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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 29 (part one)

Chapter 29 part 1!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 29
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 29: Friends and Enemies

All the lights were off. The curtains were drawn shut, keeping the warm sun's golden rays from permeating the glass and into the dark and dismal-looking house, prohibiting it from warming the place up and giving it some well-needed light. He simply shrugged, thinking light was unnecessary for right now. The house is very dark as of now, even though one window, in the kitchen, didn't have curtains, so some light managed to break through the glass barrier that is the window and lighten up the place just a little bit. A lonely, shrewd looking man sat in the living room, comfortably on his couch, typing into a shiny dark blue laptop, though in this darkness it looked as though it were black, just like the living room right now. It's too dark to see most of his features, but the blueish white screen of the laptop lit up his face and part of his hair. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. Now why in the world would a man want to wear sunglasses in a very dark room? Wouldn't that make it harder to see in such a dismal place? To this person, it was of no problem. He's too focused on his laptop right now. His face lit up blue by the hue of the glowing laptop screen, and his pointed nose looked like a perfect isosceles triangle, though he didn't seem to care for such trivialties as of now. One of his feet tapped the bare wooden floor, up and down, making a rather catchy cadence, like that of the soft tapping of drum sticks on a bongo. But then again, who would use drum sticks on a bongo when they could use them on drums?

The man didn't own any drums, nor any musical instrument for that matter. He didn't look as though he were a very musical person, nor did he look as though he had an inclination or diversion for music anyhow. But he certainly did develop an inclination for something, which is what he's looking up on his laptop. He had heard news stories featuring strange incidents, some of which supposedly involved strange...creatures. He hearkened to the stories he watched on the news very intently, as if he had found his calling. But he didn't want to dive into his own investigation yet. That would've been reckless. He listened for more of them until he didn't feel satisfied with just watching and listening to the stories on the news. So, he had decided to go out and see with his own eyes, hidden by his sunglasses, the strange creatures who have been causing the strange incidents, the first involving the partially destroyed trees in the park and the partial decimation of the construction site not too far off. On a random stroll in the park, he saw a lot of kids and tiny pet-like monsters pop out of a white light which, to them, was called a digital portal. He witnessed them come back to the real world, and this confirmed his suspicions. Kids are somehow domesticating these strange creatures, totally oblivious to the repercussions that would come with it (as he thought).

If his gut was right, he knew where the strange creatures had emanated. But at this point, he had no proof, so he decided to do some research. On another stroll, he saw a blonde haired child with odd purple tattoos playing with some floppy eared rabbit like creatures by pure accident. He had found the home of one of the kids who domesticated these creatures. Just yesterday, he saw a big brouhaha break out between a high school girl draped entirely in black, a young 6th grade girl, the two rabbits and a purple pudgy bat-winged animal. He recorded it with his cell phone and decided to use it as evidence. Evidence to confirm the existence of these monsters and prove that kids are somehow able to domesticate them. Now, he's entirely glued to his laptop, trying to hack into the database of Fushimi Middle School, hoping to find some of the kids who managed to domesticate the Digimon and come out of that hole. As of right now, he didn't have any luck breaking in. He tried everything he could think of, but nothing worked. He did have a couple more options, but he refrained from using them. He didn't plan on using those methods just yet. After a while, he decided to take a break from hacking into the school's database, and minimized the website so he can work on a paper he's writing. An ash tray half full of used cigarettes and a small can of electric blue Gatorade sat on the little table in front of him. He didn't flinch, or turn away from the screen, or speak, or anything of the sort. He didn't even do so when he heard knocking on the door.

"Masaomi-san?" A lady's voice could be heard on the other side of the door, calling out to him. He didn't turn to look, nor did he put his laptop away or answer the door.

"Door's open," He said in a low voice, but enough so that the woman could hear him.

The woman came inside. A rather young woman in her early 20's, with semi-long, wavy maroon hair and amber eyes like fresh new kumquats. She has beige skin with a few tiny, sphere-shaped birth marks here and there, but nothing too big. She wore a plain white shirt under a short sleeved light blue jean jacket, a pair of long beige khaki pants, and black shoes. Over her left shoulder is a big orange purse full of all kinds of things packed inside of it. The woman was taken aback by the lack of light in the house, considering her amber eyes just got big.

