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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 28 (part three)

Part 3!

Around the same time, Yun was preparing to go to Aria's house. She packed some DVDs, manga, and games into a black and red Jekyll and Hyde bag that Teruki got her last year. She made sure to keep her digivice and white D-Heart on her person in case there's trouble. Lopmon, Terriermon, and Lucero all couldn't help but notice Yun's happiness. Yesterday, Aria had called her house and asked her to come over after rehearsals. At first, Yun was taken aback by the call because it was on such short notice. But she had wanted to go to Aria's house despite the math test coming up, so she asked Hisako for permission. Much to her surprise, Hisako agreed to take her and Yun was as jubilant and happy as she was when she got her Digimon. Yun studied hard, so she thought a little break wouldn't hurt. Otoya kept telling her to relax, so she might as well do so. Yun flung her Jekyll and Hyde bag over her shoulder, with Lopmon and Terriermon tucked safely in it. Lucero approached Yun with a concerned look on his white face.

"Art thou sure thou art going to be alright? Doth Aria-dono's parents know of thy plans with her?" Lucero asked.

"Mom says she's gonna stick around for a bit and talk to Aria-chan's parents before leaving me there so I don't see any problem. Besides, I'm bringing Lopmon and Terriermon with me in case there's trouble," Yun told him.

"Not only that, Aria-chan has MarineAngemon, and she's really strong now that the curse is off of her, so no need to worry!" Terriermon exclaimed happily.

"That may be true, but we shouldn't be too cocky or over confident if there's trouble. But I do confess I am looking forward to playing with Aria and MarineAngemon," Lopmon said solemnly at the first sentence, and the second one with a smile. Hisako came into the room and put a hand on Lucero's shoulder.

"There's no need to worry, Lucero. Everything will be fine. Speaking of, Yun, do you have your cell phone on you?" Hisako told him reassuringly, then asked Yun if she has her cell phone.

"Yep! In here!" Yun replied, tapping the front of her bag, showing a red pocket with her phone in it (though she can also use her digivice as a phone. She just hasn't gotten around to using it yet).

"Good. If there's any trouble, let me know and I'll come right away, okay?" Hisako advised. Yun nodded.

"We'll protect her!" Terriermon said as he raised one of his paws.

After a few more minutes, Hisako drove Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon out of the Wakamiya house and towards the Yukino house. Yun recognized the house right away because she made sure she had the paper with Aria's home address on it on her person. Yun knocked on the door and was greeted by Aria's stepmother, Mariya.

"Oh? Why hello! You must be Yun-chan! Come on in, dear. Aria talks about you constantly!" Mariya greeted her with a warm smile as she escorted Yun and Hisako into the living room.

"She does? Umm...thanks! I-I-I'm Wa-Wa-Wakamiya Y-Y-Yun. meet you!" Yun stammered shyly. But her shyness dissipated when Aria came running in happily.

"Yun-chan! You're here!" Aria leaped onto Yun and gave her a nice big hug, which made Yun feel warm inside. Yun couldn't help but think that Aria looked cute in a bright orange dress with some pink, yellow, and light purple flower embroidery on the hemline, white shoes and pink socks. Yun also noticed that Aria is wearing her pink D-Heart of mercy around her neck as a necklace. But she gasped softly upon seeing the large white bandage on the side of her head. That sure didn't look good. Hisako noticed too, but she kept quiet about it since it would be rude to point out something like that when other people are here. Aria soon released Yun as she let her sit at the dining room table. Orie had shown up, though she didn't say anything.

"Yun-chan! This is my big sister, Orie!" Aria exclaimed happily, introducing her sister to Yun.

"He-He-Hello..." Yun stammered again.

"Aria-chan? Why don't you show Yun-chan those cute accessories you made?" Mariya suggested with a smile.

"'Kay! Yun-chan! Come see!" Aria gently took Yun by the arm and led her into her room. Orie followed, leaving Mariya and Hisako alone in the living room. They talked about lots of things as Aria showed Yun some accessories she made. Mostly cheap ones made with beads and some colorful string. Aria then pulled Yun's hand out and put one in it. Yun was surprised to see a small beaded bracelet with a big light purple bead with a painted picture of a pink and yellow butterfly on it. Lopmon and Terriermon, becoming curious, decided to look.

