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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 30 (part two)

Part 2!

It wasn't until about ten minutes later that her absence became noted.

"Hey, has anyone seen Lopmon?" Patamon asked as he noticed the brown floppy eared rabbit's absence.

"Wasn't she here a few minutes ago?" Otoya asked.

"That's weird. I don't smell her scent!" Labramon said.

"Huh? Lopmon's...not here?" Yun asked in a low voice.

Salamon sniffed around. Kudamon and Biyomon both hopped to the highest tree in the park, hoping they could find her from the air. Sadly, no luck.

"She's not here! Wan!" Salamon exclaimed.

"I don't see her here either!" Kudamon exclaimed.

Yun was frozen in place. Dread had taken over her body. Lopmon? Gone? She's missing? Nowhere to be seen? What in the world is happening? How could Lopmon have gone missing? There was no way Lopmon would leave without telling someone about it! There was no way Yun would let Lopmon out of her sight either. How in the world could she have not noticed that one of her beloved floppy eared friends is missing?

"She's not in the park! I can't believe it!" Dracomon yelled.

Out of nowhere, Yun began to tremble violently.

" no no no no no!" Yun cried, clinging to herself like she's trying to wrap herself in a force field. Minako and Aria noticed her fear and tried to console her.

"Yun. It's okay. We'll find her. She couldn't have gone far," Minako crooned.

"MarineAngemon, go look around town and see if you can find her," Aria told MarineAngemon solemnly.

"Leave it to me! I'll see what I can do!" MarineAngemon exclaimed optimistically and flew away to find her. But it didn't seem to be helping, as Minako could see Yun's anxiety and fear growing.

"No no no no no!" Yun yelped. Minako, seeing that Yun's about to explode, grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her to her feet. Even Terriermon could notice that Yun's fear-o-meter is about to break. Minako looked at Link and the others.

"Everyone, split up and find Lopmon! If you see anything, text us and let us know!" Minako edicted. "Yun and I will search by the train station!"

"I'll accompany thee!" Lucero exclaimed as he joined Minako, Yun, Salamon, and Terriermon.

"Otoya and I are gonna look by the school!" Kosuke exclaimed. Patamon digivolved into Angemon, hoisted Kosuke, Otoya, and Labramon in his strong arms, and flew away.

"I'll see if she's in the neighborhood!" Hokuto cried out as Kudamon digivolved into Reppamon. Shunji and Dracomon decided to join him as they leaped onto Reppamon's back and flew away. Minako, Salamon, Yun, Lucero, and Terriermon walked away from the park, though they could all see the fear in Yun's face.

"Yun. Everything's gonna be fine. We'll find Lopmon," Minako told her in a kind, low voice, but it didn't seem to be helping. Yun's green eyes are trembling, her hands are shaking up and down, and she could see that Yun's clamming up, trying to keep herself from screaming like a maniac. They all could.

'Oh no. I think I feel a nervous wreck about to come on,' Minako thought.

Exactly, what did happen to Lopmon? Nobody knew it, but Lopmon found herself in a tight spot.

She could feel something hard and cold, like the flooring in the kitchen, only harder. Lopmon very slowly regained consciousness. Her round, green eyes peeled open and her blurry vision slowly cleared itself. She rubbed her head a little because she felt as if something had hit it. She slowly sat herself up as she rubbed her head.

"Ugh...what in the world hit me?" Lopmon muttered as she tried to regain her composure. As her vision finally cleared and her strength came back to her, she looked up to find a sight that made her take a few steps back in aghast.

Steel bars. Small, but thick steel bars standing right in front of her. Small enough so that her fingers can wrap entirely around them, but hard enough to not budge so easily. She looked up and saw a flat ceiling hovering above her. The same for the flooring. She turned around, but more steel bars stopped her from getting away. The sight in front of her made her realize what she was in.

A cage.

