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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 33 (part two)

Part 2!

Cutemon claimed that LadyDevimon and her two BlackGatomon attendants are in the construction site, so they decided to take her word for it and fly there on Coredramon's back. The rookies decided not to digivolve until they got there since if they did it early, it would be likely that they would lose their energy earlier than they want to. Coredramon landed a few spaces away so he wouldn't get caught (even though he's the biggest champion level in the entire Digimon Brigade). The kids and rookie level Digimon slowly hid in the trees so they could hide from LadyDevimon's sight. When they got closer, they found LadyDevimon, her two BlackGatomon attendants, three Digimon branded with Dark Emblems, six Geremon and two Numemon-look-alikes with silver skin, gold teeth, gold wings, and a necklace on their heads knocking down trees and throwing balance beams all over the place!

The three branded Digimon are different from the other ones. The first of them looks to be a wingless Unimon, with black stripes all over its white body, a black helmet, black hooves, and a brown tail and mane. The second one is a yellow frog with leaf-like ninja stars in its hands, a machine-like contraption on it's back and a big leaf hovering over it. The third one is a giant stump with arms, legs, and a face. Rena was groosed out by the winged Numemon with silver skin.

"Ewwww! What are those things!?" Rena exclaimed. Riku looked up it's information.

"That's PlatinumNumemon! They're mega levels! Their attacks are Platinum Poop Attack and Platinum Burp!" Riku said.

"The zebra is ShimaUnimon. His attacks are Striped Blaster and Mirage Blaster," Otoya said.

"The giant stump is Woodmon. His attacks are Branch Drill and Woody Smash," Shunji said.

"The frog is...well, Frogmon, an armor level Digimon. His attacks are Hidden Dagger and Frog Bite," Melody said.

"That's right, my beloved servants! Wreak all the havoc you wish! Release all of your frustration!" LadyDevimon commanded with a smile and her eerie voice like usual.

Suddenly, MarineAngemon darted out of the trees and attacked.

"Boiling Water!"

A glowing blue sphere of water shot out from MarineAngemon's mouth and hit LadyDevimon's back. She roared in pain as the burning sensation traveled all throughout her digital body. She was so pained that she fell to the ground, catching the attention of the two BlackGatomon.

"LadyDevimon-sama!" The two BlackGatomon ran to her aid.

"Are you okay?" The first BlackGatomon asked in a concerned voice.

"Yeah, somehow...ugh! I felt like I was hit with fire!" LadyDevimon sneered. The second BlackGatomon noticed that all members of the Digimon Brigade have appeared on the scene.

"Look! Humans!" The second BlackGatomon edicted. LadyDevimon turned around to find them all standing behind her and ready for battle. She stood up.

"Everyone! Cease your attacks!" LadyDevimon commanded, and her servants stopped attacking.

"That's what you get for putting that curse on me back then!" MarineAngemon yelled, satisfied with hitting her in the back with her attack.

"Hm! Well, isn't this interesting. An entire group of kids domesticating Digimon and having the audacity to take me on? I sure didn't see this coming," LadyDevimon said with contempt behind her wicked smile.

"We didn't want you to!" Salamon barked angrily.

"Well, I am rather bored right now, so I guess I'll play with you for a while. It'll waste some time I have on my hand. Now my servants, attack these kids and their Digimon!" LadyDevimon edicted proudly.

All the Digimon digivolved to their champion forms.

"Everyone! I have a plan! Kosuke, Rena, Riku, and Otoya, you all go after LadyDevimon! Hokuto, Isao, Shunji, and Minako, you four go after the three branded Digimon! Aria, Melody, and I will handle the Numemon look-a-likes! Lucero, you go hide somewhere! If she sees you, she might kidnap you! Ready? Go!!" Yun proclaimed and everyone set the battle in motion.

Angemon, Seasarmon, Lekismon, and Firamon went after LadyDevimon. Reppamon, Grizzlymon, Gatomon, and Coredramon went after the three branded Digimon. Birdramon, Gargomon, Turuiemon, and MarineAngemon went after the Numemon look-alikes. Dealing with the Geremon didn't prove to be much of a problem. MarineAngemon rendered them unconscious with her Spray of Hearts, and Birdramon, Turuiemon, and Gargomon managed to kill them all with their attacks, turning them into data. It was the PlatinumNumemon that became the problem. Despite that they're bigger and nastier than MarineAngemon, they managed to evade all of their attacks!

