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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 33 (part three)

Part 3!

All of a sudden, she found herself walking down memory lane. Nobody knew of this, and they were oblivious to her lingering pain. She remembered the days she spent as a Nyaromon, at first happily playing and gamboling and hopping with her two comrades, who are now the two BlackGatomon who serve her. But then the trip to Gwyneira Tundra arrived. They did nothing but explore and gambol and meander around with their curious eyes, which turned out to be the greatest mistake they ever committed. Of course, they were still young and had no idea of the things that were to come, but what could they do? Then, the bitterly cold, violent, desolate, and hazardous blizzard arrived and trapped the three of them in the area, left behind by their kin never to be found. LadyDevimon shivered a little as she remembered the cold, desolate, and bitter days they spent trapped in the blizzard, shivering with cold and their stomachs longing for food. But what they really wanted was warmth and love. Even when the blizzard died down, times were tough. They went around seeking help from other Digimon, but they treated the three innocent Nyaromon like they were intruders with intent to steal their food and luxury. It was understandable since normally Digimon are rather cautious and guarded when it comes to wanting to survive cold, harsh winters, but the Digimon the Nyaromon trio had to deal with were quite intractable things, beating them when they had the chance.

But despite the hardships they went through, the trio of Nyaromon had each other. They endured the hardships together, shared happy memories together, rejoiced in their triumphs together, complained together, stayed together, and stood their ground together. The three Nyaromon were as tight as three peas in a pod. They did everything together. They were stuck together like super glue, never to be pulled apart. Of course, LadyDevimon remembered that she was the natural born leader of the three of them, always making the decisions, deciding what was the right thing to do, and making sure nobody got into trouble, which they got into frequently. It wasn't until MoonMillenniummon, as a Kimeramon, saved the trio from their suffering. Around then, she had already digivolved into a Salamon with the two Nyaromon by her side. He put them in the care of Lilithmon, who raised them and trained them to be strong. LadyDevimon remembered that she matured faster than her two friends because of her passionate and strong wish for love, warmth, and strength. But even when she was at her weakest, she never forgot about the well being of her friends, who she promised to take care of. She would die if any one of them were to have something horrible happen to them, and now, she feared the worst.

Thankfully, much to her and the arrogant BlackGatomon's ecstasy, the timid BlackGatomon, who lay limp in her arms, opened her yellow green eyes and looked up at her wearily.

"Mi-Mis...tress?" The timid BlackGatomon whispered weakly. This made LadyDevimon and the arrogant BlackGatomon both smile and cry with delight.

"Oh!! My dear friend!! You're alright!! Oh, I would die if anything were to happen to you, my precious friend!!" LadyDevimon wailed as she held BlackGatomon close to her chest. Nobody could believe what they saw. LadyDevimon, a normally purely dark, malicious, and evil Digimon, actually caring for a subordinate like how a mother does for her child? This was really out of context for them! But considering the tears in their eyes, the concern and sincerity she showed for her friend certainly wasn't prevaricated. LadyDevimon and the arrogant BlackGatomon are happy that their friend is alright. They were oblivious to this, but Gatomon is looking at them with a despondent, almost guilty, face of her own. She felt guilty for almost having attacked their friend. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, but even she knew that the genuine, pure, and almost innocent concern they showed for their friend couldn't be prevaricated. She had seen heartfelt love like that many times before.

'I know they must have went through a lot of hardship to get this far. I'm sure they didn't want what they went through. LadyDevimon and BlackGatomon are supposed to be mean and nasty, but the love I see in their eyes is real. No doubt about it. Minako showed that love to me lots of times, and to Kiyoshi too, even though he's gone. But even so, does that really justify what they've been doing? Should they really continue their life of hurting innocent people and Digimon? Maybe they're misguided and have forgotten what it truly means to feel alive,' Gatomon ruminated deeply. She lost all motivation to fight. She, like other Digimon, knew that LadyDevimon and BlackGatomon are supposed to be conceived as nefarious and knave Digimon, who know of nothing but malice and evil intentions, displaying them with both their mien and their actions, but...should that really be the case?

