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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 33 (part four)

part 4!

Once LadyDevimon and her two BlackGatomon attendants returned to the inner sanctum, they received a mild scolding, but seeing what had happened to the timid BlackGatomon, MoonMillenniummon let them off and allowed one of his servants to tend to her wounds while she did her important duty, which was find a special stone tablet that spoke of the history of the Holy Guardians and Holy Council, which he proceeded to destroy. Once finished, LadyDevimon and the arrogant BlackGatomon, both out of genuine worry and concern, went to the infirmary, which is nothing more than a part of the inner sanctum consisting of a tiny room with a few beds and a candle-like Digimon acting as a doctor to everyone, along with some fireball Digimon assisting him. LadyDevimon and the arrogant BlackGatomon watched as the candle Digimon gave the timid BlackGatomon, who is tucked snugly in bed, some nice hot soup.

"Her injuries aren't serious, so she should heal in about a day's time. But she will definitely need some rest. DemiMeramon, get me some of that Paulownia herb(2), will ya!?" The candle Digimon explained, then told one of the fireball Digimon, DemiMeramon, to grab an herbal remedy.

"Thank you for taking care of her, Candlemon. We really appreciate it," LadyDevimon told the Digimon, Candlemon, kindly.

"It's no problem. But I wanted to you really think they're still alive? And with humans, no less?" Candlemon asked.

LadyDevimon looked down at her friend solemnly. Candlemon took this as a yes.

"Well, I kinda already had my doubts about the whole thing so there IS a likely possibility, so I believe you. But you shouldn't try so hard to prove it. Not that I'm saying you shouldn't, it's just that you also have to focus on what's important," Candlemon told her kindly. Then a DemiMeramon approached him with a letter in his hands and dropped it in Candlemon's hand. Candlemon read it and threw it at the wall.

"Aww, man! Sorry, but I've gotta run. Monitormon's beaten himself stupid again. I'll let you stay here and look after BlackGatomon. See ya!" Candlemon told her and hopped out of the infirmary with three DemiMeramon accompanying him. LadyDevimon and her two BlackGatomon attendants are now all alone in the infirmary...well, except for some DemiMeramon who are sleeping and lighting the place up with their warm fire. LadyDevimon looked at the scene around her and couldn't help but smile.

"This is what we've been longing for all this time," LadyDevimon whispered.

"Yes. It is," The timid BlackGatomon murmured softly. The arrogant BlackGatomon suddenly kicked the wall.

"I won't ever forgive those wretched humans! They probably don't know a thing about suffering or what we've been through! They don't understand anything!" The arrogant BlackGatomon snarled.

"Calm down, sister. You'll waste your energy," The timid BlackGatomon told her. The arrogant BlackGatomon mollified herself, but she stared at the wall angrily.

" were right. I see what you mean now. They're alive. As things are now, what do we do?" The arrogant BlackGatomon asked.

LadyDevimon looked down at her injured friend sadly, then up at the wall angrily.

"We won't let them off easy! Later, when things are in order, we'll return to the human world and grab one of those Digimon! We'll show one of them to Master and prove to them that they're still alive! After what they did, now I'm more motivated than ever!" LadyDevimon edicted proudly.

"LadyDevimon...let's not do this," The timid BlackGatomon told her in a weak whisper, which shocked her sister and LadyDevimon.

"What do you mean!? Look what they did to you!!" The arrogant BlackGatomon exclaimed.

"Look around. We have everything we've wanted. Food, shelter, warmth, and love. Do we really need to do anything more? MoonMillenniummon-sama doesn't care if we're weak or strong or anything so long as we're faithful to him. He saved us, and in return we helped him do what he needed to do. Shouldn't we be happy with what we have now? We finally have what we've dreamed of. We can't sacrifice all of this just because they might still be alive," The timid BlackGatomon explained.

LadyDevimon couldn't help but admit that she had a good point. But something else lingered in her mind.

"I know, my dear. I'm just as happy to have all of this as you are, and I know of what's important. But...this isn't just about proving their existence anymore..." LadyDevimon whispered.

They spent the entire day together, cherishing and relishing each other's presence.

As for them thinking that humans have it better than them, they couldn't be more wrong.


1. The Tales of Ise is a collection of Japanese tanka poems and narratives dating as far back as the Heian period. Nobody knows who the author or the original publisher are, even to this day.

2. Paulownia is a type of flower or tree indigenous to China, Vietnam, and Laos. They're known for their rapid growth and for their usage for the production of hardwood timber.


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