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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 33 (part one)

Chapter 33 part 1!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 33
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 33: The Kinship is Mercilessly Cut

After being bestowed with a new friend in the form of Cutemon, Yun couldn't wait to tell her friends all about it. Finally, Monday came, along with another school day. Yun literally rushed to get out and get to school so she could see her friends and tell her all about her day...well, after they went blueberry picking, that is. Once she got on the blacktop, she found all her friends together and told them everything that had happened.

"So you have another secondary Digimon partner now? Congrats, Yun! I'm happy for you!" Minako exclaimed with a smile.

"You're so lucky! I wish I had other Digimon partners!" Riku exclaimed.

"Sorry. But I'm sure you'll get other Digimon soon!" Yun told him, hoping to encourage him a little.

"I'll bet that fight with that Minotarumon must have been hard!" Otoya said.

"It was!" Yun exclaimed.

"You're getting better at this. Awesome," Melody actually smiled a bit and gave Yun a thumbs up.

"You can get more Digimon? I didn't know that," Hokuto murmured shyly.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you? Sorry!" Yun said.

"I didn't know you guys fighting rabid Digimon was a regular thing," Shione said.

"You never knew? That's kinda why we started the Digimon Brigade, but I'm sure you and Moosemon will be able to get stronger soon!" Rena told her politely.

"That reminds me! How are you and Moosemon getting along, Shione-chan?" Yun asked curiously.

"Great! I'm glad you asked! Mikuni and I play with him all the time! He's such a sweetheart! He hides in the woods so Dad and Himari can't see him. They NEVER go in that area, so that makes it easier for him to stay hidden! Don't worry, I'm making sure nobody sees him," Shione explained with a bright smile on her face.

"We're happy for you, Shione-chan!" Otoya said. She then turned to Yun. "Yun-chan? Sorry I couldn't go blueberry picking with you yesterday. I really wanted to, though. I could've gotten lots of blueberries and used them to bake stuff for the church bake sale or just for dessert at home!"

"It's alright. Mom says there's still lots of time left before the blueberry harvest ends, so you can still go whenever you can at this time!" Yun explained.

Kosuke noticed that a little ways away from the blacktop, a lot of kids are gathered around.

"Hey. Looks like there's something going on over there," Kosuke said, pointing to the kids.

"Wanna go see?" Rena asked Melody.

"Sure," Melody murmured. The kids ambled over to the crowd to see what was going on. Riku managed to see who was at the center of the circle of kids.

"Is that Kobayashi? What's she bragging about now?" Riku asked.

"Kobayashi Tomoka? That blonde girl in Seiko's clique?" Melody asked.

"Yeah. I see her right there," Otoya said.

She's right. Tomoka is in the center of the circle of kids, apparently showing people her cell phone.

"I'm telling you! It was so freaky! This creepy witch lady dressed in black and white with red eyes made a big scene in the dollar store a few days ago! It was crazy! She had super powers and everything! Look! I managed to record most of it with my cell phone!" Tomoka exclaimed as she showed various kids the footage on her dark red cell phone.

"What!? Is this for real!? No way!"

"Nuh-uh! That looks so fake!"

"Whoa! Look at that! Black cats attacked the manager!"

"Are you serious!?"

"Kobayashi, you didn't just rip something off of YouTube and download it here, did you?"

Tomoka got mad. "NO I DIDN'T!! I know what I saw!! This is enough proof as it is, isn't it!? Look! Here's the part where she flies in the air and makes some creepy wave of darkness appear from her hands!"

"Why didn't you show us this before!?" Seiko yelped.

"I wanted to, but my mom took my phone away and I wasn't allowed to use it for the weekend," Tomoka explained.

Even though the crowd was rather noisy, the kids in the Digimon Brigade managed to hear enough to piece together what Tomoka explained. A creepy witch lady? Dressed in black and white? Red eyes? She has super powers? She can fly? She has two black cats as attendants and can shoot some black wave of darkness? Yun knew immediately what she was talking about, but since Tomoka is a part of Seiko's clique, and that Tomoka is VERY vocal and serious about what she's saying right now, she didn't want to attract any unwanted attention. Melody, however, pushed through the crowd so she could get to the center. Once she did, she snatched Tomoka's cell phone from her hand and looked at the footage.

"Hey! Give that back!" Tomoka tried to get it back, but Melody looked at the footage that Tomoka recorded.

It started off as rather shaky, then focused on a rather scantily clad woman dressed in black and white yelling at the manager and a random security guard. Then, a strange black cat appeared and scratched the security guard in the face as the woman flew into the air and yelled "Darkness Wave!"before breaking a window and making her escape. Melody couldn't believe what she was seeing, and apparently neither can a lot of other people.

