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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 29 (part four)

Part 4!

And speaking of normal occurences, in MoonMillenniummon's inner sanctum, a certain someone's constant absence is starting to become a rather normal occurence, and MoonMillenniummon isn't liking it one bit. He and some smaller Digimon are talking amongst themselves.

"Where in the world is LadyDevimon at!? I can't believe she's been shirking her recruiting duties! It's not like her!" MoonMillenniummon bellowed.

"Maybe she's fallen ill?" One of the ghostly Bakemon asked timidly.

"I doubt it. LadyDevimon's not one to let a mere cold keep her down. Merciful goodness, where is she?" MoonMillenniummon said.

A Gazimon happened to notice the myriad of crystals on top of the inner sanctum's ceiling, full of frozen and crystalized Digimon. He saw his master crystalize a MedievalDukemon and became a little frightened.

"Umm...M-Master? D-Did you really have to freeze that MedievalDukemon? I-I mean, maybe he just wanted Witchmon back and wanted to leave with no strings attached," Gazimon stammered.

"Yes, I did have to freeze him. He was cruel to abandon Witchmon when she needed him the most, and anyone who neglects and abuses the innocent for their own personal benefit is the worst kind of creature to ever exist. Not only that, he found our inner sanctum, and it was likely that he'd tell others about it and have it destroyed. I cannot allow anyone who found the inner sanctum to run freely in the Digital World!" MoonMillenniummon explained in a booming voice.

"He's right. Remember those dinosaur Digimon who were here some time ago? They found out about Ghoulmon attempting to take over their home, and threatened to destroy the entire inner sanctum in retaliation," Bakemon explained.

"You're right, Bakemon. I remember that. I made Ghoulmon retreat because there was the possibility that they would follow him to our inner sanctum. The mission failed, but Ghoulmon was wise to listen to me," MoonMillenniummon said.

"I'm changing the subject, but in regards to LadyDevimon, does she really believe that the members of the Holy Guardians and Holy Council are still alive? I mean, we Digimon can't REALLY be destroyed unless we fall into those unstable data spots you made, so do you think--" Gazimon stammered, but he was cut off by Bakemon, who shot a look at him.

"Don't talk about them in front of Master! He doesn't like it!" Bakemon interjected angrily. "You remember, don't you? We wiped out every single trace of them! We made sure that not one trace of their holy data survived!"

MoonMillenniummon remained silent as Bakemon and Gazimon talked.

"I don't doubt you, but there's always a weird possibility for something! You never know for sure!" Gazimon muttered again.

"You're not catching LadyDevimon's recent disobedient odor, are you!?" Bakemon asked.

"No! No! Absolutely not! I will always be loyal to Master! He saved me from that earthquake!" Gazimon waved his giant paws around fearfully. Suddenly, the anger drained right out of Bakemon and he looked down at the damp floor with a despondent look on his face.

"Master saved me when all of my friends were purified by a member of the Holy Council. I thought I was going to starve to death!" Bakemon said.

"Ummm...I couldn't help but notice that those two BlackGatomon are always with LadyDevimon. Are they her friends? Because I remember them sticking together like glue before you even took them in, Master!" Gazimon asked.

"Yes. LadyDevimon and the two BlackGatomon come from the same tribe. They were once residents of Cat Kingdom, which we destroyed along with the rest of the Digital World. I don't believe I've told you their story, have I? This may seem rude, but since you two are so faithful and understanding, I'll tell you anyway. I remember it was a crucial time for Cat Kingdom. They needed to go to Gwyneira Tundra for food in order to survive the winter. Unfortunately, a terrible blizzard hit the land before they could finish picking, so they left. But they forgot that they left behind three innocent, helpless Nyaromon. Those three are now the LadyDevimon and two BlackGatomon who serve me. They found some shelter in a small cave, but even that wasn't enough. The blizzard went on for the longest time. Food was scarce. Warmth was but a pipe dream. The snow was getting thicker and thicker. Digimon were growing volatile. They tried to find whatever they could to survive, but they only barely managed to subsist on whatever food and warmth they could find. The Digimon were volatile because of the harsh blizzard, and they shared their food with no one, often thinking intruders were planning to steal it. The three Nyaromon were treated like nuisances by the other Digimon, deprived of what they needed to survive. It's a wonder I happened to spot them and rescue them. LadyDevimon matured faster than her two friends because of her yearning for love, warmth, and survival. If I remember correctly, I mostly had Lilithmon take care of them since they were girls, and I thought the girls would get along better than I could with them. I take it my experiment worked," MoonMillenniummon explained.

