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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 31 (part four)

Part 4!

While Minako is reliving her own pain, someone else's pain is going to be caused by the very thing that should be helping him...and it would crush him. Around the same time, Kosuke and Patamon were walking down the sidewalk, heading for home with two big boxes of blueberries in their hands.

"Wow, Kosuke! You really outdid yourself today! I'm proud of you!" Patamon said with a smile. Kosuke smiled too.

"I know, right? This'll last us a whole month! I'm gonna try making something nice for us tonight!...if I do it right, I hope," Kosuke exclaimed.

"Mind if I help you?"

"Sure. I'll take all the help I can get. Speaking of help, can you open the door for me?"

"Of course! Leave it to me, my friend!"

Patamon happily opened the door for Kosuke, seeing that his hands are full with the boxes of blueberries...but he was going to regret opening that door, because right when he did, both his and Kosuke's noses were brutally assaulted by the most repulsive and most noisome odor to ever get sucked through their nostrils in recent history.

"AAACK!! Jeez!!" Kosuke exclaimed as he held the boxes in front of his face to keep the smell from entering any further. Sadly enough, he recognized this smell.


He removed the boxes from his face to see what was going on, and what he and Patamon saw terrified him. Beer bottles, big and small, are scattered all over the entire living room. One of them is cracked a little, and alcohol is seeping out of it and sinking into the carpet. His mother is lying on the floor, right next to the table with an ash tray overflowing with cigarette butts on it. Kosuke put the boxes on the little table and ran to his unconscious mother, whose scraggly hair looked more tangled than ever.

"Mom! Mom! Get up!" Kosuke shook his mother violently, hoping to get a response. He was grossed out by the fact that her entire persona reeked of alcohol.

"Is she sick?" Patamon asked in a low but scared whisper.

"When was there a day when she wasn't!?" Kosuke exclaimed. His mother opened her eyes and gasped a little.

"Mom! You're drunker than ever!" Kosuke yelled. His mother held her head up to get a look at him.

"Ko...suke...?" His mother croaked in a low, barely audible voice. Kosuke attempted to get her up.

"Come on, Mom! You're going to bed right this minute!" Kosuke attempted to hoist her up, but she was too heavy, even with Patamon's help. She didn't seem to notice Patamon.

"Kosuke...? Where...have you been?" His mother asked.

"I went blueberry picking with my friends! Come on! Get up, will you?" Kosuke tried again, but she fell down to the couch again. But this time, she hoisted herself up and managed to stand up without Kosuke's help. She looked at him with a look Kosuke had hardly ever seen before.


"Why did you leave? You're my son! You have to stay with me forever! Did you try to abandon me? Are you trying to be like your good for nothing father?" His mother yelled in a much higher voice. Kosuke could tell that this was not going to end well.

"You drank yourself silly!" Kosuke yelled. His mother suddenly grabbed his arm forcefully.

"Don't ever leave me! Don't ever leave my side or my sight! You're my son and nobody else's!"

"Well, I'm not your personal slave!!"

Soon, a brawl broke out between the sober Kosuke and the extremely drunk and red in the face woman. Kosuke tried to fend her off, but she was just too strong, even though she's a really thin woman! Patamon tried to help by yanking her hair and shooting a small Boom Bubble at her a few times, but she didn't even notice!

"Kosuke! This is getting out of hand! What do we do!?" Patamon yelped, obviously worried about everything that's going on.

"I'm your mother! I did everything for you and this is how you repay me!?"

"When have you done anything for me!? You don't do anything but sit around and drink booze like a sick homeless person! You don't even care that your own son is starving and in need of decent food!"

This is when his mother did the inevitable.

She pushed Kosuke onto the table, knocking both the boxes of blueberries and the overflowing ash tray onto the floor. The boxes fell first, with all the blueberries falling out. The ash tray came after, falling right on top of the blueberries. The cigarette butts and ash assimilated with the fresh blueberries, contaminating them with God knows what. Patamon tried to stop the items from falling, but it all happened way too fast, even for him. He couldn't react fast enough. Kosuke, feeling what followed, got himself off of the table and was appalled to see the blueberries destroyed by the cigarette butts and ash! All of those fresh, wonderful blueberries! Gone! Gone in a flash! Contaminated! Decimated! Eliminated! His hopes of making something nice, fresh, and healthy were crushed right there. Even his mother stopped to see the crime she committed. She extirpated his precious blueberries! This was the last straw for Kosuke.

"YOU IDIOT!!" Kosuke yelled so loud Patamon had to cover his ears. Then...SLAP! He slapped his own mother in the face, so hard that she fell to the floor, though this could mostly be because she's so drunk that she can't keep her balance.

"You ruined everything!! I picked those blueberries so we could have something decent in this house to eat since you're too lazy and angsty to even bother cooking a decent meal!!" Kosuke screamed in a virulent voice. "I HATE YOU!!"