Suddenly, LadyDevimon stood up and stared at the kids with anger in her eyes.

"You insolent, contemptible, heartless humans!! Look what you've done to my beloved friend!! I'll never, EVER forgive you if you ever try to kill her!! She's all we have!!" LadyDevimon screamed at the top of her voice.

"Shouldn't you be telling yourself that when you're hurting innocent people and destroying everything? They won't forgive you if you keep doing what you're doing!" Kosuke exclaimed.

"He is right, LadyDevimon. I understand that you and your friends have went through a great many hardships before coming here, and we don't condemn you for that. However, you have been seen hurting people and destroying places that are important to the humans. For that, you have to take responsibility and repent, or else you will not be at ease," Angemon told her in his booming voice.

On the other side of the area, Yun, Hokuto, Aria, Melody, Gargomon, Turuiemon, Reppamon, and MarineAngemon are still having trouble containing the rogue PlatinumNumemon, even with the help of their secondary Digimon.

"Can someone help us out here!?" Yun yelped.

"Vacuum Kamaitachi!" Reppamon managed to land some hits on PlatinumNumemon, but again, they didn't leave a scratch.

"Come on! We can't handle him like this!" Bucchiemon exclaimed, getting irritated by everyone's focus on LadyDevimon right now. Otoya and Seasarmon decided to help them.

"We'll help you! Come on, Seasarmon!" Otoya said as she decided to run toward them and help them.

"As if we didn't have enough to deal with," Seasarmon muttered.

LadyDevimon, with her two BlackGatomon friends in her arms, flew into the air, hovering above everyone else.

"You humans know nothing about what I went through! It's none of your business! I came here on a sole mission, and that is to--" LadyDevimon was about to spill the beans on her mission, but something stopped her from doing so. A walkie talkie in one of her pockets is hissing, and the arrogant BlackGatomon pulled it out.

"Master? Is that you?" LadyDevimon asked the walkie talkie.

"LadyDevimon!! Where in the world are you!? I've been worried sick!!" MoonMillenniummon screamed on the other line, loud enough for all the members of the Digimon Brigade to hear.

"I have some business I have to attend to, Master! I--" LadyDevimon stammered, a little taken aback by MoonMillenniummon's sudden and very vociferous yelling.

"Come back to the inner sanctum at once! I have a very important duty that you need to attend to! I don't want any complaining!"

"But Master, I still--"

"No buts, young lady!! Return to the inner sanctum immediately! I don't know what you and those BlackGatomon have been up to, but this is starting to become very annoying! Now get off your behind and get back here! Come on! Scat!"

LadyDevimon sighed. "Yes, Master..."

And with that, the hissing on the walkie talkie faded. LadyDevimon put it back in her pocket.

"Unfortunately, it seems my time with you has run out, and I have to return to my humble home. But don't think I'm finished with you just yet! I'm still going to fulfill my mission, and I will do it even if it kills me! But don't worry, pipsqueaks. I have a little present for you to keep you occupied," LadyDevimon told them.

Suddenly, a digital portal appeared, and out came a big stream of Geremon and Dracmon.

"YEEEEK!!" Rena screamed.

"Goodbye for now, weaklings!" LadyDevimon flew into the same digital portal. But it didn't disappear right away. PlatinumNumemon saw it and flew away from everyone so it can reach it.

"No! Come back here!" Aria jumped on it and tried to subdue it, but PlatinumNumemon pushed her off and flew right into the digital portal.

"Spray of Hearts!" MarineAngemon tried to attack it, but it was too fast, and the digital portal disappeared.

"NOOOO!! He got away!!" Yun screamed angrily as she fell to her knees and pounded her fist into the ground.

"Yun! This is no time to be repenting! We've got more Geremon to deal with!" Gargomon told her. Yun digilassoed some and gave Rabbitmon, Prairiemon, and Bucchiemon the honor of destroying them.

"Ewwww! More ugly Geremon! Disgusting!" Rena complained as she digilassoed one.

