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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 32 (part two)

Part 2!

And speaking of Ayaka, she's seriously not liking the whole Digimon thing, and she certainly proved it at around 5:30 PM. Hisako was just about to start making plans for dinner while Yun remembered something she wanted to show Rabbitmon.

"Oh! That reminds me! I want to show you my treasure box! I'll be right back!" Yun exclaimed as she left Rabbitmon in the back yard and ran into the house with Lopmon, Terriermon, and Lucero following her. Rabbitmon didn't mind waiting a little. Ayaka, however, saw Rabbitmon in the back yard and shrieked from her room. She has finally had enough. She literally stomped out of her room, right through the kitchen, into the back yard, and right in front of Rabbitmon. Rabbitmon was just about to hop away until Ayaka managed to give her a good kick in the face.

"Get out of here, you beast!! We don't want you here!!" Ayaka screamed angrily, showing blatant and vehement animosity toward Rabbitmon. Rabbitmon covered her nose with her gloves.

"B-But Yun--"

"Who cares what she thinks!? She should know by now that she shouldn't be finding random animals on the street and dragging them here so she can keep them!! The world doesn't revolve around her, even though she's always having her way!! Get out of here and go back to where you really belong, you rabid monster!!"

"I'm not rabid!" Rabbitmon tried to reason with Ayaka, even though she had a valid point, but it didn't seem to work.

"Yes you are! Don't deny it! You're just like everyone else in your kind! I heard about your little drama! Maybe your so called friends called you a parasite because it's true!! Get over it and quit acting like a drama queen!! Can't you take a hint!? Get out of here NOW!! I don't care if you love Yun!! She's not worth wasting your time! She needs to understand the fact that she can't get through life by getting everything she wants and manipulating people into doing so!!"

Despite Ayaka's orders, Rabbitmon was frozen in place with shock. Ayaka's actually accusing Yun of being selfish and manipulating people into getting what she wants? How in the world could Ayaka think something like that of her sister? No way has Yun ever displayed nefarious and egregious intent for anything! Anger was growing inside Rabbitmon's heart, and she certainly did not like it. Even more so when Ayaka decided to go back into the house while talking VERY LOUDLY about Yun in a maligned manner.

"That stupid, selfish, spoiled brat! She has everything! She's always getting her way while I'm tossed to the side like trash! Why's she so special!? She's not worth anything! Everything goes right for her! She gets to keep wild animals and a kid we don't know while I can't even go out and buy a new shirt! She should just drop dead already!"

That did it for Rabbitmon. Something snapped deep within her, and right away she was completely overcome with rage.

"Lop-Ear Swing!"

She swung herself around like a tornado, propelled herself against Ayaka, and...hit her!


Ayaka was hit by one of Rabbitmon's long ears, so hard that she was thrown against the fence! Rabbitmon approached her with a fierce and feral look in her green eyes.

"Don't EVER talk of Yun like that! What do you know about her!? You have no right to claim that she's manipulating people and influencing them to ignore you! What proof do you have!? None, that's what!! And don't EVER claim that what my friends said is true when you don't know a thing about my personal life whatsoever!! I am NOT a parasite!!" Rabbitmon screamed angrily, just as loud as Ayaka was earlier, only with much more passion and gusto. Ayaka was scared spitless, trembling against the fence. Both their screams attracted the attention of the entire family.

"What happened!?" Teruki was the first to bolt out of the house, but it was Yun, Lucero, Lopmon, and Terriermon who ran after Rabbitmon.

"Rabbitmon! Thou must cease thy anger at once!" Lucero demanded.

"Rabbitmon! Stand down! Get away from her right now!!" Yun scolded like she was her parent.

Rabbitmon, upon seeing a rather incensed Yun, finally calmed down and gave Ayaka time to run to her parents' side.

"But Yun! She was saying bad things about you, claiming that you're manipulating people into doing what you ask them! It's not right! She doesn't know anything! She kicked me in the nose, too!" Rabbitmon explained, sounding calmer.

