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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 26 (part one)

Chapter 26 part 1.

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 26
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 26: Digimon Games

What an exhausing and harrowing day it had been for the Digimon Brigade! That adventure in the Digital World surely opened their eyes. From then on, they knew that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was going to be the same. Once they got to the park, they went home. Yun, Lucero, Kokomon, and Gummymon were the only ones who stayed behind because Yun had to call her parents, ask them to pick them up, and tell them the good news. Yes, they knew of Lucero's absence. Yun had told them the truth, that Roachmon kidnapped him and took him to the Digital World. At first, they didn't quite believe it to be true (Yun had expected as such), but as the day went on, they realized that the Digital World DOES exist, that Lopmon and Terriermon come from there, and that there are disadvantages to having a Digimon partner. They also opposed of Yun going to a new and totally foreign place, but Yun managed to reassure them that everything would be fine, since Yun would be accompanied by her friends and their Digimon. Once the car pulled up to pick them up, they were finally convinced that everything IS alright. Parents worry about their kids, and they wouldn't just allow their kids to go to a Digital World and let them fight dangerous Digimon. Who would? Although their initial worries had vanished, Hisako noticed the band-aid on Yun's cheek.

"Yun! What happened to your face?" Hisako asked with worry in both her face and voice.

"I kinda ran into a tree branch by accident. Sorry!" This was what Yun had told her. Hisako and Teruki didn't say anything more, but, as parents, they could tell that it was a lie. Did Yun get attacked by a Digimon, or did she unknowingly scratch herself too hard? Yun had a slight tendency to do that.

Yun knew that her parents could see right through it. She felt bad about lying to her parents about the scratch on her face, and she didn't want to, either. But if they found out that Hokuto was the one who did it, they'd probably forbid them from ever being friends or having contact anymore. Yun didn't want that to happen. She fervently believed that what Hokuto did was against his own will and that he didn't want to become the thing he turned into. Besides, the scratch will heal soon. Not only that, Yun couldn't wait to go home, relax, play with Lucero, Kokomon, and Gummymon, have dinner, watch anime, read manga, and play video games. Although she could do the first four activities, the latter three she has to postpone and limit because she has the math test on Friday and she needs to study. She had done plenty of studying in Chloros Forest, despite the noise and the commotion of the Digimon (which she tolerated), but Yun didn't want to put it off just because an important mission was fulfilled. But right now, she's just happy to be reunited with Lucero and happy to be home. As dinner was being prepared, Yun, Lucero, Kokomon, and Gummymon sat in Lucero's room. He had changed out of his old clothes earlier and is now wearing a fresh, clean, sleeveless black shirt and a clean pair of beige shorts. Gummymon was on his left shoulder while Kokomon sat contentedly and tenderly in Yun's warm, loving arms.

"So what was it like? What happened while you were alone?" Yun asked.

"It was absolutely horrid! I was chased by some noisome Digimon named Numemon! They accused me of stealing their stock and chased me!" Lucero exclaimed.

"Ugh, Numemon. I know what they're like. They're gross...but NOT as gross as Geremon! They're even worse!" Gummymon piped in.

"It's true. Geremon are much more volatile than Numemon," Kokomon said gently.

"What else happened?" Yun asked.

"I ran into Hokuto-dono as I lost sight of them. Later, we were attacked by a Tekkamon and Link-dono saved us. We stayed with him the entire time until we found thee again," Lucero explained.

"Nice! I'm glad you're safe," Yun said with a smile as she clasped her little hands together.

"We were so very worried about you, Lucero!" Kokomon said.

"I'm well aware of that. I thanketh thee for thy concern," Lucero said that not just to Kokomon, but to Yun and possibly everyone else who went to search for him. But Lucero looked Yun in the eyes solemnly, with something on his mind.

"Something is on thy mind, isn't it? I can tell," Lucero said.

Yun couldn't deny it.

"Yeah. It's about...Hokuto-kun," Yun muttered. Vividly, she remembered Hokuto's drastic and unprecedented transformation and his violent, merciless, and wild animal-like behavior. It scared Lucero and everyone else just as much.

"I'm not one who likes to pry, but I feel so sorry for Hokuto-san. How can his own father use him as a guinea pig for illegal and dangerous science experiments? It's so cruel! I didn't think human parents were capable of treating their own children so insidiously!" Kokomon said, remembering the horrifying things she and everyone else learned about Hokuto through Link. "But I wonder what happened that made Hokuto-san act like that?"

"Me too. Link-san doesn't know himself, and it doesn't look like Hokuto-kun wants to talk about it either," Yun said.

"He must really be traumatized!" Kokomon muttered.

"Could be. He went totally insane! I can't believe he managed to defeat a 10 times larger than normal Witchmon and beat her with her big broom!" Gummymon piped in.