"As if we didn't have enough to deal with already! Moon Night Bomb!" Lekismon exclaimed as she managed to destroy at least four Geremon and two Dracmon with her most recent attack.

"We cannot let these Digimon run wild! Fira Bomb!" Firamon said as he killed three Dracmon with his recent attack.

"Hey slimeball! You look like puke!" Melody taunted a Geremon and made him mad, which gave Rabbitmon the honor of destroying it with a Lop Ear Swing.

"Star Shower!"

"Missle Storm!"

"Aerial Attack!"

"Boiling Water!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Tee Dia!"

"Vacuum Kamaitachi!"

Attack names were shouted far and wide. Not wanting to stand by and watch from the sidelines anymore, Lucero snuck up on a Geremon and a Dracmon and assaulted them, trapping them in an arm lock.

"I've captured two rogue Digimon! Thou can destroy them if thou wish!" Lucero exclaimed, which made Yun decide to impale the Geremon with her digisword and Turuiemon maim the Dracmon with one of her gauntlets.

The fight seemed to go on and on. Geremon and Dracmon are insidious, mischievous, and volatile little knaves. One of each was one thing, but an entire crowd of them was basically suicide for anyone who couldn't tolerate poop attacks or devilish pranks. By the time the last Geremon and Dracmon were killed, the sun began to set, and the sky began to turn bright orange, with some tints of rosy pink, midnight blue, and violet iris. It was certainly beautiful and dazzling, but the kids and Digimon are so tired, languid, and worn out right now, they found no point in admiring the evening amber sky as of right now. All the champion levels de-digivolved back into their rookie levels. MarineAngemon did too, so much so that she de-digivolved all the way to her in training form, Bukamon, instead of her rookie form, Syakomon. But then again, Bukamon was happy about being Bukamon since she still feels rather abashed and insecure about her rookie form. The children sat on their rear ends, gasping for breath and trying to regain their composure. They're all tired, irritated, overwhelmed, and just want to go home, eat dinner, and prepare for school tomorrow.

Lopmon, Cutemon, and Terriermon all lay in Yun's arms, tired and limp, drained of all their energy and motivation. Yun also felt drained and languid. She felt as if she had lost at least ten pounds thanks to that annoying PlatinumNumemon! But she did feel content and relived with the fact that nobody got least, not fatally, of course. Hokuto was sitting next to her, cradling a dormant Kudamon in his slender arms. Lucero, noticing that Yun looked rather languid, decided to approach her and kneel in front of her.

"Yun? Art thou alright?" Lucero asked in his usual low, sweet voice. Seeing the concern in Lucero's big pale blue eyes, Yun smiled at him a tad weakly.

"Yeah, somehow. I feel kinda bad we had such a hard time defeating that PlatinumNumemon," Yun told him.

"Why exactly didst thou go after him instead of LadyDevimon?" Lucero asked.

"PlatinumNumemon are mega level Digimon. I thought that if he was allowed to run free, he might wreak more havoc than LadyDevimon could...and I thought that since we had a mega level, it might've been easy to take care of him...but I guess I was wrong, wasn't I? How could I be so dumb?" Yun explained, but became a little despondent upon reaching the last sentence. Yun then felt something poking her cheek. It was Cutemon's ears.

"Don't say you're dumb, kyu! You didn't know, kyu! We all didn't know, kyu! Besides, nobody was hurt and he went back to the Digital World, so everything turned out alright in the end, kyu!" Cutemon told her with her sweet smile.

"Yes, but maybe I should've left him alone and went after LadyDevimon instead, even though none of you can fly," Yun told her. Finally, Terriermon got up.

"No. You were right to let us try to handle PlatinumNumemon even though he turned out to be tougher than he looked. I may not remember much of my days in the Digital World, but I know that PlatinumNumemon are very naughty Digimon who love causing trouble and are constantly bragging about how strong they are! Sure it was tough getting him, but we did manage to stop him from getting into town, so that's good, isn't it?" Terriermon explained. Yun smiled and hugged him.