"I know you tried to protect me, and I really appreciate it, and yes, Ayaka does have the wrong idea about me, and what she says is bad too. But just because she says something bad does NOT make it right for you to attack her like that! You shouldn't have done what you did. I know you're angry, but I'm used to people saying bad things about me and getting weird ideas about me when they don't know anything. Now I want you to say you're sorry, Rabbitmon," Yun scolded Rabbitmon in a stringent and stern tone, like she was the parent and Rabbitmon was the child. Rabbitmon wanted to contradict her, but she had a valid point. Even though what Ayaka said about Yun did set Rabbitmon off, she knew that attacking her like that was wrong, and even though she was standing up to her, attacking her doesn't justify it no matter what.

"Sorry..." Rabbitmon muttered.

"Thou art a great friend, having faith in her so," Lucero told her as he stroke her ear.

Teruki then turned to Ayaka with a strict face of his own.

"Now Ayaka, I want YOU to apologize to Rabbitmon as well," Teruki told her.

"Me!? No way!! I'm not apologizing to that thing! It doesn't belong here!!" Ayaka screamed angrily.

"SHE!!" Yun exclaimed.

"Who gives a durn!?"

"Ayaka, go down there and apologize!"

"Dad! That thing is freeloading and not going back to where it came from! Why should we even give a durn about it!?"

They wanted to argue some more, but a high, vociferous "MOOOOOO!!" stopped them from doing so, along with the ground shaking.

"What was that!?" Hisako exclaimed.

In unison, Lopmon, Rabbitmon, and Terriermon's ears all flew upward.

"A Digimon!!" they all exclaimed fearfully and ran off to see where it is. Lucero and Yun followed them.

"Wait! Come back!!" Yun and Lucero yelled in unison as they chased after them. Hisako, Teruki, and Ayaka decided to follow them too. But as they ran, they realized that they were heading somewhere quite familiar and quite close.

The gas station.

As they got there, everyone in the Wakamiya family (except for Yun and Lucero, as if that wasn't morbidly obvious) screamed as they saw a giant bull about to destroy the gas station! The bull is huge and bulky, almost the same size as the little gas station itself! His skin is light brown, with some scars, stitches, and zippers on parts of his body. Protruding from it's big nose is a gold nose ring, and from it's head protruded two big, sharp, black horns. On the back of it's head is a cloud of pointed brown hair, darker than it's skin, and it's eyes are glowing in a ghostly, bloody red light. A harbinger that a Dark Emblem is somewhere on it's body. It's right hand is a perfectly normal hand while it's left hand is nothing more than a big silver cannon gun that's bound to hurt someone, and on it's feet are big brown cowboy boots. Yun looked up the Digimon's information on her digivice.

"That's Minotarumon, a champion level animal Digimon! His attacks are Earthquake Drill and Bull Fighting Attack!" Yun exclaimed.

"Earthquake Drill!? Oh no! I know of that attack! We have to stop him from using it!!" Lopmon yelled.

"Yer right! Come on! Let's have a rodeo!" Terriermon exclaimed as Yun prepped her digivice.

"MOOOO!!" Minotarumon growled as he prepared to destroy the gas station. The employees and some customers ran away in fear as the giant bull hovered over them.

In a flash, Lopmon digivolved into Turuiemon and Terriermon digivolved into Gargomon and immediately went after Minotarumon. Rabbitmon watched as the twins fought Minotarumon.

"Prevent him from using Earthquake Drill at all costs!!" Lucero yelled.

"You got it! Bunny Pummel!" Gargomon ran toward Minotarumon, leaped in front of him and punched him in the jaw with one of his silver gun hands. Unfortunately, Minotarumon's skin proved to be much firmer than it appeared, and Gargomon's arm shook as his gun made contact with Minotarumon's jaw.


Gargomon fell back to the ground while Turuiemon decided to lay down her own attack.

"Gauntlet Claw!"

"Bull Fighting Attack!"

Minotarumon's silver gun hand and Turuiemon's two gauntlets collided and made sparks fly. Literally. Despite the size and weight difference, Turuiemon held on and tried to make sure Minotarumon didn't do anything that could potentially kill anyone, like use his Earthquake Drill attack.

"Gargomon! Find the Dark Emblem! We might be able to stop him if we find it and destroy it!" Turuiemon commanded.