"Oh! How cute! It's a butterfly bracelet!" Lopmon crooned sweetly with a smile.

"Wow! Cool! Did you really make these, Aria-chan?" Terriermon asked.

"Yep! Mama and I went shopping together a lot, and I love making stuff like this so I have a lot of them," Aria said with a smile, then she looked up at Yun. "That butterfly one? It's a present for you, Yun-chan. I made it myself!"

Yun put the bracelet on, feeling touched by Aria's kindness. "It's cute. I love it. Thank you."

"You're welcome!" Aria said.

"Aria-chan's really good at making those little accessories! She says she wants to own a toy store when she's older!" MarineAngemon said.

"A toy store? Awesome!" Terriermon said.

"I mostly want to make these and stuffed animals," Aria said.

"You want to make stuffed animals?" Yun asked curiously.

"Yep! Mama made them, so I wanna learn how to sew and make them too! Oh! Wanna see my favorite?" Aria asked, but didn't give Yun time to answer because she stood up, ran to a small toy box next to her bed, and pulled something out.

Everyone looked at it with deep curiosity in their eyes. In Aria's hand is a very tiny doll, the size of Aria's small hand, in the form of a little fairy with apricot skin, blushing rosy red cheeks, tiny black button eyes, a tiny pink dress, and four small, round, light blue wings.

"Awwww! It's so cute!" Both Yun and Lopmon cooed sweetly.

"Mama made it for me for my 5th birthday. It's my favorite. I sleep with it every night," Aria said. But as she mentioned her mother, she began to look rather despondent. Yun and the Digimon could tell.

"You okay, Aria-chan?" MarineAngemon asked with concern.

"You miss your mother, don't you?" Yun asked. Aria nodded slowly. Smiling a little, Yun put a hand on her shoulder.

"I know how you feel. I lost someone dear to me before Lopmon, Terriermon, and Lucero came into my life. My pet cat, Clarette. She got really sick, and the doctors couldn't save her. But I'm sure your mom and my cat are happy in heaven, watching over us and protecting us," Yun told her softly.

Suddenly, Aria's head perked up, but not in the way Yun expected, especially because of what came out of Aria's mouth right then. "Heaven? Papa says there is no Heaven and that I can't ever say that Mama is there."

"Huh? You can't? Why?" Terriermon asked.

"Papa says Heaven is just a dumb fairy tale and that Mama is dead. Dead dead dead. Dead and never coming back. Ever. She won't ever come back no matter how much I wish and cry and call for her. I can't talk about her either," Aria said.

"That's...a little harsh, isn't it?" Yun asked.

"I agree. Aria's dad is very strict," MarineAngemon told them, though in the back of her mind, she really wished that weren't the case. She couldn't help but relive the terrible memory of seeing Aria get hit with the coffee mug. She wanted to tell Yun about it, but she felt this wasn't the right time.

Yun shared MarineAngemon's suspicions. From the way Aria is describing her father, Yun speculated that he's probably one of those really strict types of people who focus solely on reality, not fiction. The cold and harsh parts of reality at that. Yun remembered the day she first met Aria. Aria looked very pain when she kept saying that her mother is dead and never coming back, instead of in heaven where she's in a better place. She couldn't help but hatch a thought in her head, but as of right now, she didn't want to make this discussion more somber than it already is. She got out her bag and pulled out an anime DVD. Jewelpet(2), it was.

"So! Enough of all this sad talk! Wanna watch an anime with me?" Yun asked.

"Oh! I love Jewelpet! Sure! I'd love to!" Aria said.

