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Firechick's Anime Reviews: Harbor Light Story Fashion Lala

I give this cute but kinda 80's anime 83/100!

In 1983, Studio Pierrot decided to release magical girl anime, the first being Creamy Mami, which proved to be an instant runaway hit. They continued this trend of magical girl series until about 1986-88. They started wavering in popularity, reflected by the decreasing number of episodes each series had. Creamy Mami had 52 while Pastel Yumi, in 1986, only received 25. In 1988, however, they tried something else. They produced an OVA called Harbor Light Story: Fashion Lala Yori. Unfortunately, it wasn't green-lit for a TV series, and it was scrapped for a full 10 years later until it was remade into Fancy Lala in 1998, though it was overshadowed by anime like Card Captor Sakura. I only just recently found this OVA and while I did like it for what it was, it does have a lot of things wrong with it.

Basically, it's another Cinderella story. Like with Fancy Lala, our lead character is a little girl named Miho whose father is away on business and has been left in the care of her aunt and three cousins. But they don't like her for some reason, save for one cousin named Shuri, who tries her best to be a good big sister to her to an extent. Miho dreams of being a designer, but her designer aunt and haughty cousins scoff at her dream, deeming her incapable. Miho learns that all the teenaged girls are going to partake in a disco contest that'll decide the new disco queen. Miho wants to design a dress for her cousin Shuri so she can win, but things don't always go in their favor.

Being made in 1988, of course you can tell that the animation has 80's written all over it.

(more to come soon)
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