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12 Moments In Anime: #12, My First Japanese Anime

Every year, anime blogs do a 12 Moments In Anime where they list the most memorable things that happened to them as they got into anime. Yes, I know, mine is REALLY late, but I'm gonna do one for fun anyway. I didn't "discover" anime until I was in 4th grade, when I clicked on a Neopets link that led me to a Hamtaro guild, which in turn led me to all the anime sites I discovered. Sadly, I can't remember any of them, but I do remember seeing one anime on those sites called Tokyo Mew Mew. This was before I found anime downloading/streaming websites. It looked interesting and I wanted to see it...then my wish came true in the form of 4Kids Entertainment advertising it as Mew Mew Power. Happily, I watched it and went on the internet. But what I found was backlash against the English dub for its censors and editing. Being unaware of this, I did some research, and found that Tokyo Mew Mew was a Japanese show. So, intent on seeing the differences, I decided to track down the first English subbed Japanese dubbed episode of Tokyo Mew Mew...which I found on a site called Kawaii Neko, which is now dead.

And wow, was I surprised!

I really was surprised with how DIFFERENT the Japanese voices and English voices were! I didn't have any problems with it, being the blissfully unaware kid that I was. But now Mew Mew Power is not on TV anymore and, weirdly enough, I lost all motivation to continue watching the show for some reason. I was in 6th grade when I saw the Japanese first episode, but I'm glad I did, because without it, I would never have developed my habit of watching anime on a COMPLETELY regular basis! Now I've devoured an OBSCENE amount of anime and hope to devour more in the future!

Moment #12: Watching my very first Japanese dubbed, English subbed anime.

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