's like to have been abandoned, betrayed, neglected, abused, and thrown away! You've probably got it easy with your position of authority! Well, it's time for you to suffer for all eternity! Goodbye!!"


With that final scream, MedievalDukemon became totally trapped in a crystal. Attached to the very top of the inner sanctum cave with all the other crystalized trespassers. Unable to move. Unable to speak. Unable to break free. Unable to attack, and unable to do anything. It was like he was frozen in ice. Nobody from Witchelny (or anywhere but the inner sanctum for that matter) would know of his fate.


1. Michael Jackson was a famous singer formerly known as the King of Pop. Thriller was his 6th album and it was the very first album to use a music video as a means of promotional publicity. Melody is referring to the music video, where it shows Michael Jackson turning into a werewolf at night and chasing his girlfriend.

2. The Bolsheviks were a communist group created by Vladimir Lenin which became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In the February Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks assassinated all members of the Imperial Family, the Romanovs.

3. Onpu is Melody's middle name. Do Japanese people have middle names?

4. Paul Gallico is a famous American writer who wrote books like The Snow Goose and The Poseidon Adventure, the latter which was adapted into a popular movie in 1972.


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