"No way! This can't be! Is she--" Melody was about to replay the footage again, but Seiko took the phone.

"That's Tomoka's phone, you sourpuss! Oh great, now it's covered in loser germs!" Seiko sneered as she gave Tomoka her phone back. But it seems the crowd has caught the attention of someone else as well.

"Alright, what's going on here?" A rather plump blonde woman asked sternly with her arms crossed.

"Oginome-sensei!" Melody raised her hand and shouted, "Kobayashi's using her cell phone on school grounds!!"

"WHAT!? Why you--!!" Tomoka was about to give her an earful, but the woman, Mrs. Oginome, ambled up to Tomoka and confiscated her phone.

"Haven't you learned by now, Kobayashi? I've told you time and time again NOT to bring your cell phone within the school! It's no wonder your parents keep trying to keep you from using it!" Mrs. Oginome scolded.

"Hey! Give it back! That's not fair!" Tomoka tried to get her phone back, but to no avail.

"Sorry, but since you've violated this rule yet another time, I'm calling your parents!" Mrs. Oginome said and walked away with Tomoka's cell phone in hand.

"Noooo!" Tomoka whined like a spoiled little girl. Soon, the bell rang and everyone went to homeroom...or, not everyone.

Right when Hokuto was about to follow the others and go to homeroom, someone suddenly grabbed him from behind and pushed him against the fence. It was Nenji! Right now, he's looking VERY choleric, his face red like the pimple blemishes on his face. Hokuto's back hurt from hitting the metal fence, but he couldn't break free of his grasp.

"You snitched on me, Lab Rat!! Admit it!!" Nenji screamed angrily, shaking Hokuto and pressing him against the wall like he's a back scratcher.

"I...have no idea--"

"Dun try to weasel yer way outta 'dis, yo!! You snitched, I know it!! You told Manabe-sensei that I cheated off of Aizawa in science class last week, didn't ya!?"

Hokuto tried to push Nenji off of him, but Nenji's too strong. Thankfully, fate was on his side.

"Over there, sensei!"

That was Yun's voice.

"Thou must go and help!"

That was Lucero's voice and dialect.

"Nemoto Nenji! Get off of him right now!" Mrs. Oginome demanded angrily as she pulled Nenji off of Hokuto.

"He snitched on me!! He's a snitch, yo!!" Nenji yelled, but Mrs. Oginome grabbed his arm and pulled him into the school.

"I don't know what you're getting so riled up about, but I'm calling your parents too!" Mrs. Oginome showed no mercy or fear as she dragged Nenji into the school building. Yun gently took Hokuto away from the blacktop and escorted him to his homeroom, which is just one door away from her own. She then went into her own homeroom, albeit a little late. Mrs. Kamogawa didn't seem to mind since she heard and saw a little bit of what happened.

"Let me guess. Nemoto pickin' on Hokuto again?" Melody asked gruffly with her arms crossed.

"Yeah. Really, why does he hate him so much?" Yun rolled her eyes.

"Maybe because Hokuto's skinny and Nemoto hates skinny people because he's fat?" Melody asked.

"Who knows. But...I really hate that word snitch! It sounds like a racial slur!" Yun exclaimed.

"I loathe that word also, but I loathe people who try to gain superiority over other people by violence and coercion even worse!" Lucero backed her up.

"It's the modern age, people. Times are changing and we can't do a thing about it," Melody said.

Although Yun hated it, she had to admit that Melody had a valid point. At the same time, she was worried about Hokuto. She heard a little bit of what Nenji was shouting, so she was able to piece together what he was talking about. The good thing is that Hokuto and Yun share the same art class, which is right after homeroom. Not only that, they sit next to each other at the same table, so it gave Yun a great opportunity to talk to him. During art class, the teacher, Mrs. Nozaki, was teaching everyone about artwork from the Edo Period and showing them examples of various works. Yun noticed Hokuto's attentive but dejected look and decided to poke him on the shoulder.

"Hey, Hokuto-kun," Yun whispered. Hokuto looked at her shyly.

"Are you okay?" Yun asked in a low whisper. Hokuto nodded.

"Sorry about earlier. Nemoto hates it when people tell on him," Yun said.

"It's true," Hokuto murmured timidly.


"I saw him cheating off of someone. I told Manabe-sensei and he got scolded. He knows."

Regardless, Yun smiled and gently pat him on the back.

"It's okay. You were right to tell the teacher. It's wrong to cheat off of someone's work. He deserved that scolding," Yun told him in a whisper. Hokuto smiled a bit. They went back to the lesson. Mrs. Nozaki is showing the kids a picture of the 1608 edition of Tales of Ise(1).