"Thou doth not mean that as a compliment, right?" Lucero asked. Gummymon didn't respond, probably because they could guess what his initial response would be. A compliment, yes. Kokomon shot a look at him, but he didn't notice. Lucero, however, decided to speak up.

"Yun...Hokuto-dono and I have traveled together as thou were searching for me. He...he confessed something to me. He said...that he separated from the Digimon Brigade on purpose," Lucero said.

"I remember you saying that. Did he say why?" Yun asked.

"Yes," Lucero replied quietly, feeling a little dejected upon remembering that memory. "He said it was because, according to him, he's not human."

"He doesn't think he's human?" Gummymon asked.

"Sadly, yes. I've tried telling him otherwise, but he didn't listen. I think his transformation might be why. I believe he knows that there's a feral beast inside of him and that he fears he'll hurt someone," Lucero replied.

Yun looked back at him with a serious expression.

"You're right. He broke down when he saw us at the longhouse. But...I don't believe he's a monster! Not at all! He probably didn't want what he got. I think what his real dad did to him might be part of it, but it doesn't change the fact that Hokuto-kun's a member of the Digimon Brigade, and my friend, and a human being!" Yun edicted quietly at first, then loudly and proudly.

Lucero, Kokomon, and Gummymon all smiled.

"I'm proud of thee for thy unrelenting faith in him. I'm undoubtedly sure that he may very well need thee in his life," Lucero said.

"What a great friend you are, Yun!" Kokomon said with a sweet smile.

"Yeah! I'm with you there!" Gummymon said with a bigger smile than Kokomon's, but it made Yun smile too.

"Oh! Yun! Doth thou have thy white stone?" Lucero asked.

At first, Yun cocked her head to one side, confused as to what he meant by the white stone, but she understood in a few seconds. "Ah! My D-Heart? Oh! It's in my pocket here!"

Yun got her D-Heart out and showed it to them once more. All four of them looked down at the small, white, egg-shaped crystal with the peculiar-looking circle symbol on it.

"Wow! It's beautiful!" Kokomon beamed.

"Pretty!" Gummymon exclaimed with a smile.

"Sublime! Such a jewel must have been touched by angels!" Lucero said, which made Yun smile.

"I guess this is the equivalent of my crest then. The D-Heart of Harmony," Yun said.

"I wonder what harmony means?" Gummymon asked curiously.

"Harmony is mostly defined as consistency, symmetry, and sameness," Lucero explained.

"Right! Yun is always keeping her things in a certain order, so they're in perfect harmony!" Kokomon beamed happily.

"Objects I can organize and keep together just fine," Yun said with a smile, but then her sweet smile faded. "But...people? Not so much."

Yun remembered a day back in 4th grade, where she was made the leader of a group project among some classmates, none of whom were her friends. Yun had struggled to keep everyone in order and make them do their assigned duties, but they didn't listen, ignored her, and did nothing but talk amongst themselves and play games, none of which had anything to do with the assignment at hand. Basically, they made Yun do all the work while they slacked off. Yun at first tried to be a leader and make them do their duties, but later on, she became angry and yelled at them, which made them even more inclined to take advantage of her. Sadly enough, they all got merciless scoldings and a bad grade from the teacher, despite Yun's efforts, and the teacher actually expected Yun to be good at being a leader and yelled at her for not being like her classmates. Ever since then, Yun developed a complex about becoming a leader and keeping everyone in order, mostly because she felt she lacked a lot of things. One of them was the ability to give proper instructions. She still took speech lessons back then and often didn't find the right words when she wanted to say something, which often gave people the impression that she was either beating around the bush or saying a bunch of baby dribble that nobody understood. Yun absolutely hates being misunderstood (and still does to this day). Another was the ability to influence people into listening to her. Yun often has great ideas for projects and assignments, but most kids would either ignore them, scoff at them, or just laugh at them without giving them a second thought. Of course, everyone's ideas and opinions are different, and people should be open to all opinions and ideas. But hardly anyone ever gave Yun's opinions a second thought and just pushed them all away and went with whatever they themselves came up with.

The painful memory faded when Yun noticed that one of the straps on Lucero's shirt fell over his arm, exposing his right shoulder and part of his chest. Between his shoulder and chest are some small stitches. Right then, Yun remembered the fateful day in which she met Lucero, when she found him limping and bleeding in front of the Wawa and stopped to help him when nobody else would. Vividly, she remembered the pained look in his face and sky blue eyes, the seriousness of his injury, how emaciated and forlorn he looked, his pained voice, the quiet way in which he entreated her for her name, and the way he usurped his bleeding shoulder. Yun, noticing the stitches, finally decided to broach about something.

"Lucero? Don't you have surgery tomorrow morning?" Yun asked.

Lucero, noticing the stitches himself, saw what she meant. "Y-Yes, I am." He put a hand on the area. "But...I must confess, I'm rather scared."