"Man! These things are not only gross, they're annoying! Come on! Show me what you got, slimeballs!" Birdramon complained as she shot another failed Meteor Wing at the two PlatinumNumemon, who both dodged it. Turuiemon tried to grab one, but it slapped her in the face with one of it's wings and flew away.

"This is getting us nowhere!" Turuiemon exclaimed.

"Let's try the digilassos!" Yun proclaimed.

Melody gestured Birdramon to let her on her back, and while chasing a PlatinumNumemon, Melody successfully digilassoed it enough to tie around it's wings and render them useless.

"I got him!" Melody yelled.

"MarineAngemon! Go do your thing!" Aria called out.

"Will do! Spray of Hearts!" MarineAngemon shot her attack at it, not only rendering it unconscious, but killing it too. But Turuiemon and Gargomon are having trouble handling the other one. While they were dealing with the PlatinumNumemon, Hokuto, Isao, Minako, and Shunji are dealing with the champion level Digimon who are branded with Dark Emblems.

"Striped Blaster!" A blue streak of thunder shot out from ShimaUnimon's horn, heading right toward Reppamon. Thankfully, Reppamon had a trick up his sleeve.

"Spinning Sky Fissure Slash!" Reppamon did a soumersault right toward ShimaUnimon, ripping through it's attack with his tail blade and knocking it out.

"Gatomon! I'll let you remove the Dark Emblem!" Reppamon told Gatomon, who leaped onto ShimaUnimon, found the Dark Emblem on it's neck, and, with her Lightning Paw, destroyed it.

"That's one down, two to go! Nyan! Let's help them out, shall we?" Gatomon told Reppamon as they ran toward Grizzlymon and Woodmon, who are pushing at each other.

"Maul Attack!"

"Woody Smash!"

Woodmon tried to smack Grizzlymon with his bark arm, but Grizzlymon caught him with his own claws and pinned him against the tree. He saw the Dark Emblem on Woodmon's chin.

"Crescent Dawn!" The crescent shape on Grizzlymon's forehead glowed and the Dark Emblem disappeared.

"Nice one, Grizzlymon! Now let's grab that Frogmon!" Isao cheered.

"Indeed! That thing hops higher than me!" Grizzlymon joked...though it wasn't really intended to be a joke, since Frogmon are known to be great jumpers.

"Everyone! Get your digilassos out! Let's wrangle this frog!" Shunji edicted. Everyone got their digilassos out and tried to lasso Frogmon.

"Leaf Shuriken!" Frogmon threw two leaf shuriken at them, but Gatomon stepped in and broke them all with her Lightning Paw.

"You won't get past us, froggy!" Gatomon yelled.

"Blue Flare Breath!" Coredramon, tired of sitting around, released a stream of blue fire that not only destroyed the Dark Emblem on Frogmon, but destroyed him and most of the forest as well. Frogmon's data converted into a DigiEgg, and most of the trees have been burned to a crisp, leaves and all.

"Coredramon! You could've turned us into fried chicken with that!!" Minako scolded. Embarrassed, Coredramon scratched his nose.

"Sorry! I...guess I overdid it," Coredramon said.

Reppamon saw Yun and Melody trying desperately to wrangle the PlatinumNumemon but are failing. Birdramon was close to losing her energy. Reppamon then approached Birdramon.

"Would you like to assist the others in fighting LadyDevimon? I'll switch with you so you can at least save some energy," Reppamon told her kindly.

"Oh, thank God! I was actually hoping you'd say that! Thanks a lot! I'll leave it to you, Reppamon!" Birdramon told him and flew away to assist in the fight with LadyDevimon. Hokuto followed Reppamon and tried to help them. As for those who are fighting LadyDevimon...

"Hand of Fate!"

"Tee Dia!"

"Moon Night Bomb!"

"Fira Claw!"

"Meteor Wing!"

Sadly, even they're having a hard time subduing LadyDevimon. She kept on evading their attacks and fighting back.

"Darkness Wave!"

Angemon stepped in and stopped the attack with his own before it hurt anyone.

"Tell us! Why are you here and why are you making these Digimon wreak havoc!?" Kosuke yelled angrily.

"Because I find the human world to be rather interesting! Who's to say a little fun don't hurt?" LadyDevimon replied.

"Well your so-called fun WILL hurt people! Stop doing this!" Otoya yelled.