"Now, can anyone tell me what purpose ukiyo-e served in this book?" Mrs. Nozaki asked.

Yun raised her hand. "Wakamiya? Do you know?"

"They were used as illustrations," Yun said.

Mrs. Nozaki beamed. "Correct! Excellent! Yes, ukiyo-e first originated..." Mrs. Nozaki went on and on.

After a long morning, recess finally came. Yun was talking to the rest of the Digimon Brigade until Minako said that she had an announcement to make.

"Everyone? Umm...I hope you don't mind me telling you this, but my parents and I are going to have a picnic this Sunday, and they said I'm allowed to invite all of you. Would you all like to come?" Minako asked. Immediately, Yun beamed.

"Sure! I'd love to go! But I'll have to ask my parents first," Yun said.

"Me too," Melody said.

"Oh! Dad told me I don't have to help out with Sunday school for three weeks, so I'm free! I'd love to go! I love picnics!" Otoya exclaimed happily.

"I've never been on a picnic before. I'd love to go! But I'll have to talk to my parents too," Rena said.

Riku sighed. "Five bucks says that they're gonna say no without a doubt. But we'll let you know if they give us permission!"

"I' to go too," Hokuto muttered.

"I as well! Picnics are lovely, are they not?" Lucero said.

Kosuke didn't say a word. Yun noticed that he had been acting quite strange as of late...or, to be more precise, more indifferent and possibly even anti-social, especially since Yun had seem him be so cheerful and alive during the blueberry picking yesterday! She couldn't help but wonder...did his mother do something to the blueberries and make him mad? Not only that, she's noticing that Minako's acting strange too. She smiled when she made the announcement, but she could tell it looked rather forced, and Yun thought she was the only one who was good at making really forced smiles all the time (she doesn't think she can do a natural smile no matter what). Yun understood that Minako's still mourning her little brother and that it's still a sensitive subject for her. Considering how they are right now, Yun decided to give them some space...but in her heart, she really wanted to help them. But what could she do? She then noticed a little flower on a tree that's practically stripped of all of it's leaves and flowers.

Immediately caught in the clutches of it's beauty, she ran to it. The flower is still in full bloom, even though most of its bretheren are gone and have withered away in the May wind. Yun recognized the flower too. It's a plum blossom, complete with petals that are a cute shade of light pink, like Lopmon's ears, paws, and collar. She wondered if Lopmon would like to see it. The she remembered she had her digivice on her, and she could take a picture with it! Yun hadn't used the camera option on her digivice very much, but she did use it enough to know, and remember, how it worked. Carefully she opened her digivice and set up the camera option. She fixated her digivice, and her gaze, onto the lone plum blossom carefully, so she could get a good photo of it. Once she set herself up well enough...CLICK! Yun then looked at the picture and was propitiated with how it came out. She couldn't wait to show it to Lopmon and tell her how it reminded her (Yun) of her (Lopmon). Unfortunately, someone saw her do it, and that someone was someone whom Yun didn't want to deal with.

"Hey retard! What's that you have there?" It was Seiko's voice. Yun turned around and hid her digivice in her pocket.

"Nothing you would be interested in!" Yun stammered as she tried to run away, but Seiko stood in front of her.

"Did you tell your sourpuss goth friend to get Tomoka in trouble for this morning?" Seiko asked in a virulent tone of voice.

"No! What gave you that idea!? She did that on her own! You should know better than to accuse someone of something without solid proof!" Yun told her boldly and tried to run, but Seiko stopped her yet again.

"You're such a dirty little liar! You snitched, didn't you?"

"No I'm not! I'm telling the truth!! Go away!"

Now, Seiko grabbed her arm, and Yun struggled to push her off of it. Seiko's fingernails dug into her skin, and to Yun, it really hurt.

"You snitch! You did that so you can make yourself look good, didn't you!?"

"Let go of me! It's wrong to have cell phones in school!"

"Stop being such a goody-goody, retard!"

"I said get off of me!!"

Finally, Yun snapped and pushed Seiko so hard that she not only let go of Yun, but fell to the ground. Yun used this opportunity to run away and make sure she was out of Seiko's sight. What she didn't know was that she passed Melody, who is walking toward Seiko with an angry look on her face. Seiko's two friends found her on the ground and approached her.

"Seiko-chan! You okay!?" Iniki asked.

"Oh! Wakamiya just pushed me! She's so violent!" Seiko wailed like a little girl whose candy got stolen.