"Scared? Of what?" Kokomon asked.

"The surgery. Isn't it true that they'll cut part of me with a knife and do things to the inside of my body? It would be most painful, wouldn't it?" Lucero explained, feeling rather frightened.

"Oh. You don't have to worry about that. You'll be asleep as they do it," Yun told him kindly.

"B-But...won't I still feel it?"

"Nope! The doctors put you on this stuff called...uhh...I think it was called anesthesia? Yeah! That's it. They give it to you through some kind of oxygen mask and it makes you fall asleep and not feel anything. Absolutely nothing."

"Is...that so?"


"How do you know?" Gummymon asked.

"Because I had oral surgery back in early February. I had a really bad cavity that needed to be taken care of. They filled in my tooth! Want to see?" Yun explained.

"Oh! Oh! I wanna see! Show me!" Gummymon implored happily.

"Gummymon! Why would you want to see inside someone's mouth?" Kokomon reproved her rather rash brother gently.

"It's okay. Look!" Yun opened her mouth wide. Gummymon, Lucero, and Kokomon (reluctantly) looked at the area where Yun's tooth got filled. They were surprised.


"See?" The three backed away once Yun began talking. "The best thing? I didn't feel a thing! That was because of that anesthesia stuff. I even thought the surgery took only 5 seconds! But only a couple of hours passed. So it's okay, Lucero! You won't feel anything so you'll be fine!" Yun edicted. Lucero sighed and felt a bit more relaxed and reassured.

"I see. I thanketh thee, Yun," Lucero said with a smile.

"Oh! That reminds me! You can't eat breakfast tomorrow morning."

"I cannot? Why?"

"Dad says that if you eat before surgery and they put you on the anesthesia, it makes you throw up. That hasn't happened to me, but I remember the doctor telling me not to eat before the surgery. They'll probably tell you that too. Oh! After you wake up from surgery, you're still a little numb and woozy, so you gotta rest a bit more after it's done," Yun explained again.

"I see," Lucero said.

"Whaaaat!? You can't have breakfast!? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You can't get through the day without a nice warm breakfast! Like bananas or buttered toast or yogurt or pancakes!" Gummymon exclaimed, shocked by Yun's articulate explanation.

"You're most certainly right about that, Gummymon, but what Yun says is true as well. If you eat and go under the anesthesia, you might throw up. You wouldn't want that happening, now would you?" Kokomon piped in.

"Yeah. That's true," Gummymon said. Lucero and Yun giggled once they saw Gummymon go into introspective mode.

Soon, dinner was prepared and they ate to their heart's content. After dinner, Yun decided to find some string for her D-Heart. She thought about it and decided to wear it as a necklace, even though Yun was never really keen on wearing jewelry. But the problem was to find the string and make it so that Yun can put it on and take it off as much as she wants without difficulty. Often, silver necklace chains have the lock on them that's hard to open with small fingernails. Thankfully, Hisako discarded a soft string with two small silver magnets on each end, clipping together when they came close. Yun decided to use it. Even better, the magnets fit right through the hole in the D-Heart without getting caught. Yun put it on without difficulty and was satisfied with how it looked. Even Lucero, Kokomon, and Gummymon noticed.

"Wow! It looks wonderful on thee!" Lucero said.

"Thanks," Yun replied.

"I suppose you're going to wear it a lot?" Kokomon asked.

"Yep! The string isn't all scratchy so I think I can handle wearing something like this," Yun replied.

"It's pretty!" Gummymon said.

Soon, the kids and Digimon got through the rest of the day and went to bed. As usual, Kokomon and Gummymon slept with Yun in her bed, and Yun absolutely loved feeling them as she slept. Somehow, for her, it was easier to sleep if they were around. Plus, she was REALLY tired from her adventure in the Digital World earlier, so falling asleep was a piece of cake for her. The night seemed short, and Yun woke up feeling quite refreshed. But Teruki and Lucero had to leave the house before breakfast since Lucero's surgery begins at 7:30 AM. Oddly enough, Kokomon and Gummymon volunteered to go with them. Yun agreed and let them accompany Teruki and Lucero to the hospital. Yun ate breakfast, played on the computer, listened to some music, and got herself ready for school. For precautionary reasons, she kept the band-aid on her face. It stopped hurting, but Yun still wanted to be careful. Hisako dropped her off and Yun happily bounced onto the blacktop. But the first person she saw was nobody she expected.


There was Hokuto, standing before the blacktop nervously, wearing nothing but a yellow shirt with black horizontal stripes, short sleeves, and a folded white collar, dark blue jean shorts, and black and white sneakers. Yun leaped on him and hugged him, which surprised Hokuto.