Gazimon held his paws to his face. "Wow! They survived a blizzard!? I never knew!"

"Gwyneira Tundra's known for it's hazardous snow storms and self-centered Digimon. I don't think one Nyaromon would've survived, let alone three. It certainly is a miracle you were there to save them, Master!" Bakemon exclaimed.

"Yes. That's true. I strictly advised Lilithmon to treat them as kindly as possible, and she did, thankfully, and didn't let her lustful and manipulative personality get the better of her. I'm most glad of that. I know for a fact that they are grateful, but she seems to think the ones I killed are alive, just like Roachmon and Witchmon did! Lawful heart! Five Digi-drachmas say that some more minions of mine are going to take her side next! I don't approve of such calumny! But I can understand why some Digimon would say such lies. They just want attention. To be wanted and loved and noticed. That I can understand very well. But they don't have to do it by making up such silly stories!" MoonMillenniummon explained.

"Personally, I do have some doubts myself since we Digimon can't really be destroyed, but no matter what, I will always be loyal to you, Master," Bakemon said.

"Good. I think it's time for you two to return to your duties," MoonMillenniummon told them.

"Yes, sir!" Gazimon said and ran out with Bakemon following him.

What they all didn't know was that LadyDevimon and the two BlackGatomon are in one of the many damp caves that connect to the center of the inner sanctum, unintentionally eavesdropping on their conversation.

"He didn't have to tell our life story to those idiots!" LadyDevimon sneered with some anger stirring in her heart (if she had one).

"I'm sure he means well," The timid BlackGatomon told her shyly.

"Master's not one to let anyone be ignorant about what we've all went through, so I don't think it really matters. By the way, what do you plan to do, LadyDevimon? How are you going to prove that they're still alive? You know Master won't believe a word you say!" The arrogant BlackGatomon explained.

LadyDevimon balled one of her big hands into a giant fist. "Master will believe anything as long as there's solid evidence, and since I've seen the Digimon in action myself, I'm going to try to kidnap them and bring them all to him!"

The timid BlackGatomon let out a barely restrained meow. "What!? lady! You can't be serious!"

"It doesn't look like they're capable of digivolving to ultimate level yet, and I happen to be a very strong ultimate level Digimon, so I might just be able to outmatch them in strength and power! No normal Digimon can simply lay a hand on me, you know?" LadyDevimon explained.

"That may be, but how will you know that they're really them?" The arrogant BlackGatomon asked.

"You don't see it? They have both physical and mystical features that separate them from the other Digimon. The Lopmon has green eyes, and in all of her forms, her horns are always in the same place. You know how normal Kokomon have three horns, right? One on the front and two in the back? Well, in all of that Lopmon's forms, her horns are always in the same position. Two horns in front, one in the back. That Salamon has purple eyes instead of blue. That Patamon's eyes are brown, and his Angemon form has silver hair and a light blue loin cloth. That Biyomon has a gold holy ring on it's foot instead of a plain silver anklet," LadyDevimon explained.

"Oh! I get it!" The arrogant BlackGatomon exclaimed. Then she remembered something and decided to tell LadyDevimon about it.

"That reminds me! BlackGatomon here was saying that if a member of the Holy Guardians and Holy Council are destroyed, a fragment of their data and power is crystalized and turned into a small egg-shaped jewel known as a D-Heart. Perhaps if we find these D-Hearts, will take them to Master too?" The arrogant BlackGatomon explained.

"Yes! We'll do that too! Alright then! Kittens, let's find us some Digimon!" LadyDevimon exclaimed with a wicked smile and decided to fly out of the inner sanctum.

"Nyan!" The two BlackGatomon followed her out.


1. Link is referring to a silent movie called The Sheik, which aired in 1921 that made one of it's male actors, Rudolf Valentino, catapult into stardom. This is Valentino's most well known movie.


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