Hisako had left right then after she told Mariya about some things about Yun, which Mariya took rather well. The DVD player was in the living room, and they decided to play the DVD. Mariya offered Yun some tea, to which Yun declined because she doesn't drink any tea except the tea you find in ShopRite. She did, however, eat some fresh baked cookies that Mariya had cooked the night before. Yun loved how soft and chewey they were, and so did Aria and the Digimon (who kept quiet when Mariya wasn't around). They played in the back yard, read books together (Yun mostly read to Aria because she can't read the big books that Yun reads), watched anime together, and just talked about things. Orie participated too. Yun was surprised to learn that she also knew about the Digimon being real and that she didn't have a problem with it, but once Yun got used to Orie's presence with the Digimon, she realized that Orie is trustworthy after all. But there was something else about Orie that Yun noticed. Yun couldn't help but see that she didn't look like she was at ease. Orie always looked a tad nervous, like she was expecting something bad to happen.

She found out what it was about an hour and a half after she arrived.

Aria had to talk to Mariya about something, leaving Yun and Orie alone in one of the bedrooms as Lopmon, Terriermon, and MarineAngemon happily and merrily played and frolicked in the back yard. Orie spoke first.

"Hey. I'm not being rude or anything, but it's a little weird that a 6th grader would want to be friends with a 2nd grader," Orie told her.

"Uhh...yeah, I..." Yun stammered, a little taken aback by Orie's straightforward attitude when asking that question. "Yeah, I do kind of agree with you, but it just sort of happened. I was taking a stroll in the park and I just ran into her. We talked and...we just sort of bonded. Sorry if it seems kinda weird to you. To be honest, I'm not one who's very fond of little kids. I hate it when they cry and scream and stuff. But Aria-chan's nice so she' exception."

Yun couldn't help but think that Orie didn't approve of her friendship with Aria. But that turned out to not be the case.

"She talks about you every single day. Yun-chan this and Yun-chan that. You're all she talks about."

"Is...that bad?"

"No. I think it's great. She's got something to be happy about, and yeah, I don't mind the Digimon. I won't tell anyone, I promise."

"Okay. Do you like Lopmon and Terriermon? They're my best friends! I love them very much!"

"They're cute. Wish I had one."

"Well...who knows. Maybe you'll get a Digimon someday."

This is where Orie changed the subject, and the subject now...didn't sound too good.

"You...shouldn't be here."


"Don't get me wrong. I'm happy Aria's friends with you. But...just so you know in advance, our dad...he might not think so. Ever since Mom died, Dad's gone wacko. He'll freak out over the littlest things. He might not allow us to invite our friends over here or go over to their houses. It sucks."

"Is he...mean?"

"Mean? That doesn't even begin to describe him!"

"How about...volatile?"


"It's a big word for cruel and dangerous and violent."

"Sure. That'll work."

"Does he--?"

Yun wanted to ask Orie another question, but she didn't get to because Aria came back. The Digimon did too. They had a fun time playing in Aria's backyard.

"Yun! Did you know? Aria's back yard has some crocuses blooming by the tree! They're simply lovely!" Lopmon cried out with a smile as she leaped into Yun's arms happily.

"MarineAngemon and I played rock paper scissors! She lost because she has no fingers!" Terriermon said just as happily.

"Hey! So what if I have no fingers?" MarineAngemon retorted, becoming a little embarrassed by the fact that she only has stubby little pink protrusions for arms instead of real hands and fingers.

Later, they went into the living room. Orie too. Mariya decided to talk to Yun.

"So, Yun-chan, I hear you're in the 6th grade. What school do you go to?" Mariya asked politely.

"Oh, I...I go to Fushimi Middle School. I went to Katsura School from 2nd to 4th grade," Yun replied.

"Do you like it there?"

"Uhh...not exactly. Some kids I know are kinda mean, and I've got this huge math test tomorrow so I've been studying over the past week."

"You must be a good student!"

"I try to be, but I don't think it does me any good."

"You say that now, but wait until you get older. You never know when those smarts of yours may take you somewhere wonderful!"

Yun smiled, not because Mariya was praising her, but because she was glad that Aria's stepmother isn't a mean person, like Cinderella's wicked stepmother. Mariya wanted to talk with Yun some more, but...she didn't get to do so.

Because of Aria's dad walking in.