Gargomon stood on his feet. "I'll do my best!"

Yun and Lucero both wanted to stick around and help them find the Dark Emblem, but Teruki wasn't having it.

"Kids! Come on! We have to get away from here!" Teruki pulled on their arms and tried to drag them away.

"But Dad! I want to help them find the Dark Emblem!" Yun yelled.

"That's not important! We have to leave!"

"It is SO important! It's why he's running rampant!!"

Despite their arguing, Gargomon and Turuiemon continued to fight with Minotarumon in the streets, which is preventing cars from going by. After a while, Gargomon managed to get close enough to find a Dark Emblem on Minotarumon.

"Turuiemon! I found it! It's underneath his hair!" Gargomon edicted.

Minotarumon turned around to find Gargomon and attempted to attack him.

"Earthquake Drill!"

"Oh, no ya don't!"

Not wanting to let Minotarumon use this potentially murderous and catastrophic attack, Gargomon quickly grabbed shoved his own silver gun hands against Minotarumon's, giving people time to abandon their cars and run away. Some people stumbled while trying to get away. Yun and Lucero both saw a little kid trip and lay there crying. Not wanting to stand by, Lucero went out first.

"I'll go save the child!" Lucero exclaimed as he ran into the street to save the little kid.

"I...I can't hold on...much longer!" Gargomon whimpered. Turuiemon tried to rip the Dark Emblem off with her gauntlets, but it's not prying off!

"Man! My gauntlet's aren't working!" Turuiemon said.

Soon, Minotarumon broke away from Gargomon and proceeded to attack again. Turuiemon leaped off of him as soon as he moved so she wouldn't stumble and fall.

"Bull Fighting Attack!"

This time, Turuiemon stopped him. This gave Lucero time to give the kid to her family and assist them in getting away.

On the sidelines, Rabbitmon watched the battle, conflicted in regards to whether she should step in and help or not. She really wanted to step in and help. She wanted to save everyone, the Wakamiyas especially, since they've been so kind to her. But Rabbitmon had her doubts. What if she's not strong enough? What if she drags everyone down? What if everyone questions her motive for stepping in? She couldn't take that risk. But then again, peoples' lives are in danger, even more so if Minotarumon uses his Earthquake Drill, which could potentially kill everyone! She didn't want that happening. But what could she do now?

Yun thought of an idea.

"Oh! I know!" Yun pulled out her yellow D-Chip and put it in her digivice.

"Prairiemon! Help us!" Yun muttered. Her digivice glowed in a yellow light, and suddenly, out came Prairiemon!

"Yun? Is that you? Oh, how lovely it is to see you again after so long!" Prairiemon said with a smile.

"This isn't the time for that now! A Minotarumon's running wild! Can you help us out please?" Yun explained. Prairiemon, seeing how dire the situation is, put her greetings aside.

"I'd be more than happy to, since you helped us back at Fionn Village!" Prairiemon exclaimed. She ran toward Minotarumon, who threw Gargomon off of him and prepared to attack the ground.

"Earthquake Drill!"

"Prairie Claw!"

"Gauntlet Claw!"

With their claws, Prairiemon and Turuiemon both stepped in and stopped Minotarumon from doing another Earthquake Drill. Unfortunately, Minotarumon seemed to have enough. He pushed the two female rabbits off of him and ran toward Yun, who is trying to push the family away from the gas station.

"You have to go! We'll handle it here!" Yun advised.

"Not without you! You can't handle this alone!" Hisako exclaimed.

"I've done this before! Now go!" Yun demanded, but nobody was budging.

Suddenly, Ayaka let out yet another bloodcurtling scream.

So did Lucero. "LOOK OUT!!"

Minotarumon was right behind Yun, about to attack.

"Earthquake Drill!"

Nobody could move. It all happened to fast. They feared this was the end...but the end didn't come.

"Carrot Bomb!"

Raining from the sky are a myriad of pointed carrots, shaped like icicles, pouring onto Minotarumon and stopping him from attacking Yun and her family. Rabbitmon hopped in between Yun and Minotarumon, ready for battle.

"Rabbitmon! You saved them!" Turuiemon exclaimed.