It's small enough that a small dog can fit in there, but even so, Lopmon could tell right away that she was in some kind of danger. Not only that, the surroundings outside of the cage are different too. The walls are bright and white, with wooden cup boards covering a good majority of them. Some windows are on the right side of the room. Granite tables are covered with a lot of stuff used for science experiments: test tubes, beakers, hot plates, beakers full of some weird toxic chemicals that she didn't know of, etc. Not only that, there's a huge tube full of some kind of weird green liquid the size of an adult man on the left side of the room, next to a table with a computer on it, some huge computer motherboards, lots of cables, a printer, a scanner, piles of paper, and piles of CDs and floppy disks. This place is full of both science stuff and computer machinery that Lopmon didn't recognize at all. Even though she didn't recognize the place she's in or any of the things she's surrounded by, she sure wasn't liking any of it. But what she did recognize are some small white darts with thin pointed ends and red push-ins. She knew what those were.

Tranquilizer darts.

She had seen some shows with Hisako featuring animals going wild and having to be tranquilized once on TV. The men used special guns to shoot tranquilizers at them to stop them from causing more trouble.

'Of course! Whoever put me here must have shot one of them at me!' Lopmon thought. 'I don't know what's going on, but I have to get out of here! Yun must be worried sick about me! I can't stay here!'

Lopmon took a few steps back, then rammed herself against the steel bars. Her small body shook a little because of how hard and thick the bars are, but she wasn't going to give up. She rammed herself against the bars two more times. She was about to do it a fourth time when someone came into the room.

"I wouldn't break out of there if I were you," A man's voice said. Lopmon stood up in alarm. It wasn't Link's voice. Link's was lower and richer. Lopmon looked up and took a few steps back upon seeing a man in front of her cage, looking down at her rather scornfully.

The man looked younger than Link by a couple of years, with thin black hair covering his hole head. She couldn't tell what color his eyes were because they're hidden by a pair of dark sunglasses as black as his hair. He wore a short sleeved, dark orange shirt, black jean pants, and brown shoes. The man most surely didn't look very nice at all, considering the look he's giving her. Lopmon couldn't see his eyes, but from the way his voice sounded, she could tell he was showing contempt and scorn. There was no doubt about it. This man must have shot the tranquilizer dart at her and brought her here. Not only that, he knows she can move and talk.

"It's no use trying to play doll. I know what you really are," The man said rather coldly. Seeing this new revelation, Lopmon knew that he knew her identity somehow, and like he said, there was no point in trying to hide it.

"Dare I ask if you're the one who tranquilized me and brought me here?" Lopmon asked, trying to make sure her voice didn't quiver or show any fear.

"Quite a smart monster you are. Yes, I am. Guilty as charged," The man said.

"Tell me. Exactly why did you do it? I haven't done anything wrong, especially not to you specifically. I mean-" Lopmon tried to use this as an opportunity to reason with him. But she was interrupted by a rather unexpected response.

A kick to the cage.

"Kyaah!!" The cage clattered as his shoe hit it, and Lopmon made sure she didn't get hit. The cage didn't fall to another side, thank goodness, but behind those sunglasses are eyes ablaze with anger.

"Not to me specifically!? Don't make me laugh! You monsters think you're so tough, huh? Thinking you can do whatever you please with whatever human suits your taste! Don't try to deny it, beast! You stole something very important to me!! My life's ruined because of you monsters!!" The man screamed vehemently, undoubtedly choleric about the thing he's accusing her of stealing. Lopmon, like Yun, disliked people yelling, but she knew she had to do something, so she brought out her mettle and looked at him again.

"Sir, I'm sorry for what's been happening to you. But you must understand, there are good Digimon as there are bad Digimon. I, as an individual Digimon, have no intention of hurting other people. Please release me. My partner must be worrying herself to death because of my absence," Lopmon explained as calmly and courageously as she could, not wanting to cower in fear. But he didn't seem to be buying it.

"What a load of crock. A partner? No intention of hurting others? Don't make me laugh! You Digimon are all the same: volatile, rabid, bloodthirsty, and willing to do anything to survive!"

"I don't know what gave you that misconception, but you must let me go!"

"Why? So you can run around and eat people?"

"No! I'm not capable of eating humans! Why would I want to?"

"You're a Digimon, aren't you? Also, I can't release you. I need you for something very important."

"What might that be?"

"Your data will be useful in helping me develop a special program that will send you abominable creatures back to where you came from, maybe even destroy you completely if I want to! There's no way you'll be able to survive what I have planned."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"I'd dare anything for her! The one you took away from me so long ago!"