"Can it, Shimizu! I saw you harassing Yun just now! Just so you know, Yun didn't tell me anything! I reported her on my own! Don't you prissy little dogs know by now? You can't have cell phones on the school grounds! Guess your brains are just as tiny as your scrawny little bodies! You deserve what you got and you have to deal with it!" Melody told them scornfully. "And don't you DARE try to pin this on Yun and claim she's a bully! That just proves you three are nothing but cowards and whiny little pansies!"

"Did you just call us dogs!?" Tomoka yelled, but Melody already stormed off and ran to Yun, only this time, she shed her scornful look and looked at Yun's arm with genuine concern.

"You okay? Does it hurt?" Melody asked in a low, soft voice as she looked at Yun's arm.

"A little, but I can handle it. Thanks," Yun said.

"I overheard a little bit. What happened?" Lucero asked, with his face also filled with concern.

"I was taking a picture with my digivice and Seiko accused me of telling Melody to get Kobayashi in trouble. I don't know where she gets these weird ideas, but I can't stand it!" Yun explained.

"I say! She should know by now that what happened happened and that she has to deal with it like everyone else," Lucero said.

"I just told her that," Melody said.

Soon, the bell rang and recess ended. Later, the school day itself ended. The Digimon Brigade kids decided to walk out together, but when they got out onto the blacktop, someone was waiting for them! Only Yun knew who it was.



Little Cutemon leaped into Yun's arms with her cute pink face looking very worried.

"Yun-chan! There's big trouble, kyu!" Cutemon exclaimed.

Yun, knowing that people might hear her voice and see Cutemon, shushed Cutemon and ran to the other side of the school, where almost nobody goes. Thankfully, the coast is clear. Yun was about to ask her what was wrong, but Otoya suddenly grabbed her and hoisted her into the air.

"Awwww! Is this your new friend, Yun-chan? She's soooo cute!" Otoya exclaimed, beaming at Cutemon.

"You're right! She's adorable!" Rena crooned.

"Hm. Definitely a type of Digimon you'd go for, Yun," Riku said.

Suddenly, Cutemon leaped out of Otoya's hands.

"This isn't the time for that, kyu!! There's big trouble, kyu!!" Cutemon screamed.

"What's wrong?" Yun asked.

"Some freaky witch Digimon with red eyes and two BlackGatomon friends are wreacking havoc in town, kyu! Last I heard she was going to the construction site, kyu! We have to stop her!" Cutemon explained.

"WHAT!?" Everyone except Kosuke and Melody yelped.

"Come on! We have to stop her before it's too late, kyu!" Cutemon importuned with worry in her beady black eyes, pulling on Yun's pant legs.

"Calm down, Cutemon! We have to get our Digimon first!" Yun told her.

"I already told them to meet us here at the school, kyu!"

"You did?" Everyone except Kosuke and Melody yelped. Yun smiled and stroke Cutemon's head gently.

"You're such a reliable Digimon! I love you!" Yun crooned sweetly.

"I'll call Aria-chan, Isao-kun, and Shunji-kun and let them know!" Rena exclaimed as she got her digivice and proceeded to talk to the three Digimon Brigade members who are missing right now. Melody was lost in her mind, and Yun noticed.

"What's up, Mel-chan?" Yun asked.

Melody looked at her with a straight face. "Yun. Have you ever met a Digimon that matches the description of a witch dressed in black and white with red eyes and can use the move Darkness Wave?"

"Yeah! I have! A LadyDevimon! Why?" Yun replied.

"The cell phone footage that Kobayashi recorded...the witch she was talking a Digimon! She really did fly in the air and use her Darkness Wave attack," Melody told her.

"You think so?" Riku asked.

"I know so! Look!" Melody exclaimed as she got her digivice out, pulled out LadyDevimon's information and showed it to everyone.

"See? This is the Digimon in the video that Kobayashi took! You guys didn't see it so I have no actual proof, but she can use Darkness Wave and she certainly looks like a witch!" Melody explained. Cutemon got a look at the picture and her ears perked up.

"Yes! That's her! That's the Digimon that's causing trouble, kyu!" Cutemon shouted.

"Aria-chan, Isao-kun, and Shunji-kun are on their way!" Rena exclaimed.

In a few minutes, the remaining three members of the Digimon Brigade dragon.

"Bonjooooour!! Traveling by dragon is awesome!!" Shunji yelled from atop of Coredramon.

"Uh...Shunji? Don't you think there's more important things to be doing than shouting about how supposedly awesome I am?" Coredramon told him.

Aria caught a sight of Cutemon and hugged her.

"Oooooh! A pink bunny Digimon! Cute!" Aria hugged Cutemon gently and nudged her cheek against her, which Cutemon enjoyed.

"Come on! Let's kick some evil Digimon butt!" Isao proclaimed, shoving his fist into the air.


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