"Whoa! Masaomi-san! Turn a light on in here, will ya!?" The woman exclaimed as she literally swung open every single curtain in the house and turned on the main lights. The man, Masaomi, didn't flinch when she did. He continued to write his paper.

"Morning, Higashino-san," Masaomi said in a low, monotone voice. The woman put her hands on her hips.

"Mom said you're allowed to call me by my name, Anzu!" The girl, Higashino Anzu, exclaimed. "And it's almost 12:30! I don't know what you've been doing in here, but if you keep all those lights off and work on that computer, you're gonna go blind!"

Masaomi didn't say anything. Anzu sighed.

"You should get out more. It's such a nice day out, though it IS rather humid," Anzu said.

"I hear you're starting your next semester of college soon," Masaomi said.

"That's right. I finally got into that psychology class I've been begging to get into!"

"Good. I'm happy for you."

"You sure don't sound it."


"Oh! I was just at the dollar store and I saw some of these," Anzu said, pulling out a pack of strawberry banana Blitz yogurt from her bag and placing it on the table next to Masaomi's gatorade. "I know how much you like them, so I got them for you."


"You're welcome," Anzu then noticed the tray of cigarettes on the table. "You should quit smoking. My high school health teacher says that too much smoking causes cancer and makes your lungs go all black!"

"I'll quit soon."

"You always say that, but you never do!"

"Hm. Glad you got into that class...and that you're getting the knack of living on your own. If you need anything, I'm here."

"Thanks! But I'm still clueless on how to pay bills, sign checks, and all that stuff! It's so complicated! Oh! Speaking of money, I got a job now!"

"Is that so? Congrats."

"Thanks again! It's nothing real big, but it's better than nothing. I'm gonna work as a lunch lady at the local middle school with my mom. Y'know, Fushimi Middle School?"

Masaomi's eyes suddenly grew a tad big behind his black sunglasses. His ears perked up and he raised his head up from his laptop as if he had heard the best news ever. But he didn't crack a smile. Not one. "Fushimi Middle School, you say?"

"Yeah. It'll probably not be the best job in the world, but really, in this economy, anything's better than nothing."

"When do you start?"

"On Monday. Mom's gonna teach me over the weekend. It's a good thing I don't have any classes in the early afternoon."

"Do you have a checking account yet?"

"Yeah. Mom and I made one together, but really, all that money stuff is so complicated it's making my brain turn into jelly!"

"You'll get used to it once you use it as often as possible."

"I doubt I'll be able to remember any of it. Well, I should get back home now. See ya!" With that, Anzu left the house and trotted off next door, leaving Masaomi alone.

Anzu is his next door neighbor who's recently begun living on her own. She's a sophomore in the local community college. Masaomi and Anzu's mother have been friends and acquaintances for many years now, and for Anzu to have Masaomi as a next door neighbor, one whom she can go to for help in case there are any emergencies, this was quite a relief on Anzu's part. Masaomi lives alone, and although he has a job, the place where he works has been laying off people. His hours and pay were cut. But he didn't find it much of a problem. To the average person though, this would be a calamity, especially considering how bad the economy is. At this point, he didn't really consider his current job to be important right now. He has the day off today. Right now, he's too busy working on his laptop. Now that his eyes have adjusted to the light of the living room, which Anzu had turned on earlier, he decided to get back to trying to hack Fushimi Middle School's database, though Anzu just announced that she'll be working there, and to Masaomi, this seemed like a happy accident, as he suspected that the kids who he saw pop out of that white light earlier may be going to that very school. After some ruminating, he decided to try hacking into the school's database again. He attempted some more complicated computer stuff, and with a click and a ping, he managed to get into the database! About time.

He scrolled through the list of students. The database contained pictures of the students, along with some minor information about them, their current grades, their behavior, etc. Their names, beginning with their surname, are listed in alphabetical order. Silently, he scrolled through the long list. He managed to find the list of 6th grade kids and scrolled through it. After some searching, he found some of the kids by their picture, and was pleased with finally knowing a bit of who they are, beginning with their names. Hanemoto Kosuke. Jounouchi Otoya. Nobara Rena and Riku. Omori Minako. Shimotsuki Melody. Only one name stood out to him, however, and his eyes grew big behind his sunglasses just from glancing at the name and picture.

