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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

2011 has finally ended, and 2012 will come

In general, 2011 was mostly an awesome year. I graduated from high school, finished my first semester of college, saw some great anime, everything! I was even making plans for making new friends once college came around. Not only that, I found out that one of my all time favorite anime, Natsume Yuujinchou, just got licensed for American retail release! I really thought 2011 was going to end awesomely just as it began awesomely.

But...then November came, and everything went down the drain. HARD.

1. My dad's at a new job in another state, six hours from where I live.
2. My mom's gonna potentially join him next month.
3. My sister and I are gonna have to live together.
4. My uncle's hurt his arm and is in a rehab center.
5. My sister's dropping out of school.
6. Worst of all, one of my cats had to be given away!!! I'm STILL bawling my eyes out!!!

Honestly, I thought the whole world's gonna end in December of 2012 is just a stupid farce. But now, I actually WISH that the world would end on December of 2012! I see no point in continuing on anymore considering all that's been happening! 2012's gonna suck, I just know it. So many H-Bombs have been dropped on my life, and if another one falls, I strongly believe it'll be my downfall. I can't take it anymore!
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