"Yeah, you're right," Yun said.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to help thee in any way," Lucero told her.

"It's alright. If LadyDevimon saw you, she'd probably think she'd recognize you and try to kidnap you, like Roachmon did," Yun told him.

Unfortunately, even though there are members of the Digimon Brigade who, despite not being able to defeat LadyDevimon or PlatinumNumemon, who feel content with just keeping them out of town and making sure they didn't cause more trouble, there's one who thought the complete and total opposite, and Patamon was the one to notice.

"Kosuke? What's wrong? You okay?" Patamon asked, noticing that Kosuke's hazel green eyes are literally consumed by flames of anger, he's gritting his teeth very tightly, and he's balled his fists very tightly as well. Kosuke looked at Aria, who is standing up and gently cradling a tired Bukamon in her small arms. He stood up and began walking toward her. Patamon didn't like how Kosuke looked, so he decided to accompany him.

Aria innocently held Bukamon in her arms like she was her baby. She then turned around to see Kosuke behind her and looking down at her with a look Aria knew very well: scorn and contempt. Noticing that this was very unlike Kosuke, backed away a little bit. But it didn't work. Kosuke raised his hand and...


The sound was so loud it attracted the attention of all members of the Digimon Brigade! Kosuke slapped Aria! So hard that she fell to the ground! Everyone was appalled, including Patamon.

"Kosuke!! Why did you do that!?" Patamon yelled, angry by the display of rather inappropriate behavior that Kosuke just put on...but this was just the beginning.

"You worthless little wretch!! Why didn't you stop that PlatinumNumemon when you had the chance!? You had all the chances in the world to get him, yet you just lazed around doing nothing!!" Kosuke screamed, like he was Aria's father. Aria's eyes grew big with fear and shock. Bukamon, however, just turned plain mad.

"Hey! Aria tried her hardest to contain PlatinumNumemon, along with everyone else! He was just too much to handle! He was a mega level too! We never had to deal with them before until now! Why blame the whole thing on Aria-chan!? She's just a little kid!!" Bukamon snapped.

"You're the only one of us who can digivolve into a mega level! You should've been able to defeat it just fine, but noooo!! You had to let it get away!!" Kosuke screamed again.

"I did the best I could! It outsmarted all of us! And for YOUR information, Aria and I actually TRIED to stop PlatinumNumemon from getting away, but he slipped past us before we could land a hit! You should at least be happy he didn't run off into town and start hurting people!" Bukamon yelled back.

Patamon got in between them. "Kosuke!! I know you're upset about all of this, but you don't have to take it out on her! We all tried to do what we could to stop LadyDevimon and PlatinumNumemon from causing more trouble! Sure they got away, but it doesn't mean it's the last time we're gonna see them! We-"

"You stay out of this!!" Kosuke yelled. "Yukino, you're just downright useless!"

"She is NOT!!" Bukamon yelled angrily.

"That's no way to treat your partner!" Labramon hissed, appalled by Kosuke's sudden change in character. Suddenly, Kosuke walked up to Hokuto, grabbed him by the shirt, and pinned him against the tree.

"You're just as useless as Yukino is, y'know!? You have a Digimon who can shoot invisible attacks and bombard enemy Digimon with them!! You should've been able to handle the PlatinumNumemon just as much as Aria did, but you didn't do a thing!! You just stood around and watched like some mannequin in a store!! Your Digimon's supposed to be the smart one, yet if he can't even handle a PlatinumNumemon, then he's just as useless as you are!!"

"Blinding Ray!" Kudamon made his body glow, causing Kosuke to cover his eyes and let go of Hokuto. Kudamon stared at Kosuke with just as much anger as Kosuke is showing right now.

"You don't have to make it sound like we didn't try, Hanemoto! Yes, I normally am very intelligent and do possess great strategical ability, and I tried applying some of it today! But it didn't work, and PlatinumNumemon outsmarted all of us! I had never dealt with Digimon like him before, so it was only natural! Besides, PlatinumNumemon are mega level Digimon and so far, I can only digivolve into a champion level! We're all not strong enough to deal with a mega level just yet!" Kudamon explained, quite angered by Kosuke's behavior.

