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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 2

 Here's chapter 2!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 2
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Family/Friendship, Drama

EPISODE 2: What The Lights Brought To Us

After the very strange yet very exciting battle with Goblimon earlier this morning, Yun and her friends (both human and Digimon) became wide awake as a result. It also made Yun realize something: her new friends, Lopmon and Terriermon, are Digimon. She knew about Digimon through fiction and TV, but she had no idea that they turned out to be real! Supposing they were nothing but fictional cartoon characters! But she knew well that what she was seeing and feeling in front of her was real. She touched her new floppy earred friends. She felt them, she communicated with them, and best of all, she raised them. All of that was enough to convince her that these cute bunny Digimon were as real as reality itself, even if she didn't particularly like reality, especially with having to deal with Nenji and his possibly over-indulgent mother.

When she got home, she was relieved to see that nobody was awake...well, except for maybe her older sister, Ayaka, who simply thought she was in the basement playing on the computer. That was what Yun normally did whenever she woke up early in the morning, and it was so normal that Ayaka probably didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, which was good for Yun. She snuck back inside through the back door, the way she came out earlier, and locked it tight. Thankfully, her parents were still sleeping. She slowly tip-toed and ambled her way back to her room, cradling Terriermon and Lopmon in both of her arms. When she got inside and closed the door, she fell to her knees in pure relief.

"Whew! Now THAT was a close one!" Yun exclaimed.

"Yeah! It sure was!" Terriermon exclaimed. Now he sounded more like a 8-year-old boy than a 4-year-old one. As Yun caught her breath, she noticed Lopmon looking at her with worry in her green eyes.

"Yun? Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?" Lopmon asked. She still had her sweet, gentle voice, albeit turning a little bit older and somewhat more polite and proper-sounding. Yun smiled at Lopmon's concern.

"I'm fine! Thanks for worrying. You're so sweet," Yun said sweetly as she rubbed Lopmon's head with her hand while trying to avoid her small horns. Although they were small, they still looked sharp and could easily cut herself if she carelessly rubbed against them, so she was scrupulous to avoid them.

"You're welcome. It would be a great tragedy if you were to be seriously hurt. Oh! It seems I forgot to introduce myself! How very rude of me. Hello, Yun. My name is Lopmon, and I am a rookie level, data attribute, animal Digimon. I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance," Lopmon introduced herself in a very polite and suave manner, which seemed to both surprise and please Yun nicely. Lopmon bowed when she reached her last sentence.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you, too!" Yun said.

Then Terriermon hopped in between the two.

"Let's not forget me! I'm Terriermon! Nice to meet'cha!" Terriermon exclaimed cutely, which made Yun laugh, but irked Lopmon somewhat.

"Terriermon. You shouldn't butt into someone else's conversation. It's very rude," Lopmon told him softly but sternly.

"Awww! But I wanted to introduce myself, too!" He whimpered back, feeling a little discouraged.

"You should wait until I'm done," She said to him.

"You guys are cute!" Yun said as she watched the two floppy earred Digimon siblings argue amongst each other, which stopped them from doing any more of it.

"Thank you," Lopmon said politely again. Terriermon hopped into Yun's arms.

"Hey Yun-chan! Let's play!" Terriermon begged.

"I-I'd love to play, Terriermon, but I can't right now. I have to get ready for school," Yun told him.

"School? What's that?" He asked, confused.

"It's a place where you go to learn things and be with others. I don't like it there, but I have to go. It's the law."

"You're not gonna stay forever, are you?"

"Of course not, silly! See the clock on my night stand? Right now it reads 7:04 AM. School starts at 8:20 AM, but my mom and I leave the house at around 8:05 so she can drive me and so I can get there on time. It ends at 3:00, though with Mom driving me I normally get home at around 3:10. See this little hand, here? Once it reaches the three, I'll be back home."

"Oh! I see! Then, can I come?"

"Uhh...I'd love to bring you, but it wouldn't be a good idea."

"Why not?"

"Well, we kids aren't supposed to bring stuffed animals to school. It's a rule. Plus, I'm already the center of unwanted attention enough as it is. Not because of you! No way!"

Lopmon hopped into Yun's arms.

"We Digimon are a rare sight to normal humans. They may think us strange, and we might cause an uproar. They're not used to seeing stuffed animals talking and walking," She explained.

"I guess you're right," Terriermon murmured despondently.