"I knew you'd come and help!" Gargomon said.

"Bull Fighting Attack!"

"Ear Lancer!"

Rabbitmon managed to stab Minotarumon in the stomach with her long, pointed ears, giving the Wakamiyas enough time to regain their composure and run...except for Yun.

"Yun! Go with them! We'll handle this! Things might get a little rowdy!" Rabbitmon commanded.

"We're counting on you! Thanks!" Yun told her with a smile. Rabbitmon smiled back as Yun ran off with Lucero.

"Prairiemon! You'll be the one to rip the Dark Emblem off of Minotarumon! It's underneath his hair! Gargomon and Turuiemon, help me stall him!" Rabbitmon edicted like she was the leader of some military army.

"Indeed we will!" Gargomon edicted.

"Carrot Bomb!"

Another rain of carrots fell onto Minotarumon like a mighty blow, one of which lodged into the Dark Emblem.

"Gargo Laser!"

"Ninja Kick!"

They managed to make Minotarumon stumble a little. They persisted and kept on attacking so Minotarumon won't use his Earthquake Drill. Prairiemon climbed up Minotarumon's back, finally managing to find the carrot on the Dark Emblem.

"Let's hope this works! I'm putting all my strength in this one! Prairie Claw!" Prairiemon dredged her claw into both the carrot and the Dark Emblem. She pulled and pulled, trying to yank off the Dark Emblem while at the same time, trying to make sure she herself didn't fall off of Minotarumon's back. Finally...POP! The carrot came off, and the Dark Emblem was destroyed! Minotarumon fell unconscious, and Prairiemon leaped off of him in the nick of time. A Digital portal opened beneath the sleeping Minotarumon and he fell in. Turuiemon, Prairiemon, Rabbitmon, and Gargomon managed to defeat him. They all walked back to the Wakamiya house, where they found Yun and Lucero waiting for them.

"Hath thou defeated Minotarumon successfully?" Lucero asked.

"We sure did! It was tough, but it was worth it!" Gargomon exclaimed with a smile.

"It's safe now," Turuiemon said calmly. Prairiemon got a look at Yun's house.

"Oh? Is this your house, Yun? Why, it's so lovely!" Prairiemon exclaimed with a smile.

"You think so? Because I think the houses at Fionn Village are much prettier!" Yun said, then she saw her family and forgot to introduce them to Prairiemon. "Oh! Guys, this is Prairiemon. She's one of my secondary Digimon, who I befriended long ago! It's okay, she has a home in the Digital World!"

"I wonder if Ayaka's going to get the wrong idea again?" Turuiemon whispered to Gargomon.

"Nah. Not this time, I don't think," Gargomon replied with a smile. Yun then hugged all the Digimon.

"Thanks you guys! You're all the best!" Yun lauded everyone for their efforts and lavished them with all the love she could give them. Now feeling tired, everyone except Prairiemon de-digivolved...and Rabbitmon too?

"Oh! Rabbitmon! You're glowing!" Lopmon exclaimed.

She was right. Rabbitmon has been enveloped in a bright pink light. Yun became worried.

"What's wrong, Rabbitmon!? Are you okay!?" Yun yelped.

The light surrounding Rabbitmon grew smaller and smaller...until it was about the size of Terriermon and Lopmon. When the light dissipated,! Now she's a very small pink rabbit, with long ears (though half the length of Terriermon and Lopmon's ears) standing upward, beady black eyes, a red scarf wrapped around her neck, little red shoes, and a set of white and blue headphones with purple four leaf clovers on the ear pads. Everyone couldn't believe what they just saw. The little pink rabbit Digimon sat itself up and looked at everyone with a confused look on her face.

"Kyuu?" She said in a very high, cute voice.

Immediately, Yun beamed and squeezed the little Digimon.

"SOOOOO CUUUUTE!!" Yun hugged the tiny rabbit Digimon and rubbed herself against the little one's pink skin, which felt very warm and soft. "Oh! And so warm and fluffy!"

Lucero got her digivice and decided to look up Rabbitmon's de-digivolved form on it.

"She is now Cutemon(1), a rookie level, vaccine attribute, fairy Digimon. Her attacks are Ultrasonic Wave and Healing Light," Lucero said.