Finally, Minako stepped in, just as angry as he is.

"Kosuke! We ALL failed at trying to keep LadyDevimon, PlatinumNumemon, and all the other Digimon at bay! But just because we didn't do so well today does NOT make it right for you to call people useless and point out their shortcomings right in front of their faces!" Minako scolded like she was his mother, but Kosuke wasn't having it.

"Oh, you're one to talk! Why didn't you have Gatomon digivolve into ultimate level so she could've actually helped us!?"

"Why bring that up now!? I don't think I've met my D-Heart's requirements yet!!"

"Oh, is THAT your excuse!? You're the smart one, aren't you? You should've been able to find their weaknesses and use your super powerful computer skills to our benefit, but nooooo!"

"There wasn't any time to use my laptop!!"

"You could've found some if you actually used your time wisely, brain grain!"

"What's gotten into you, Kosuke!? This isn't like you!!"

"You need to quit being such a nag, that's what!!"

"I don't know what your problem is, but you need to shape up!"

"You're the one who needs to shape up!"

"No! You are!"

"Stop! Stop right now!!" Salamon and Patamon both tried to push their partners away from each other, but their small size and their current lack of physical strength prevented them from doing so. Otoya has had enough too.

"Kosuke! Minako! Knock it off, will you!? This isn't--" Otoya tried to break them up as well, but Kosuke kicked her in the stomach!

"Otoya!" Labramon cried as he ran to his partner.

"You stay out of this, you narcissist!" Kosuke yelled, which made Minako even angrier.

"You shouldn't have done that, and Otoya's NOT a narcissist!!" Minako screamed.

Everyone was stunned. Appalled. Blown away by everything that's happening. Kosuke exploding into a paroxysm of anger and taking it out on everyone? Minako getting into a fight? Nobody saw this coming. Even Melody, who's so used to seeing Minako being sweet and motherly and Kosuke being quiet and occasionally indifferent, was shocked beyond her wildest imagination and dreams! Even the Digimon were surprised.

But they were going to be even MORE appalled by what would happen next.

Finally, someone couldn't take it anymore.


Yun, enraged by her friends' inopportune and inappropriate behavior, pushed herself in between them and literally pushed them both away from each other like she their mother. Lopmon, Cutemon, Terriermon, and Lucero were all very surprised by Yun's valiant display of courage. She's just about had enough.

"Stop it right now, you two!! Fighting like a gaggle of little kids throwing tantrums is getting us nowhere!! Kosuke, Minako's right. Just because we all failed at something doesn't mean you have to call everyone useless and take your anger out on them! On the contrary, we all tried very hard to keep the Digimon at bay, and even though we failed, this won't be the last time we deal with them, so we can do better next time! Minako, Kosuke does have a slightly valid point. Maybe you could've taken a break from fighting PlatinumNumemon with us by going on your laptop and looking up their weaknesses so we could've defeated them easier. I'm not blaming you or anything, but it would've saved you and us a lot of energy and trouble. But fighting like this? This isn't what friends do! Now you both need to--"

Yun was on a roll. Even though Kosuke and Minako repeatedly tried to interrupt her, she kept on going. She knew that leaving the two of them to argue was not going to get them anywhere. They both had good points and Yun made sure to tell them this. She wanted to tell them to shape up and make up, but Kosuke, finally having had enough, stopped her.

"Friends? You call us friends!? Don't make me laugh! You're no friend of ours!" Kosuke screamed.

Suddenly, everyone gasped. Even Yun.

"Wha...why is that!? What are you saying!?" Yun exclaimed.

"You're going too far, Kosuke!!" Rena yelled.

"That was mean, Kosuke! Take it back!" Patamon commanded, growing more and more disappointed by Kosuke's growing anger. But he didn't stop.

And he finally dropped the bomb.