"She is right. Also, there are some people there who don't really like me. I wouldn't want to cause any more trouble than I've already done," Yun said.

"What? You? Cause trouble? How can that be? Yun, with your kindness and tender heart and wonderful knowledge, you could never be capable of causing trouble! You don't seem to be the type! I don't believe it at all!" Lopmon edicted.

Yun was touched by Lopmon's kind words.

"Nobody's ever said that to me before. Anyway, today's gonna be a little different from now on," Yun said.

"How so?"

"Remember my friends? Now that they have Digimon like me, we might have a little meeting after school to talk about you guys. I can't really bring you to school, but once school ends and I come home, I'll have Dad take me to the park since he's off work today. But you two are going to have to stay here in this room until then. I wouldn't want to scare them or have you guys cause an uproar. Not that I think you would, but even inside school or outside people aren't used to seeing stuffed animals talk and walk and stuff. Know what I mean?"

"Awww! That sounds boring!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"But she is right, Terriermon. We cannot draw any unwanted attention to ourselves," Lopmon told him.

"What are we gonna do for 8 hours!?" Terriermon asked.

"I have lots of books you can read and games you can play. I don't think you'll have much trouble handling them as long as you keep them in good condition. I don't like having my books torns or my games broken," Yun explained.

"We will be very careful, Yun. We promise," Lopmon said.

"But what about food?" Terriermon asked again.

"Do Digimon eat?" Yun asked.

"Yes, we do. For some Digimon, it is not necessary. But most of us have to eat to keep up our strength or else we wouldn't able to protect ourselves or do anything during the day," Lopmon explained calmly.

"That's true for us humans, too. Anyway, I have lots of stuff you can eat. Some of it is junk food and some of it's healthy food," Yun said.

"Ah, I see. So even humans have to have a healthy diet in order to live a full life," Lopmon said.

"Is that surprising?"


"Okay then,"

Yun then put the two rabbits down on the floor and kneeled in front of them (though she was sitting as she was holding them).

"Now, I have to get myself ready for today. I'll come back and pick you guys up and I'll have Dad take me to the park today. Will you two promise to be good and keep yourselves hidden from my family?" Yun told them softly and gently but sternly.

"Yes. We will," Lopmon said.

"Okay. I'll do it," Terriermon said, albeit very reluctant to stay cooped up in one place for a whole 8 hours. Yun smiled.

"Good! I know you guys wouldn't like being cooped up for a long time, but like I said, nobody expects to see stuffed animals talking and walking. It'd cause a big stink," Yun said to them.

Yun decided to prepare herself for a new school day. In truth, she did feel bad about having to leave her newfound friends here at home alone (Well, with her parents not looking or knowing, of course) for a whole 8 hours, but she knew very well about what would happen if something were to go wrong, and she wanted to avoid those consequences and repercussions at all costs. She couldn't bear to think about what would happen if her sister were to see them, or the people she hated most (like Nenji and Seiko). It made her heart ache. Not only that, she was never really fond of school and would much rather spend her days with Terriermon or Lopmon, but she knew fantasy couldn't keep her away from reality forever. She learned this the hard way.

And so, Yun said goodbye to her floppy earred friends and took off for school, hoping they wouldn't be spotted. Throughout the day, Yun and her small circle of friends (consisting of the people who knew about Digimon and their existence) talked about what they would do after school. Yun suggested that since they didn't bring their Digimon to school today (their teachers would obviously find out about them if they weren't careful), they would run back home to pick them up, meet up at the gazebo in the park, and get their Digimon acquainted with each other while have some questions answered about their existence, why they arrived on Earth, and what they were doing here. Everyone agreed. They made sure to keep this a secret from people, especially those who would want to thwart their plans and expose them to the world. Good thing Seiko was absent today due to a cold (Kosuke overheard one of her girlfriends saying so).

But even though Yun was back on talking terms with Minako and Kosuke, and the fact that she got to be with Otoya and the twins again, her day was still rather unpleasant, as Nenji kept shouting ribald things about everyone and at everyone (including her) and kept causing all kinds of trouble for the teacher and the other students. As she looked down at her papers and kept her ears covered with her hands, Yun thanked her lucky stars that she made the decision to leave Lopmon and Terriermon at home. It turned out to be a good choice after all. She would never want to get them acquanted with anyone like Nemoto Nenji or Shimizu Seiko. Who knows what kind of trouble would erupt if they were to meet face to face?