Everyone turned to look when they saw him walk in. Yun was quite surprised. Aria's father is a tall, lean, bulky looking man who looks to be in his mid-50's, with jet black hair pushed backward and sharp, fierce-looking brown eyes. Yun didn't quite make eye contact with him, but she could tell that the look in his face, and eyes, wasn't the kind of look that Aria's brown eyes displayed. Aria's eyes are sweet, gentle, and innocent while the man's...looked very fierce, like a tiger about to leap on it's prey and eat it. His face is literally overloaded with wrinkles, he has a small but thick black mustache under his isoceles triangle nose, he has side burns on both sides of his face, and thick, black eyebrows hung over his eyes like bangs, only Aria's dad didn't have bangs hanging over his forehead. Yun clung to her Jekyll and Hyde bag, Lopmon, and Terriermon tightly. Orie facepalmed in a very blatant 'Oh darn!' fashion. Yun knew right away that this was not going to be pretty. Mariya stood up.

"Oh! Ki-Kinzo! Welcome back! You're home early," Mariya said, trying to put on a smile, but even Aria's dad, Kinzo, could tell that the smile was forced. He looked right at Yun, and she felt a cold shiver run up her spine like a slithery snake.

"Who are you?" Kinzo asked. Yun was about to answer, albeit with trepidation, but Aria diverted his attention toward her.

"Papa! This is my friend Yun-chan! I bro--"

"Quiet! I didn't ask you! I'm asking her!" Kinzo snapped angrily, then turned to look back at Yun, who was becoming quite scared. He's looking at her with blatant scorn and contempt, Yun didn't know how to respond. Ironically enough, Yun's silence only irritated Kinzo more.

"Answer me! If I ask you a question, it is your duty to answer me! Now do it!" Kinzo yelled.

"I-I-I-I'm...Yun," Yun stammered fearfully and shyly, clinging to both Terriermon and Lopmon, who are also becoming both worried and scared.

"Why are you here?" He asked in a booming voice.

"Uhh..." Yun felt her voice box close up. If she told him that Aria brought her here to play, who knows how he'll react! What would he do if she told? Would he beat her or Aria to a pulp? Yun felt as though she were about to have a big anxiety attack (those happen to be very common). Kinzo was about to yell until Orie spoke up.

"I brought her here!" Orie exclaimed. Kinzo turned to look at her.

"I didn't ask you! I'm asking her!"

"Yeah, well that's the truth! I brought her here! She's my friend from school! I thought it'd be nice to have her here for a little while. We were just hanging out!"

Yun suddenly felt some of the fear seep out of her, surprised by what she's hearing and witnessing. Is Orie covering for her and Aria? She couldn't believe it. Even Aria couldn't believe it.

"Is this true?" Kinzo asked.

"Sure is!" Orie replied.

He didn't look satisfied. He turned back to Yun.

"You have no right to be here. Get out."


"I said get out!"

"Wha...what did I do!?" Yun yelped.

"You came here, that's what! Now leave! You are not needed here, you whelp!" Kinzo yelled.

"Kinzo!! You should know better than to tell a guest such mean things!" Mariya yelled, very appalled by Kinzo's behavior.

"You should know better than to allow outsiders into our home, Mariya!" Kinzo screamed back.

Strangely enough, Yun didn't budge. She felt scared, but she was looking forward to playing with Aria, and she didn't want to have her play date cut short. She looked right up at Kinzo with anger in her face.

"Sir! All I'm doing is hanging out with my friend! Is that so wrong? Friends hang out together and do things together! What's wrong with wanting to play with someone?" Yun snapped, which made Kinzo furious. He grabbed her by the arm and attempted to drag her out of the house. Mariya tried to stop him.

"Kinzo! Stop! That's enough! You can't do this!" Mariya importuned, trying to help, but he pushed her away and kicked Yun out of the house.

"Return to your home immediately! You are never to come back here ever again, you filthy wretch!!" Kinzo yelled and...SLAM! He slammed the door shut, frightening Yun and hurting her sensitive ears.

"I don't like him!" Terriermon shouted.

"You're telling me!" Yun replied.

"He called you a whelp and a filthy wretch! How could he be so volatile!? This is outrageous!!" Lopmon cried out.