"What am I saying? Well, let me tell you! You're no friend of mine! You hardly ever do anything helpful, you're always meddling in people's business, you constantly bug us, you never leave us alone, and you keep us from doing what we want! You don't think of us as friends at all, do you? You're only saying that so you can manipulate us into thinking you're the good person when clearly you're not! You say you do nice things out of the kindness of your heart, but the truth is, it's all for your own self-satisfaction! You only want to make yourself look good, that's it! You're selfish, freedy, and a problem for everyone! You're so caught up in your own desires that you don't even realize you're making trouble for everyone around you! Have you ever helped us with anything? No, you haven't! You're always dragging us down and around at your own convenience! You're constantly sucking the life out of us and everything you touch! You're nothing but a parasite!!"

Yun felt as if the strongest H-Bomb of all had fallen on her perfect, harmonic world. Kosuke thinks she's manipulating him and everyone else? That she's a parasite? That she's useless and only doing things to satisfy her supposedly selfish desires? Where, how, and why did he get such ridiculous ideas? She couldn't understand. What happened to him to make him say such horrible things?

"Wha...what in the world!? Why would you even think something like that!? I'm NOT like that at all, Kosuke!!" Yun screamed.

"Don't lie. You're only with us so you can satisfy your own depraved ego. You're deceiving all of us," Kosuke told her coldly.

"Have you lost it, Hanemoto!? What would she gain from doing something like that!?" Riku yelled angrily.

"Recognition. That's all. All you want is for everyone to like you, and you're willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen! Stop trying to prevent us from living our own lives and stop making us into your slaves!!" Kosuke yelled.

"I DO NOT think of you all as my slaves!! I'm not like that!! It's not true, is it!?" Yun exclaimed loudly, becoming desperate and starting to grow very anxious, looking at everyone with desperation. Terriermon, Lopmon, and Patamon all stood before Kosuke with angry faces.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, but all of those allegations are downright ridiculous!! Why in all the world would you think that Yun would do horrible things like that!? You have no proof!!" Lopmon exclaimed angrily, even going as far as to show her teeth, which she normally never did.

"You've been with her since second grade, haven't you!? You should know by now that Yun's not the person you say she is! What's making you think like that anyhow? She's done lots of nice things for you, and not for the reasons you think! She let you into her house for a few hours when your mom had a drunk spell! She gave you food and temporary shelter! How is that all out of a selfish desire!?" Terriermon yelled, backing up Lopmon's argument.

"This isn't like you, Kosuke! You've got to stop this at once! This isn't what you normally do! Take back everything you said right now, young man!" Patamon demanded sternly like he was his father.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Kosuke told Patamon.

Then it happened.


Someone said it, and Yun's heart shattered upon seeing who it was.


It was Minako.

Everyone is just incensed.

"MINAKO!? You're actually AGREEING with him!? How can you be so heartless and insensitive!?" Riku yelled.

"Yeah!! You'd never do something like this!!" Coronamon shouted, backing up Riku's argument.

"See? Minako knows it, I know it, and you need to get it. Stop trying to meddle into our business, claiming that you're helping us. We don't need your false help! Now get out!!" Kosuke demanded.

Yun couldn't believe it. Two of her best childhood friends are actually turning against her and claiming she's a bad person without any solid evidence! Questions kept running around in her head. Why is this happening? What happened to Kosuke and Minako? Why are they saying such horrible calumny? Is it because of what they went through? Is she some sort of scapegoat for their anger? Why would they yell at her of all people? Why would they even think that Yun's doing nice things out of selfishness and greed? When was there ever a time when she did that? Yun wanted to believe that this was all some horrible dream...but it isn't. They were dead serious. Tears began pouring out of her eyes.

"!!" Yun muttered at first, then finally exploded. "YOU'RE NOT THE KOSUKE AND MINAKO I KNOW AND LOOOOOVE!!"

With that piece of rhetoric, she sprinted from the area screaming and bawling. Lopmon, Cutemon, and Terriermon all chased after her. Lucero did too, but not before giving him his death stare and a final word.