Fortunately, this did not happen. The day came and passed, and Yun came home from school with her Dad. Lopmon and Terriermon were happy that she came back, and Yun was happy that they behaved and that nobody noticed them. 'Thank goodness!' She thought to herself. Yun then took the two floppy earred animals and the egg-shaped digivice out of the room with her and decided to take the plunge.

"Hey Dad? I forgot to mention, my friends said they're going to the park today and that they want me to come," She said to him.

"Oh? Is that so? How come you didn't tell me in the car?" He asked.

"I needed to pick these up," Yun told him. Lopmon and Terriermon remained silent and pretended to be dolls.

"Are those stuffed animals? How cute! Where'd you get those?" Her dad asked.

"Melody-chan gave them to me. She came by a few days ago and snuck them into my room through my window. You know how sneaky she can be sometimes," Yun explained. She felt bad about lying, but she knew she had to in order to protect her new friends. Her dad chuckled.

"She IS sneaky, indeed! But that was nice of her! Alright then, I'll take you to the park. Take your phone with you in case trouble comes up or if you want to be picked up," her dad told her.

"Yay! Thanks, Dad!" Yun thanked him lovingly and ran to get her cell phone.

Everything went as planned without difficulty, and Yun's dad took her to the park, dropped her off, and drove away. Yun ran to the gazebo where she ran into Melody and Minako, with their respective Digimon, Biyomon and Salamon. It appears Kosuke had not arrived yet.

"Melody-chan! Mina-chan! You're here!" Yun said.

"Why wouldn't we be?" Melody said.

"Wow! Your Digimon are cute, Yun-chan!" Minako said. Yun put Terriermon and Lopmon down.

"They sure are! Introduce yourselves now," Yun told Minako then her floppy eared friends.

"Hello. My name is Lopmon. I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance," Lopmon said very politely and bowed before them.

"I'm Terriermon!" Terriermon said with a smile.

"Terriermon, Lopmon, these two girls here are my best friends, Shimotsuki Melody and Omori Minako," She explained. Then she turned to the two girls. "Mina-chan and Melody-chan, these are my Digimon, Terriermon and Lopmon!"

"Hello, you two," Minako said politely.

"Hi," Melody said gruffly.

It seemed someone else wanted to strike up a conversation.

"Wan wan! Hello! I'm Salamon! Pleased to meet you!" Minako's Digimon, the cute, rosy cheeked, pale yellow puppy, Salamon, piped in cutely.

"Awww! You're so cute!" Yun said and petted the puppy's head affectionately.

"And I'm Biyomon! As you can see, I'm Melody's Digimon. Pleased to meet you," Biyomon said in a lady-like but somewhat vain manner. Yun seemed to interpret her as the slightly vain and spoiled type from the way Biyomon crossed her arms (or clawed wings in this case) and stood in an erect and dignified stance, with her red beak raised and her blue eyes shimmering. Yun felt safe and secure knowing that her friends coincidentally got Digimon. After a short while though, Kosuke finally arrived.


He literally ran up to the girls with his Digimon, Patamon, flying slowly behind him.

"What took you so long?" Melody asked a little gruffly.

"Sorry. Mom was being difficult, seems we've got..." Kosuke blurted out as he stood trying to catch his breath. But the last thing he said left everyone shocked. "We've"

"What? Company?" Yun asked.

And the so-called company came.

"WHAT!? They have Digimon too!?"

"Whoa! Is there, like, a sudden outbreak of Digimon for some reason?"


The voices came straight from Otoya, Rena, and Riku. And wouldn't you know it, all three of them had Digimon too!


Practically everyone (except Melody and Kosuke) screamed loudly upon the revelation and now only had Melody, Minako, and Kosuke had received Digimon, but Otoya, Rena, and Riku too!

As they regained their composure, Yun took a good look at their Digimon. The one standing faithfully by Otoya's side is a dog, pale yellow like Salamon, but bigger, with teeth, pink ears and a pink curly tail, gold claws, pink stripes under it's eyes, and a white belly. The one by Rena's side is a very light lavendar-colored rabbit with two sets of floppy ears; one set drooping downward, the other set standing up, both tipped and striped with blue violet streaks. It also had a big curly antenna, also tipped blue violet with a yellow crescent moon under it, violet eyes, crescent moon markings on it's hands and chest, a pink scarf-like thing around it's body, and a silver crescent moon brooch on it. The one by Riku's side is a furry, red, funny-looking beast with golden eyes, black gloves on its wrists, a strange helmet thing with a flame on it on it's forehead, a big fluff of orange fur under it's chin, and a twitching flame on it's tail. Riku was the first to start freaking out.