Kamitsure Hokuto.

As Masaomi read, the boy had just been registered into the school's system and his information and picture have just been posted only just recently. Hokuto, in the picture, didn't look too happy. He wore a rather dejected, blank, and listless look on his pale white face. Masaomi had seen Hokuto before. He was surprised that Hokuto would be one of the kids who managed to domesticate a strange creature! But after he regained his composure, he scrolled through the list. Another name stood out to him, though it was mostly because it was foreign: Lucero G. D'Orio. After some more scrolling, he finally found information on the girl who he saw getting into a fight with the high school girl just yesterday: Wakamiya Julia, aka Yun. Her picture made her look as though she were no great prize. Just a girl with short brown hair, striking green eyes, wearing a rather blank look on her face and a tan sweater. He noticed that unlike the others, there's just a tad more information about her posted on the database, like her being autistic, her need for in-class support in certain classes, her scheduled re-evaluation, etc. He copied down all the info he could find on a small notepad and printed the pictures. A printer is sitting in between the kitchen counter and the TV. He closed his laptop, walked to the printer, took the printed papers, put them in a tan folder, and put it in a set of drawers in another room. On the drawer is a small CD in a blue transparent case, with a piece of tape on the front with MC Destroyer scribbled on it with a black sharpie marker. He smirked at it for just a bit, then decided to go for a stroll in the neighborhood.

He locked the front door and walked outside. He glanced at the many houses surrounding him, went down the alley, passed the gas station, passed the Wawa, and went into the park. As usual, hardly anyone went there, so he's the only one there as of now. He continued to amble and stroll through the park, but now his mind is in another place. He remembered some days he spent in college as a young, ambitious man, sitting at a table, surrounded by his best friends, looking at a computer screen litered with strange pixelated animals that seemed to move. They toasted in a college cafeteria and happily consumed the food they made for the occasion. He wondered if he could go back to those days. But no. He couldn't. In his mind, those creatures were the reason why he's where he is right now and he...hated them for it. He hated them for a great many reasons, but it was one very personal reason that cultivated his animosity toward them. He wished he had never been involved with the project. If he hadn't been involved, it wouldn't have happened.

Masaomi lost someone very dear to him because of those creatures.

Not wanting to let his heart be consumed by feelings of dejection and animosity, he decided to leave. A little while afterward, all members of the Digimon Brigade assembled in the big gazebo with their Digimon by their sides. Yun came dressed in a sleeveless beige shirt with a folded collar, bright orange jean shorts, and her white D-Heart of Harmony tucked under her collar. Terriermon and Lopmon sat comfortably on both her shoulders, wearing blank looks on both of their faces. Last night, after Yun cleaned herself up, she texted every single member of the Digimon Brigade, announcing that an emergency meeting is to take place right after school ends (Yun got through her math test). Some of the kids were rather taken aback by Yun's sudden announcement, but from what they could see, she sounded VERY serious, so they decided to go along with it. Now that school's over and most of the kids managed to work on that math test that Yun had been agonizing over, Yun stood in the middle of the gazebo, arms akimbo and eyes ablaze with courage.

"Everyone! May I have your attention please? I hate to bother you all with this, but this is an emergency Digimon Brigade meeting!" Yun edicted like a leader, which was very unlike her, but some considered this a good sign. Riku raised his hand.

"It's about that Nayuki girl, right?" Riku asked.

"You got it!" Yun praised Riku with a smile, then looked at everyone sternly. "As some of you may have heard or seen, this Ichinose Nayuki person is bad news! As far as we know, she's a cold-hearted, cruel, and merciless person who sees Digimon as nothing more than packets of data whose only purpose is to fight to the death!"

"How awful!" Aria exclaimed fearfully.

"You're telling me!" MarineAngemon chided softly, though the stinging pain of having been called ugly by Tsukaimon still lingers in that gold heart of hers.

"Hm. I figured someone like her would turn up one of these days," Melody whispered with her arms folded behind her back.

"You did?" Biyomon asked.