"She is right! You must repent for your sins! We will show no mercy! Tee Dia!" Seasarmon's many arrows of light tried to attack LadyDevimon, but she fought back.

"Darkness Wave!" Her stream of darkness managed to swallow the arrows of light. Thankfully, the others dodged the attack and managed to evade it.

"Moon Night Bomb!" Lekismon threw five spheres of water at her.

"Fallen Angel's Spear!" A long, black spear formed within LadyDevimon's hand. Long and black, almost the same size as her, with red bat wings on the hilt, a small silver chain hanging off of it, and at the tip is a sharp, bloody red blade with black bat wings painted on it. She swung it in two crescent-like arcs, rendering all the water spheres into nothing but drops of rain falling on the construction site.

"Fira Bomb!" Firamon shot three balls of fire at her, but LadyDevimon stabbed them all with her spear and turned them into nothing.

"Stay still, will ya!? Meteor Wing!" Birdramon flapped her wings and made fiery meteors fly out of them, but LadyDevimon made them dissipate into nothing with her spear. But this made her wide open for an attack.

"Hand of Fate!" Angemon shot a fiery fist at her, managing to scrape one of her sides just a bit. LadyDevimon roared in pain as the holy power singed her hip.

"Why you no good--!!" LadyDevimon proceeded to attack them with her spear.

"You shall not defeat us! Holy Rod!" Angemon blocked her spear with his staff, and they engaged in an all out battle.

Suddenly, Lekismon found herself unable to fight LadyDevimon anymore, so she descended to the ground in front of Rena. It's understandable, since Lekismon can't fly, but she felt guilty for being unable to help out.

"You okay, Lekismon?" Rena asked with concern.

"Yes, I am fine, though I wish I could've been more useful," Lekismon told her gently. Rena then saw the two BlackGatomon, who are about to hit her and Gatomon, who approached them, with a combined Lightning Kick.

"What about them? Can you try attacking them?" Rena asked.

"I can. Tear Arrow!" Lekismon shot an icy arrow at the first BlackGatomon, rendering her unconscious.

"Sister!!" The second BlackGatomon picked her sister up and put her in front of a tree. Then, she looked at Rena and Lekismon with an angry and choleric look on her face. "How dare you hurt my precious sister!! I'll never forgive you!! Lighting Kick!" BlackGatomon quickly kicked Lekismon in the abdomen, knocking her to the ground. But Lekismon stood back up and attacked her back.

"Moon Night Bomb!" She threw three spheres of water at BlackGatomon. Only one managed to soak her to the bone.

"Need my help? Nyan!" Gatomon stepped in and slapped the arrogant BlackGatomon in the face with her paw. Incensed, BlackGatomon slapped her back.

"You wretched thing!!" BlackGatomon screamed as she and Gatomon got into an epic cat fight (really) in the form of howling and slapping each other's faces (guess where we've seen that before).

Meanwhile, Yun and the others are still having trouble containing the PlatinumNumemon. Yun has finally had enough.

"AAAAGH!! I can't stand this!! I'm calling for my secondary Digimon!!" Yun screamed angrily.

"Me too!" Aria backed her up.

"So am I!" Minako exclaimed.

Yun called for both Bucchiemon and Prairiemon. Cutemon already digivolved into Rabbitmon so. Aria called for Unimon, and Minako called for Lynxmon and Nefertimon. They understood that the situation is dire and decided to help them out.

"Love Laser!"

"Prairie Claw!"

"Howling Buster!"

"Rosetta Stone!"

"Aerial Attack!"

Sadly enough, PlatinumNumemon dodged all of them, but after that, he proceeded to throw pink swirlies at them.

"Platinum Poop Attack!"

"Carrot Bomb!"

"Gargo Laser!"

Both Rabbitmon and Gargomon destroyed the pink swirlies with their own barrage of attacks.

"Vacuum Kamaitachi!"

Thankfully, Reppamon's attack managed to hit PlatinumNumemon a few times. But not enough to kill it or render it unconscious.

"Man! Doesn't this thing ever take a break!?" Yun yelped.

"Apparently not!" Gargomon exclaimed.

"Goodness! PlatinumNumemon are such horrid creatures!" Prairiemon exclaimed as she tried to scratch it with her Prairie Claw, but it dodged her attack and flew upward. Unimon suddenly saw LadyDevimon fighting with the others.