"Woooow!! This is soooo awesome!!" He ran toward Biyomon and suddenly hoisted her up in the air.

"Digimon by the motherload! Cooooool!!" Riku yelled happily.

But Biyomon did NOT look happy. In fact, when she got hoisted in the air like that, she became choleric. She pecked Riku in the head. HARD. He finally let go.

"Ugh! How dare you pick me up in such a sudden and vulgar manner?! How very impertinent of you!" Biyomon scolded angrily, leaving Riku with some marks on his forehead. But he didn't seem to be fazed by it. But his firey Digimon friend seemed to be so.

"Hey! Don't go around peckin' my friend, you bird! He's awesome! And so am I!" The furry red Digimon retorted.

"Would someone as "awesome" as you and him really be so rude and impertinent as to treat me with such vulgarity?" Biyomon asked sternly.

"Now now! Please don't fight!" Yun pleaded. Minako pulled Biyomon away while Rena did the same with the furry red Digimon.

"Ehehehehe. Oh! This is my awesome little buddy Coronamon!" Riku exclaimed as Rena returned his furry red Digimon friend, Coronamon, back to him.

"I'm Coronamon! I'm on FIRE!!" Coronamon exclaimed happily, raising it's paw.

"Let' more in the gazebo, shall we?" Yun said as she decided to escort everyone inside. But before Melody and Biyomon did so, Melody gently rubbed Biyomon's head.

"Nice one," She whispered.

"Thanks! I don't like it when someone approaches me so suddenly and treats me with such vulgarity," Biyomon whispered back.

"No kidding. I'd do the exact same thing with anyone who messes with me at all," Melody said. Now she and Biyomon walked into the gazebo.

Now everyone was gathered, sitting in a circle with their Digimon by their sides, ready to start the meeting.

"Okay! Let's start with introductions! Hello, my name is Wakamiya Yun!" Yun began.

"My name is Lopmon. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance."

"I'm Terriermon!"

"I'm Omori Minako, but please feel free to call me Mina."

"Wan! Hello! I'm Salamon!"

"...Shimotsuki Melody."

"And I'm her distinguished Digimon friend, Biyomon!"

"Jounouchi Otoya, daughter of Jounouchi Oujiro, pastor of the neighborhood church!"

"And I'm Labramon. Nice to meet all of you."

"The name's Hanemoto Kosuke."

"Hello! I'm Patamon! Nice to meet'cha!"

"I'm known as Nobara Rena."

"My name is Lunamon. It's very nice to meet you all."

"Nobara Riku!"

"The awesome, blazing Coronamon, at your service!"

That sure wrapped things up nicely.

"Now that we are all acquainted with one another, let's tell stories about how we met our Digimon! Mina-chan? Would you like to go first?" Yun began again.

"I'd be glad to. It all started yesterday..." Minako said as Salamon happily sat in her lap, enjoying Minako's petting.


Like she said, it started yesterday, when she began walking home from school. She had always walked to and from school, and continued to do so to this very day. On that day, she remembered that her mother said that she had been planting periwinkles and white lilacs and that they were finally starting to bloom. Minako loved flowers, but periwinkles and white lilacs were her very favorite flowers. When she arrived at her pale yellow house, she decided to go through the side gate that leades to the backyard, where her mother's garden patch is. All the flowers were in bloom, including the purple periwinkles and the white lilacs.

And there it was! A rather large, pale yellow egg with darker yellow stars all over it, sitting in the garden patch, right next to the white lilacs! Minako was confused. She had no idea where it had come from, nor of it's origins. But even so, she decided to gently remove it from her favorite flowers and take it into her room. Her parents were in the living room watching TV, so she came inside through the back door, which had started to become rather common for them since Minako was very interested in seeing the flowers bloom. She closed the door to her room and put the star covered egg on her bed. She began to stare at it quite intently. Something about it seemed to click with her, and she just couldn't help but be curious about the egg. Then, in a flash, it started to wiggle! After that, it glowed in a bright white light. It was so bright Minako had to close her eyes.