"I don't know who you're talking about!"

"Stop playing dumb! I, Hiroya Masaomi, will use your data as a blueprint for my new program, and there will be nothing you can do to stop me. You're trapped, vile creature. I believe it's time I initiate the beginning procedures."

The man, Hiroya Masaomi, wants to destroy all digital life because he thinks Digimon "stole" someone very important to him. Lopmon noticed he refered to that someone as a her. Who was she? Why is she so important to Masaomi? But whatever it is, Masaomi thinks Digimon are nothing more than bloodthirsty killers who survive on murder. Why in the world would he view them as such when it's clear he hardly knows anything at all about her or any other Digimon? Lopmon could tell that he was quite dangerous, and that he's definitely planning on killing her. He walked to his computer and began tinkering around with it for a couple seconds. Then, for some reason, he became perturbed and threw his fist on the desk.

"Darn it! I can't believe I don't have the new version! I'd order it online, but that'll take too much time," Masaomi facepalmed. "I guess I'll have to go all the way to the Best Buy down south and buy it. But it takes 30 minutes to get there! Ugh!"

Masaomi stood up from his desk and was about to walk away, but not before saying his last words to Lopmon.

"I've got an errand to run. Don't let me see you escape, beast!" Masaomi yelled before he left and slammed the door. Lopmon listened as he started his car and drove away.

Right then, she began her escape plan.

"Good! He's gone. This'll give me time to try and get out of here," Lopmon said. She looked at the bars carefully, and thought of some ways to try and break them. One idea popped into her head, and she quickly put it into use.

She rammed her horns, both her small ones and single big one, against the bars. It hurt a little, but Lopmon knew she needed to escape, no matter what, so she kept at it. Bang! Bang! Bang! She rammed her horns against the bars again and again and again. She took a little break so she could regain her strength. As she did, she noticed that the steel bars actually have dents in them. She's a few steps closer to getting out! She went at it again, ramming her little horns against the bars as hard as she could, hoping to at least have them be vulnerable enough to tear them down at the last minute. After a good 15 minutes, she managed to dent the bars well enough to try something else on them. She opened her mouth, big and wide. A glowing blue ball formed in her mouth.

"Freezing Snow!"

With an exhale, a small stream of glittery blue and white powder snow streamed out of her mouth, freezing the crooked bars. Then, she stood up and spun herself around.

"Lop Twister!"

She spun and spun like a drill about to go through some plywood. Her ears rammed against the bars, causing sparks to fly. She kept at it until finally...POP! The bar came off! She managed to break one of them. Seeing that there's more space for her to get out than expected, she squeezed through the opening and pryed herself out of the cage.

"I did it! I'm out of the cage! Now to get outside this house," Lopmon quietly rejoiced in her successful escape from the cage, but now she has to worry about getting out of the house. She saw some windows and decided that those would be the best escape route. One of them led right outside, so she took the chance. She saw a chair and pushed it to the window so she could have a better chance at reaching it. Once she climbed up there, she tried pushing it. It didn't work. She tried pulling it up. At first, it didn't work, but Lopmon perservered and tried to pull it up as hard as she could. After some time, she managed to pry it open!

She slithered out from the window and found herself on the driveway of Masaomi's front lawn. His car's not here, and there's nobody watching, so this was a great time to make like a bug and flee! But not before glancing back at the lab.

"Masaomi-san. I'm sorry, but I must leave. Forgive me," Lopmon muttered as she bowed before the science room and finally made her escape. She was, however, taken aback by the unfamiliar scenery.

"I don't recognize this place, but I couldn't have gone far. I must find Yun! She must be worried sick about me! I'm sure the others are too. I hope they're all alright," Lopmon whispered to herself wistfully. It must be confessed that she herself was scared. She wanted to voice her own frustration, but at this point, she couldn't. Escaping and reuniting with Yun is her number one priority.

When it comes to worrying, all Yun did was worry. Worry, indeed. And look for her. So did everyone else.

"Lopmooon!! Where are you!?" Minako called out as she and Yun searched behind the MacDonald's.

"Lopmon! Come on out! Wan!!" Salamon called out.

"Where are youuuu!? Say something!" Terriermon called out.