"Ack! LadyDevimon is here!? Grrr! I'm going up and gettin' her!" Unimon flew away from the scene.

"Unimon! Come back!" Aria pleaded, but Unimon didn't listen.

"Gah! You know what!? Screw this! We're going after LadyDevimon! Come on, Coredramon!" Shunji exclaimed as he hopped on Coredramon's back, irritated by all the incessant fighting.

"Now you're speaking my language!" Coredramon exclaimed.

Soon, Angemon, Seasarmon, Birdramon, Unimon, and Coredramon surrounded LadyDevimon.

"Give up, LadyDevimon!" Riku commanded.

"As if I could ever do that!" LadyDevimon yelled, with her spear out and ready.

"Everyone, attack!!" Kosuke yelled as loud as he could.

"Meteor Wing!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Tee Dia!"

"Aerial Attack!"

"Blue Flare Breath!"

As they attacked, Kosuke secretly called for reinforcements in the form of Pegasusmon and Pteramon. The attacks looked as though they were about to finally defeat LadyDevimon...or so they thought.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet! Let me show you a little trick I learned! Black Dome!" LadyDevimon yelled as she made some hand gestures and made a black sphere form around her, not only preventing the attacks from hitting her, but absorbing them as well!

"WHAT!? Our attacks didn't work!!" Angemon screamed, becoming quite choleric.

"Even my all powerful Blue Flare Breath didn't phase her! What the freak!?" Coredramon exclaimed.

"Um, she IS an ultimate level, y'know!?" Birdramon told them sarcastically.

"We get that," Pegasusmon said.

"Got any other ideas?" Pteramon asked.

"Um, you do realize I'm still here, right? Well, I'm not going to be the only one to give you trouble! I--" LadyDevimon was about to show them something they presumed was going to be much more terrifying and harder to deal with than last time until the arrogant BlackGatomon called out to her.

"LadyDevimon-sama!! LadyDevimon-sama!!"

She sounded very despondent as she screamed for her mistress, and it actually caught LadyDevimon's attention. LadyDevimon, with her normally eerie, ominous, and malicious red eyes turning very concerned and attentive, descended before the arrogant BlackGatomon, who isn't acting very arrogant right now. In fact, tears are pouring from her yellow green eyes and she looks as though she's going to break down at any moment. LadyDevimon kneeled before her attendant.

"What's wrong, dear?" LadyDevimon asked in a concerned, almost motherly voice that left everyone taken aback.

"Dear?" Otoya asked.

"You've GOT to be kidding me!" Kosuke sneered.

"It's sister! She's badly hurt! That horrid Lekismon and Gatomon got her real good!" The arrogant BlackGatomon explained tearfully, pulling on LadyDevimon's long arm.

LadyDevimon's red eyes grew big with alarm. "WHAT!? Take me to her, now!"

"Yes ma'am!" The arrogant BlackGatomon took LadyDevimon to the tree in which she laid her sister in front of just earlier, only now the normally timid and tenuous BlackGatomon had been attacked by not only Lekismon, but Minako and Gatomon as well. LadyDevimon yelped upon seeing Minako, Gatomon, Rena, and Lekismon about to potentially kill BlackGatomon!

"Alright! Do it now!" Minako commanded.

"Nyan! Lightning Paw!" Gatomon flew toward BlackGatomon, with her paw literally sparking with yellow electricity. The timid BlackGatomon closed her eyes, fearing that this may be the end of her...only it wasn't.

"Fallen Angel's Spear!!"

Overcome with rancor and anger, LadyDevimon swiftly flew in between her attendant and Minako's Digimon partner, swinging her spear in a perfect and impeccable circle, so much so that Gatomon's attack couldn't get past her. Gatomon was thrown against Minako, who fell to the ground as a result. All the flying Digimon descended to the ground. Everyone (except for those who are struggling to contain the rabid PlatinumNumemon) looked at LadyDevimon, who looked at her injured attendant with a very despondent and concerned look in her supposedly malicious bloody red eyes.

"Oh! Oh! BlackGatomon, my dear! Are you alright!? Say something! Come on, kitten! Please don't perish!!" LadyDevimon cried, shook her little black kitten friend, and pleaded for her to survive. Even the arrogant BlackGatomon remained silent as she watched LadyDevimon plea like a frightened and desperate mother whose child is sick with a grave illness about to die in her arms.


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