"Yeah. It's not all that uncommon that there'd be people who either hate them to death or think of this whole thing as a game and use their Digimon to hurt others," Melody replied.

"Sadly, that's true, and this person's already done a LOT of hurting," Yun backed her up, remembering what she had been told about Lopmon being kicked in the face, Salamon nearly being burned by Tsukaimon's attack, and when she tried to save Gizamon's DigiEgg even though Nayuki kept kicking her and telling her to give it to her, which she successfully didn't.

"Whoever she is, I don't like her or her Digimon one bit! What she's been doing is wrong, and something's gotta be done!" Patamon exclaimed, feeling a small surge of anger stirring up in his normally kind heart.

"But what can we do? She's a high school freshman, and we're just a bunch of sixth graders," Kosuke said in a low voice.

"Not all of us!" Shunji raised his hand. He's a high school junior, and Aria and Isao are both second graders. Then he looked up at the gazebo's ceiling. "Ichinose, huh? Oh! I know her!"

"What!? You do!? Seriously!?" Dracomon yelped.

"Tell us all that you know!" Patamon yelped with him.

"Now now. I don't really KNOW her, per se, but she's in my history class. She's kinda popular with the boys, but she also has a knack for getting into trouble, and you're right, from what I've heard, she's NOT a nice person. At all. She keeps picking on other kids, namely those in the special education classes," Shunji explained.

"So I guess we're not the only ones who experienced her cruelty," Lopmon said.

"Wow! Who'd have thought a single kid would be so horrible!? I swear, the next time I see her and that purple Patamon of hers, I'm gonna fry them both to a crisp! Nobody gets away with kicking my sister and partner and treating them so bad like that! Absolutely nobody!" Terriermon exclaimed with his light green paws balled into fists.

"You've spoken like a true friend, Terriermon!" Patamon exclaimed with a smile, praising Terriermon for caring about his sister and human partner so much.

"While I am glad that we're all on the same page regarding this person's behavior, I don't think approaching it with violence is the best option," Minako advised.

"You do know that in this day and age kids don't listen to reason and don't talk things out anymore, right?" Melody replied sharply.

"That may be, but I'm sure there are other ways we can deal with her," Minako said calmly.

"I highly doubt it. Didn't you hear what Shunji-kun just said? This girl's a real bad egg!" Rena told her.

"She kicked Lopmon in the face! We can't let her get away with that!" Coronamon yelped.

"No we won't!" Bearmon backed him up.

"This girl must be a big fat bully! We should stop her!" Isao backed his partner up proudly.

"Guys! We get it! We have to stop this girl by any means necessary, but getting all violent about it won't solve the problem!" Minako said.

"Well? What do you think we should do, Minako? You're the smart one," Kosuke said.

"Kosuke! You shouldn't put all the decision making duties on Mina-chan! We should all offer our opinions and ideas!" Patamon scolded like he was his parent.

"Patamon's right. Why don't we all think of something?" Yun advised.

"How about we threaten to tell her parents and rat her out?" Otoya asked.

"Eh...I think she'd find out about it and think we're snitching," Melody said.

"I hate that word!" Yun exclaimed.

"Me too," Lopmon said.

"I don't think we should totally put off the idea of just talking with her. Maybe our timing was just kinda bad that time," Salamon said.

"That could be. Oh! Do you all think maybe she knows about what happened to the Digital World?" Dracomon asked.

"I doubt it. She didn't say anything about it and didn't look as though she knew anything about what happened," Lunamon said.

"But Labramon turns all rabid when he sees Tsukaimon! He's even called him Pharaohmon a few times!" Terriermon said. This made Labramon blush a little in embarrassment. Kudamon noticed this.

"I'm sorry, Labramon. We don't mean to embarrass you or anything," Kudamon whispered to Labramon kindly, then looked back at everyone with a stern and solemn face. "As of now, we all don't know who or what destroyed the Digital World and why. I highly doubt that a mere high school girl would even be capable of destroying an entire world with a Digimon like that by a long shot. Speaking of Pharaohmon, Pharaohmon are Digimon that ruled the Digital World during its genesis. They are powerful and baleful, but they do not have any powers that are capable of destroying an entire world."

Yun cocked her head to one side. "What do you mean by genesis?"