"Thou shouldst reveal thyself!!" Lucero called out.

Sadly, no response. Yun paced around the empty lot, holding herself with her arms looking like she's about to explode. Terriermon noticed and approached her.

"Aren't you gonna call out to her?" Terriermon asked innocently.

"M-M-Mom says it's not appropriate to yell for someone in public places!" Yun wailed.

"Bah, who cares whether it's appropriate or not! We gotta find Lopmon!" Terriermon told her.

Suddenly, Hokuto and Reppamon descended onto the empty lot. Minako ran to them.

"Did you find her?" Minako asked.

"No. We didn't. We've searched everywhere, but I can't find any trace of her. I'm sorry to not be of any help," Reppamon said. Minako stroke his mask with a sad smile.

"It's okay. Anything helps," Minako told him.

"We looked in the construction site too. She's not there either," Hokuto said.

"We've come up with nothing either!" Lucero told him. "Not only that, Yun's about to explode!"

Lucero was right. Yun IS about to explode. Her mind is being wracked with terrible thoughts regarding Lopmon's disappearance. Did she run away? Did she hate her? Was she kidnapped? What happened to her? Why would she do this? Why would anyone want to take her sweet little Lopmon? Is Lopmon scared out of her wits like Yun is right now? What in the world is happening to her? Was someone doing bad things to her? Did someone...already do what they needed to do with her?

"I don't think...we should continue searching," Hokuto murmured.

"WHAT!? What do you mean we should stop!?" Everyone exclaimed, appalled by what Hokuto just said. Even Reppamon was appalled.

"Hokuto! What in the world!? This is Lopmon we're talking about! We shouldn't cease the search!" Reppamon scolded.

"It might be...too late," Hokuto muttered.

"Don't ever say such a thing!" Lucero scolded angrily. "Lopmon is very important to Yun, and if we say we're searching for her, we are searching for her, and we won't stop until we find her! Why wouldst thou even suggest ceasing the search! We won't know if it's too late until we know for sure!!"

Finally, Yun exploded. A loud, piercing, vociferous, bloodcurtling scream escaped from her lips. The loudest she ever let out, though she hardly ever screamed in her entire life. Now she couldn't take it anymore. Everyone covered their ears.

"LOPMOOOON!!! LOPMON, WHERE ARE YOU!? Lopmon!! Lopmon!! LOPMON!!" Yun ran away from the empty lot in tears.

"Yun! Wait! Come back!!" Terriermon chased after her, leaving the others behind.

"Is she...always like that?" Reppamon asked curiously.

"Yeah. She is," Minako replied.

"What are we gonna do?" Salamon asked.

Suddenly, Minako's digivice beeped and glowed. Beep beep beep. Minako flipped open her digivice and pressed it against her face.

"Hello?" Minako said.

"Mina! Link-san says he has an idea of what happened to Lopmon!" Shunji said on the other line.

"He does? What is it!? Tell me!" Minako exclaimed.

"Apparently there's this guy he knows who hates Digimon and wants to destroy them all. He has a house on Fujiyama Avenue," Shunji said.

"Fujiyama? Isn't that where that liquor store is?" Minako asked.

"Sure is! Come on! We might have gotten ourselves a lead!" Dracomon importuned.

"Alright! I'll be right there. Thanks for letting me know!" Minako said and closed her digivice.

"Hokuto! Reppamon! Go after Yun and make sure she doesn't get lost. Salamon, Lucero, come with me!" Minako told them. Hokuto hopped back on Reppamon and flew away while Lucero and Salamon followed Minako.

" should never tell someone it's too late until we find confirmation of such," Reppamon told him sternly.

"But we've been looking all day. What if--" Hokuto was about to say something, but Reppamon stopped him.

"All day is nothing! We're just getting started! Don't lose faith, Hokuto! We'll find Lopmon even if it kills us!" Reppamon told him.

Meanwhile, Yun literally sprinted through every part of the neighborhood she could run through, screaming Lopmon's name at the top of her lungs. She didn't care of people watched or gossiped or sneered. She just wanted to find Lopmon.


"Yun! Calm down, will ya!?"