With that piece of rhetoric, Kosuke ran away from the chaotic scene and into his room. Patamon followed him...and so did his mother. Patamon got into his room in the nick of time, and Kosuke slammed the door shut as soon as his mother got close. Kosuke fell to his knees and covered his ears sadly, appalled by what's happened. His mother pounded on his door angrily, but Kosuke made no attempt to open it, lest even more chaos happens. Patamon didn't know what to do, so he just sat next to Kosuke and rubbed himself against him.

"You say you picked them with those friends of yours, eh, Kosuke? You should know better than to go prancing around with other people! There's no such thing as pure sincerity in this world! Only deceit! Those friends of yours are big fat liars, deceiving you into thinking they're your friends only to betray you and humiliate you and drag you down and around just to satisfy their own egos! Just you wait! They'll show their true colors soon! I know it! That's what Seiichi did! He just used us up and spat us out, and those friends of yours will do the exact same thing soon enough! Think about it, Kosuke! Have they ever done anything for you? No! No they haven't! Those friends of yours are always dragging you around and bringing you down at their own convenience! They're only stay with you so they can satisfy themselves! You're better off without those parasites!!"

Patamon didn't believe what his mother was saying was true, that it was all just drunken nonsense and not truculent temerity. Patamon knew for a fact that Kosuke's friends are the best he could ever have! Yun is shy, but she's gentle and kind, with unfeigned purity. Minako is peaceful, motherly, and intelligent, and always trying to provide solutions that will mediate conflict instead of exacerbate it. Sure, Melody is rather sour, moody, temperamental, and has no shame in displaying audacity and temerity at just about anything she hates, but she cares for her friends, especially Yun, with a passion. In Patamon's mind, Otoya was the eternal optimist, who is always cheerful and always has faith in her friends, even in hard times. Yes, it sounded cheesy, but really, who wouldn't want a person like Otoya in their life? Kosuke accepted her, so why shouldn't anyone else? Rena is graceful, dependable, and humble, letting her actions speak for themselves. Riku is a little hyper and rambunctious, but that's because he has ADHD. He's also brave, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, and has a strong sense of justice. Shunji is a bit of a flirt and is overly frippet and a tad lazy, but he knows that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Aria is sweet, merciful and innocent, Isao is your normal little boy, and Hokuto is a bit too timid for his own good. Patamon didn't find any of these to be problems. Sure they have their quirks, but in this day and age, who doesn't? Patamon did not believe that what Kosuke's mother just said is true. What does she know about them? She's hardly met any of them! Then again, who would want to go into a squalid living room where the air smells of nothing but noisome rum and smoke from the cigarette butts? Who would want to be around such a wastrel like Kosuke's mother, who claims her son should waive his friends? No way was Patamon going to let this go!

Kosuke also wanted to believe that what his mother is saying isn't true, just a bunch of stark and virulent drunken nonsense. But...he couldn't help but notice that his mother actually had a point! During spring break, nobody visited him. Yun told him that she thought she was a bother and that she wanted to give him some space and leave him alone (since that was what she was normally, and very bluntly, told), but how was Kosuke supposed to know whether that was really true or not? They say one can tell if someone's lying by looking in their eyes, but Yun barely made eye contact, even with her friends. Of course, this is mostly because of her disability, which Kosuke knew of to an extent, but...was Yun really telling the truth? Not only that, sometimes, he would receive paper bags full of food and clothes, which Kosuke appreciated deeply, but now he began thinking: were those mostly just indirect ways to show off their wealth while Kosuke is getting more and more impoverished by the day? Also, Kosuke didn't invite anyone to his house, mostly because he didn't want them to see the squalid and noisome state that his house and his mother are in right now. He wanted to spare them the horrible smells and spare them from seeing what a selfish and angsty wretch his mother is every day. the event that they DID come to his house and saw everything, would they decide to not be his friends anymore? Kosuke thought about Yun, Melody, and Minako, and all the happy days and fun adventures they shared together, before Kosuke's father left. They had such fun and joyous times together, even in hard times. He had known them for a very long time, and knew a lot about them. They knew about him too, but only what his home life was like before everything fell apart. They may be childhood friends, but even childhood friends can change drastically when you're not looking. Now, Kosuke's mind is conflicted, with his mother's state eating away at his dignity. Sometimes she couldn't discern him and tell him apart from his father. Kosuke wanted to get away from his house by hanging out with his friends more, but suddenly he found himself becoming indifferent and prefering solitude over society. He fervently and ardently believed that his mother was the cause of all of his pain. But...was she really?

Could his dearest friends really not be as unfeigned and faithful as Kosuke thought?


1. Gauche The Cellist is a novel and short story by Kenji Miyazawa. Nobody knows the exact date it was published. It has been made into at least three anime films, the earliest being in 1949 (HUH?) and the latest being in 1982.


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