"Yun? Have you heard of the Book of Genesis?" Minako asked.

"I remember it was mentioned in that stupid book we read last year called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, but they don't explain what it is," Yun replied.

"The Book of Genesis tells of myths and stories pertaining to God creating the world and the human race," Minako explained.

"Really? So is there such thing as a being much higher than the humans?" Kudamon asked.

"Sort of, but nobody knows if this thing really exists," Kosuke said.

"The Book of Genesis is the first book in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. It comes from the Latin Vulgate, in turn borrowed from the Greek word that means 'origin' and Hebrew 'In the beginning.' It is said that Moses is the author of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy--" Hokuto muttered to himself, apparently lost in thought, but Riku slapped a hand on his mouth to keep him from talking.

"Okay okay! We get it, brain frame!" Riku exclaimed, feeling rather perturbed by Hokuto's weird habit of going into VERY long and detailed explanations on random things. Yun sighed.

"Well, I think as of now we need to think of a way to discipline this Ichinose person, but I think thinking about it now is going to be a bit too hard," Yun said.

"I agree. Let's take some time to find some solutions on our own before deciding," Minako said.

"I second that! Wan!" Salamon said.

"Phoo! I wanna kick her in the back!" Terriermon whined a little, feeling quite unsatisfied by their decision.

"Okay, now onto a different subject...Oh! How about Link-san and the D-Hearts?" Yun changed the subject.

"I still find it hard to believe that he and some other people actually created us! How very interesting!" Labramon said.

"Is that cool or what?" Otoya said with a smile.

"So humans did create us after all. What a wonderful revelation," Kudamon whispered. Hokuto looked down at him with a rather uneasy look on his face.

"I wonder if he knows who caused the Digital World's destruction," Rena said.

"No, he doesn't. He said so, remember?" Minako told her.

"Ohhh! Now I get it," Rena said, facepalming herself.

Isao looked at his brown D-Heart with a smile on his face.

"Hey! Maybe the D-Hearts can help our Digimon digivolve into ultimate! That'd be so cool, wouldn't it?" Isao exclaimed with a smile.

"That could be. They re-energized our Digimon and made them digivolve back into champion for a bit back when we fought Witchmon at Noir Lake, so maybe they can help them digivolve into ultimate level," Minako explained.

"I wouldn't mind gettin' a little stronger!" Coronamon piped in.

"Now now. Patience, Coronamon. I don't think we can digivolve into ultimate just yet. Let's wait and see," Lunamon told him calmly.

"But what about the symbols on these things? Mine says Grace, but I don't get it," Rena said, showing everyone her light purple D-Heart with the crescent moon shape on it.

"Maybe they're the qualities we possess that help us mature and help the Digimon digivolve further, like in the show!" Yun said.

"That would be wonderful!" Lopmon said with a smile.

"But what do we do to make it happen?" Riku asked.

"I think maybe we have to be put in a situation where we have to synchronize with our D-Hearts, like how the characters in the show did with their crests," Yun explained.

"But what I don't get are the symbols themselves. Harmony, peace, freedom, forgiveness, mercy, strength, etc. I know there's courage, friendship, hope, love, sincerity, and all of those, but the ones we have now...I don't quite get what these have to do with us," Rena explained.

"Shunji, I think your D-Heart symbol needs to be activated by your becoming very determined to do something," Dracomon told Shunji.

"Like be totally focused on something and see it through? Nah, I'm not that kind of guy. I'm never serious about anything," Shunji told his dragon Digimon friend gleefully.

"But you seem to be serious about staying with Ayaka. Doesn't that count for something?" Dracomon asked.

"Yeah, that's true. I love Ayaka, but I doubt that'll activate my D-Heart," Shunji said.

"Well, it's likely that they'll help the Digimon digivolve further, so maybe-" Yun wanted to state her theory about the D-Heart symbols representing something in themselves, but she didn't get to even begin, let alone finish the sentence, because a loud, high pitched, blood curling scream shocked her into covering her ears.

"EEEEK!! Leave me alone!!"

Literally everyone, Digimon included, stood up and out of the gazebo, shocked by what they just heard. But this was just the beginning.

It was Terriermon who saw the source of the screaming, and he did NOT like what he saw.



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