Terriermon chased after her, but she kept running off whenever he caught up. He was happy that she cared so much, but he wished she'd stop panicking and screaming at the same time. Finally, after a long while, Yun fell to her knees and tried to catch her breath, which gave Terriermon enough time to catch up to her and try to console her.

"Yun..." Terriermon looked at her with his sad, sympathetic navy blue eyes. "You should calm down a little. I'm glad you care so much about her, but I don't think screaming at the top of your lungs will help you any. I'm sure Lopmon's alright."

Despite his crooning, Yun shot an angry look at him.

"How do you know!? HUH!? How do you know Lopmon's really alright!? YOU DON'T, THAT'S WHAT!! Don't say you're sure about something when it's undoubtedly and categorically clear that you don't know a thing about Lopmon's welfare!!" Yun screamed angrily at him and darted off again.

That's when Terriermon realized it. This is another part of Yun's disability. Autistic people love things that are set in stone. False reassurance doesn't work on people like Yun. She was right. Terriermon didn't know a thing about Lopmon's well being as of now, and he only tried to console her and reassure her, even though he knew he didn't know anything about where Lopmon is or what happened to her. It didn't work. Yun hates it when people attempt to give her vague responses to something. She doesn't want to be told that they're sure this and that when they don't know themselves. She knew that Terriermon's intentions were good, and she respected that, but she's too wrapped up in her fear, panic, and worry to really notice. All she wants is to get Lopmon back.


She ran and ran all over the neighborhood, not caring about the fact that she got onto some streets that she didn't recognize. She paid absolutely no attention or heed to this whatsoever. Find Lopmon. That's her top priority, and she burned it into her head. Find Lopmon. Find Lopmon, and make sure she's safe! Yun screamed and cried and yelled for Lopmon, but no response came. She feared the worst, but she persisted and kept on looking. It was slowly turning dark. The sky began to become a beautiful mix of orange, pink, and purple. But Yun didn't care for this. Finding Lopmon was all that mattered to her right now.

"LOPMON!! Where are you!? Say something!! Anything!! LOPMOOON!!"

"Will you shut your trap!?"

There was a response, but it wasn't what she or Terriermon expected, or wanted, at all. They had run into Nayuki, who, strangely enough, doesn't have Tsukaimon with her today. But neither Yun nor Terriermon were in the mood for dealing with her.

"You shut your own trap, Digimon abuser!!" Despite Yun's yelling, Nayuki noticed that Lopmon wasn't with her.

"Lose your rabbit? Hm. You're better off without that stupid thing. If you want, I can take her data and-"

POW! Nayuki suddenly found herself being punched in the face! So much so that she even fell to the ground and got a nose bleed. She looked up to find Yun, staring down at her with the most rancor-filled and choleric expression she had ever seen, complete with bloodshot and tear stained eyes! Even Terriermon was surprised beyond compare.

"MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, DIGIMON ABUSER!!! I HATE YOU!!! You have no right to tell me what to do with my Digimon!! And don't EVER tell me I'm better off without Lopmon!! She and Terriermon are the best things that ever happened to me!! Yes, Lopmon's gone missing and I've been looking for her all day!! I don't need your help, Digimon abuser!! I hate you!! You're cruel, stupid, mean, dumb, heartless, pathetic, abominable, miserable, volatile, miserly, horrid, terrible, and downright horrible!! Unlike you, I actually love my Digimon and care about them and raise them right and play with them and protect them and treat them right and actually treat them with respect!! You don't give a durn about your own Digimon!! I heard about what you do!! You not only mistreat innocent people and Digimon, you beat your own Digimon just because he happens to be slightly weaker than us!! Don't think you're so cool and all that just because you think Digimon are nothing more than balls of data meant to fight and kill each other!! You're a big fat bully who doesn't give a durn about anyone but yourself!! And if you ever try to kill Lopmon and use her data for your own selfish misdeeds, I'll NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!"

With that very long, very loud, very passionate, and very grating tirade and rhetoric, Yun stomped away. Terriermon shot a look at Nayuki.

"That's what you get for being so insensitive!" Terriermon told her mercilessly, then followed Yun. Nayuki brushed the blood off of her nose, stood up, and walked away.

"Whatever. Freak," Nayuki muttered to herself.


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