"You've gone too far this time!! What's wrong with you!?" Lucero screamed angrily, then chased after Yun. In a flash, others did too.

"Yun-chan! Wait!" Otoya and Labramon both ran after her. Kosuke just hmphed and left. Patamon didn't bother going with him he was so disappointed. Everyone was about to leave until Lunamon noticed something odd.

"Aria-chan?" Lunamon said. Everyone turned to where she looked and found Aria...holding herself with her arms and shaking violently on the ground, her brown eyes big and her teeth grinding together.

"Oh no! Aria! Are you okay?" Rena yelped.

"I don't know what's happening! She won't talk to me!" Bukamon told her with worry in her green eyes. In a flash, Aria screamed and broke into a paroxysm of tears, falling to the ground with her hands on her face.

"Aria! Aria! What's wrong!?" Rena shook her but Aria continued to scream and cry like Yun did.

"Aria-chan! Snap out of it!" Patamon pleaded.

"This isn't good!" Biyomon said.

"Hello? Aria! Say something! Calm down!" Melody pleaded. They got a response, but it wasn't anything they expected.

"No! NO!! Papa! Please...don't hurt me!! I'll be good!! I'll be a...good girl!!" Aria bawled, her voice unnaturally high, so much so that it didn't sound like it even belonged to her.

"Aria-chan! Come on! Snap out of it! Wake up!" Bukamon pleaded.

"Mama!! I...I want...mama! Why did she...have to die...? Why is cruel?" Aria said, her voice getting lower and lower.

Finally, after a long while, Aria finally calmed down. Melody took it upon herself to take her home. Shunji, without a word, flew back home on Coredramon. Everyone else parted ways. They are now very appalled and conflicted by everything that just happened. Even the Digimon were surprised and angry with what transpired. But they did realize something: Kosuke's completely changed! But exactly what happened to him? As for Yun, she literally burst through the door right as Hisako was making dinner. She ran to her room, buried herself in her bed, and cried throughout the entire night. She bawled her eyes and broken heart out, she was so despondent. She pounded on the bed, almost pounded her head and face if Lopmon, Cutemon, Terriermon, and Lucero didn't stop her, and screamed into her bed. Despite the bed muffling her noise, Hisako and Teruki came into the room and were shocked.

"Yun! What's wrong, Yun!?" Hisako asked with concern in both her eyes and voice.

"Kosuke...he's not Kosuke anymoooore!!" Yun wailed. They tried to get more information out of her, but she continued to cry and refused all coaxing and consolation. She didn't want dinner, even though it was another favorite of hers, chicken with Spanish rice and vegetables, like carrots, corn, and broccoli. She laid in her bed the entire night, crying it away. All Lopmon, Cutemon, Terriermon, and Lucero could do was stay by her side and stroke her. Their hearts sank upon seeing and hearing the heartbreak she had to endure.

Secretly enough, another one of the Digimon Brigade is feeling very choleric right now because of what happened, and that turned out to be none other than Melody. She sat in her room on her bed, clinging to a frame containing a picture of herself, Yun, Minako, and Kosuke as kids, the same one she showed Biyomon. She stared at it with a fierce and angry look in her light brown eyes. Even Biyomon couldn't help but think that Melody looked quite frightening.

"Melody? Do you think Kosuke really meant what he said? It's not true, is it?" Biyomon asked, looking worried.

"No. None of that nonsense is true. None of it..." Melody muttered in a low but angry tone. Then some quick knocks came to the door.

"Melody? Dinner's ready!" A woman's voice exclaimed.

"Sorry, but I'll have to skip it! I'm not in the mood!" Melody yelled back. The woman's voice dissipated and Melody is left to stare at the picture.

'I will never forgive them!! I will NEVER, EVER forgive them!! I'm gonna teach them a lesson they'll never forget, even if I have to bash their skulls against the wall!!' Melody thought bitterly. 'Yun...I'm so sorry. I'll fix this somehow! I will! I won't forget this! I'll help you somehow!'

There was no way Melody was going to let them off easy. The same for someone else...or, some Digimon.


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