"It suits you!" Yun told Cutemon.

"Thanks, kyu!" Cutemon said in her cute voice. Lucero then found something next to his foot and picked it up. It's a small pink gem stone shaped like a rabbit's head and ears.

"Oh! Yun! Look! I think this might be a D-Chip!" Lucero exclaimed, showing Yun the rabbit shaped stone. Lopmon, Cutemon, and Terriermon got a look at it as well.

"Hey! You might be right, Lucero!" Lopmon said.

"Wow! That's so pretty!" Terriermon said.

"That's mine, kyu!" Cutemon exclaimed. Yun, touched by Cutemon's...well, cute everything, she squealed again.

"Oooooh! You're sooooo cute!" Yun hugged Cutemon again. But when she finished, Cutemon got a look at Lucero and her black eyes beamed.

"Lucero, kyu!" Cutemon leaped into Lucero's arms and rubbed against him happily, which made him smile.

"Thy fur is so soft! What an adorable Digimon thou art!" Lucero said.

Then, Cutemon leaped onto Hisako's head. Then, onto Teruki's shoulder. Then, in Prairiemon's arms.

"Cutemon are very rare Digimon, so you're quite lucky to have befriended one, Yun! Congratulations!" Prairiemon said with a smile as Cutemon rubbed against her. Then, Cutemon leaped back into Lucero's arms.

"So...what shalt become of Cutemon now?" Lucero asked everyone, then looked at Cutemon herself. "Wouldst thou like to return to thy home in the Digital World?"

Cutemon shook her head. "I'm scared to, kyu. They might still be mad at me, kyu."

Teruki and Hisako looked at each other, smiled, and looked back at everyone else.

"Well, it seems we have a new member of our family!" Hisako edicted.

Yun, Lucero, Lopmon, Cutemon, Terriermon, and Prairiemon beamed and looked at each other, about to scream with joy until someone beat them to the screaming part...only she screamed with dismay.


After that, Ayaka ran back into the house. Hisako decided to go inside as well.

"I'll start dinner. Would you like to have it with us, Prairiemon?" Hisako asked.

Prairiemon beamed. "Oh! I'd be delighted to join you! But I'm afraid I might be too big to enter your house."

"It's okay. I'll bring it out to you," Hisako told her.

As Hisako, Teruki, and Ayaka went back in, Yun squealed with joy and high fived Lucero.

"I sure didn't expect that!" Lucero said.

"Me neither, but I'm so happy! But then again, Ayaka's probably gonna yell at me every day because of this," Yun muttered.

"Thou shouldst not worry! Without any question, we shall always protect thee," Lucero told her as if he were her chivalrous knight in armor, even doing the pose, which made them all laugh.

"You really do resemble a knight, Lucero!" Lopmon laughed.

"Oh! Even better! A Knightmon!" Prairiemon joked.

"Where's your armor?" Terriermon joked.

"I wonder what's for dinner?" Yun asked.

With a new friend, Yun declared today to be one of the best ever! As if it couldn't get any better, Hisako made a huge batch of pin wheel noodles for everyone, Prairiemon included. After dinner, Prairiemon went back home. Cutemon decided to stay with Lucero since she suddenly grew attached to both Yun and him and because Yun's room is occupied by Terriermon and Lopmon. Finally, after a long but happy day, Yun went to sleep feeling very propitiated, mollified, and happy. She even dreamed the dream again.

Sadly, Yun was oblivious to the fact that tomorrow, the beautiful harmony that had been bestowed upon her was going to be destroyed and decimated in an instant, and it would crush her.


1. There is no evidence that Cutemon can actually digivolve into Rabbitmon, but I couldn't help notice some similarities between them, so I just thought "why not?" and made it so in my fan fic...and I made Cutemon into a girl too. Yes yes, I know Cutemon is a boy in Digimon Xros Wars, but I thought it'd be more interesting if the Cutemon in my story is a girl so I went with it. And yes, Cutemon doesn't have a level or attribute, but considering the information about him on the net so far, I took some liberties and made her a rookie and a vaccine. Sorry! Hope you don't mind.


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