"I know. Orie-chan is right! He IS wacko!" Yun said. She gently put Lopmon and Terriermon down so she can get her cell phone and call Hisako, but...a very startling thing stopped her from doing so.

The sound of yelling. Coming right from Aria's house.

"You stupid little brats!! I specifically told you never to invite any person to our house, nor are you to go to theirs!! I never dreamed of such audacity!! You've disobeyed me!!" Kinzo screamed so loud Yun could hear him outside.

"So what!? We just invited her here to hang out! It's not like she's some burglar or robber or anything!!" Orie yelled.

"Nonetheless, NOBODY is allowed in here but us! NOBODY!! You should've gotten that by now, you wretches!! Mariya! I'm disappointed in you! I can't believe you even allowed this strange person to come inside our house!" Kinzo first yelled at Orie, then at Mariya.

"We allowed her to come in because we invited her here! She's a nice little girl! Why did you have to yell at her and put her on the spot like that!? She didn't do anything wrong, Kinzo!" Mariya yelled, trying to reason with him. But it didn't work.

"Who are you to disobey me!? I'm your husband and you're supposed to do what I tell you! When I--huh?" Kinzo was about to do something to Mariya when he noticed Yun still standing outside the door. Choleric, he burst out and approached Yun, who has her cell phone in her hand.

"Why are you still on our property!? I told you to leave!!"

"Give me a minute, will you? I'm gonna call my mom and ask her to pick me up!"

"Your parents didn't teach you to walk home from school!? Disgraceful!! You're, what? Eleven? You're old enough to walk home on your own!"

"But what if some guy came out and kidnapped me!? Hold on a sec! Let me call my mom and have her pick me up!"

Vehemently, Kinzo pushed Yun and made her fall to the ground.

"Leave this property right now or I'm calling the police! You shouldn't be burdening your parents and having them do as you tell them!"

"We always do this!! Stop yelling, will you!?" Yun covered her ears at this point.

"Go on!! Leave, you brat!!"

It's here that Mariya grabbed Kinzo by the arm and dragged him into the house.

"Kinzo!! That's enough!! Come back inside!!" Mariya shot a sympathetic look at Yun as she dragged a very defiant Kinzo back into the house.

Not wanting to stick around, Yun grabbed her bag, Lopmon, and Terriermon and dashed away from the house. She had no idea where she was running to, but she didn't care. She wanted to be away from Aria's house. Not because of Aria, but because of Kinzo. After about a few minutes, she found herself shivering behind someone else's shed, clinging to Lopmon and Terriermon tightly. Yun fell to her knees and let Lopmon and Terriermon go. But they were both seriously appalled by what had just transpired.

"Lopmon!! Did you hear all that!? That was just horrible!! Absolutely horrible!!" Terriermon screamed angrily.

"I know, right!? He actually had the audacity to push Yun to the ground and demand that she walk home instead of wait for Hisako-san!? This is just absolutely outrageous!! What a horrible man he is!!" Lopmon screamed just as angrily, thinking the exact same thing that Terriermon is right now. But they did turn to look at Yun and see, much to their shock, that she's trembling violently and crying. The two floppy eared rabbits gasped.

"Oh dear, sweet Yun! Are you alright?" Lopmon hopped onto Yun's shoulder, wrapped one of her long ears around Yun's head, and gently stroke her hair with one of her rosy pink paws. Terriermon leaped on her.

"Don't cry, Yun! We're here! We'll make that man pay!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"I...I...I can't...stop shaking. ears...they hurt..." Yun muttered through her tears. The two floppy eared rabbits persisted and continued to console her...even though something interrupted them in the process.

"Spiral Edge!"

"Boom Bubble!"

Yun immediately stopped crying and stood up, totally alert. Lopmon and Terriermon did the same.

"There are Digimon nearby!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Awww! What now!?" Yun complained, not happy that she was interrupted from her personal wailing. They ran away from the shed and onto an empty street, where they saw two Digimon, both rookies, fighting each other. But that wasn't what surprised them.

As it turned out, not only were there two Digimon there, but standing behind the purple Digimon is a human girl!


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