"Yun? Uhh...good morning," Hokuto murmured. Right then, the rest of the Digimon Brigade kids (excluding Aria, Isao, and Shunji since they're in different grade levels, Shunji especially since he goes to a high school) appeared.

"Today's your first day here, isn't it? Do you have your schedule?" Yun asked.

"Yes," Hokuto pulled out his schedule and showed it to Yun. It read:

1st Period: Homeroom. Teacher: Sakaki Sennosuke.
2nd Period: Art. Teacher: Nozaki Ami.
3rd Period: Science. Teacher: Manabe Nobuaki.
4th Period: Health. Teacher: Kanazawa Kaname.
5th Period: Lunch.
6th Period: Recess.
7th Period: English. Teacher: Oginome Momoko.
8th Period: Gym. Teacher: Kadota Hisashi.
9th Period: Math. Teacher: Takahashi Yuzu.

Most of the kids, including Yun, beamed.

"Hey! You have the same art, English, and gym classes as me!" Yun exclaimed happily.

"Hm. We share a math class," Melody muttered quietly.

"Cool! You have our health class too!" Otoya and Rena both said in unison.

"But you don't have the same homeroom as us. That's no good," Riku said.

Hokuto didn't say anything.

"So are we gonna have a Digimon Brigade meeting later today?" Otoya asked.

"I've been thinking a lot lately, and I think maybe we will hold one today...if that's okay with everyone, that is," Yun said.

"Can it be at four? I've got stuff to do after school," Kosuke said.

"Yeah. Mom's being a pest and is making us help around the house after school," Riku said.

"Okay! Four o'clock it is!" Yun exclaimed happily.

"Hey. Where's Lucero?" Minako asked.

"He's at the hospital. He's getting his stitches removed this morning," Yun explained.

"Really? I didn't know. Well, I hope he gets better soon," Otoya said.

Hokuto felt a little anxious upon being stuck in the crowd of kids, even though he's well acquainted with them. Melody saw his anxiety and gently put a hand on his shoulder.

"It'll be fine. There are some pests here, but you share a lot of our classes, so we'll help you out whenever you need it," Melody told him gently, though with her usual straight look. Hokuto couldn't help but smile a bit, feeling a little reassured. At first, he was rather afraid of being around Melody. With her wild red bangs, raven black hair, grim black attire, and feral brown eyes, he thought she'd be rather dangerous. But time went on and he saw that she really is a nice person, especially when she's around Yun. He noticed that she's wearing her red D-Heart of Forgiveness around her neck as a necklace, hanging from a thin black string.

It's true. Melody has always been sweet to Yun, whereas she always acts sour toward everyone else (the kids in the Digimon Brigade are a small exception). Melody didn't think that Yun could handle being in the Digital World and was quite surprised when she tried to subdue the feral Hokuto, even after he cruelly (albeit unintentionally) scratched her face. She still went after him and called him his friend. Melody wished she was as accepting as Yun was, though she accepted whatever Yun liked and disliked and had absolutely no problem with it. But as the kids talked happily amongst themselves, a certain unwelcome party crasher began walking towards them with a smarmy and wicked smirk on his face. Nemoto Nenji. It had been a while since he last bullied Yun, but the look on his face meant serious business. Melody saw right away that he was intent on picking on Yun again. She also couldn't help but notice that he might have put on weight, considering how big, bulky, and plump his arms and legs are. His body is no different. Some of the pimple blemishes on his face disappeared, but his wicked face sure didn't. His black shorts hung below his rear end, only covered by his big green and white basketball jersey, and his white basketball shoes are MUCH too big for him. Melody kept an eye on him as he walked, and once he got close enough...



She kicked Nenji right in the stomach, so hard, in fact, that he walked back a few steps and clutched his stomach. A blazing red flame burned in Melody's brown eyes once she landed safely on the ground with her tall brown boots.

"Ack! Nemoto!" Otoya yelped.

"Hey! What'd you do 'dat for, yo!?" Nenji yelled in his usual vernacular speech, which reminded everyone of Roachmon. Maybe Roachmon should've been his partner.

"Don't try to weasel your way out of this one! It's obvious you were planning on assaulting Yun again, you big fat pig!!" Melody yelled.

That last line made Nenji choleric.

"What'd you call me!?"

"What's the matter, pig!? You too lazy to step up!? Probably because you're so fat! You probably stuffed your porky little face with all kinds of junk! Are french fries and double pound hamburgers among them?"

"Oooooh!" Some kids who were watching, excluding those from the Digimon Brigade, exclaimed with shock.

Nenji was about to fly at her with a punch, but the bell rang in the nick of time.


Saved by the bell, exactly. Right then and there, Melody grabbed Yun by the arm and took her into the school building. Everyone else followed diligently. Thank goodness. The kids prepared to get through the school day.

Unbeknownst to them, however, the Digimon had some plans of their own, and they were going to set them in motion today.


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