When the glow faded and Minako opened her eyes, she was both shocked and very delighted with what she saw. A very small, very cute, very round, pure white creature with two little round ears, big black eyes, and perfectly rosy cheeks, just like her mother's pink morning glories in the garden. Minako had fallen in love, and it seemed the little white bear head seemed to fall in love with her too.

"You're so cute!" Minako said as she gently poked the little white thing with her finger.

Soon, the two were doing everything together. At one point, Minako even decided to take it out into the garden, to show it it's birthplace. The little white bear head seemed to love smelling the flowers and looking at them.

"Minako! Can you help me with this please?" Minako's mother called out from the kitchen.

"Okay! I'll be right there!" Minako replied back. She then turned to the little white bear head.

"Now stay here and don't move. Okay? I'll be back in a sec," Minako told it in a whisper, then left to help her mother.

The little white bear head didn't seem to mind, as it sat comfortably in between the purple periwinkles and the white lilacs and slept in them. But when Minako came back, she saw that the little bear head changed.

"WHAT!? Wha...what happened to you!?" She yelped, but she covered her mouth once she realized she yelled. She could have startled her parents.

But what startled her was the little white bear head's drastic transformation. It turned into a green cat head with ears, violet eyes, a big mouth, and a little tail with blue stripes on it. Minako approached it cautiously and kneeled.

"Umm...hello? You still remember me, little one?" Minako asked shyly.

She never expected to get a verbal response. But she did.

"Mina! Mina!" The little cat head yelped in a funny sounding voice, which at first shocked Minako. But after a short while, she regained her composure and decided to play with it more.

"Yes. I'm Mina. What's your name?" Minako said.

"Nyaaa. Nyaromon," The little green cat head, Nyaromon, replied.

"So I see. Nice to meet you," Minako said to it.

They played some more and then they went to bed, but not before a digivice appeared in front of Minako. Unlike Yun's being pink and light green, Minako's was pure violet purple, just like her periwinkles. She didn't really mind, since purple and white are her favorite colors. But the next morning, Nyaromon was acting up, saying things like, "Digimon out there! Must find!" So, Minako and Nyaromon went into the woods.

(end flashback)

"...and then we ran into you and all that stuff with Goblimon happened," Minako explained, showing her purple egg-shaped digivice to everyone.

"What? The two of you found your eggs and digivices yesterday?" Kosuke asked. By 'the two of you' he meant Yun and Minako.

"Yeah!" Yun said.

"I did too!" Kosuke said.

"What!? So did I!" Otoya said.

"Me too," Melody backed her up.

"Us too!" Rena and Riku exclaimed in unison.

This shocked everyone, including Yun.

"WHAT!? Now THIS is one scary coincidence! We all found our Digimon and digivices on the same day at the exact same times!?" Yun exclaimed.

"My, my! This is a very interesting coincidence, indeed!" Lopmon backed her up.

"Sounds kinda creepy to me," Otoya said.

" onto my story. I found my egg under my computer. When I picked it up, it hatched into Nyokimon. After a while, it digivolved into Yokomon. We bonded a bit, but then she sensed a Digimon's presence in the woods. End of story," Melody explained quietly but rather sharply.

"I'm glad it was Melody who found me. I certainly wouldn't want to have a human partner so wicked and so careless as this freckled boy here!" Biyomon retorted rather selfishly.

"Hey!" Riku cried out.

"Now onto my story!" Otoya interrupted, hoping that Riku and Biyomon wouldn't get into a brouhaha.


Around the same time as the others, Otoya ran into her home happily without a care in the world.

"I'm home!" Otoya exclaimed. Her dad, the well known pastor of the neighborhood church, and her mom were both sitting in the dining room.

"Welcome back, dear," Oujiro said pleasingly.

"How did the choir's practice go?" Otoya asked as she grabbed a carton of chocolate milk and began pouring it into a plastic cup. The Jounouchis only used glass cups and tableware for special occasions.

"Very well, thank you. I'll bet by the next gathering they'll be a big hit," Oujiro said.

"Wow! I can't wait to hear them sing!" Otoya said as she put the carton away.

"You should get started on your homework, Otoya," Her mom said.

"Okay! I'll be in my room," Otoya said as she drank a bit of chocolate milk and ambled upstairs to go to her room.

This was when she found the egg lying on her bed. A large pale yellow egg with two magenta colored spots on the sides. Like the others, it wiggled and glowed, but it hatched into a pale yellow dango-shaped creature with two magenta colored, dog-like ears and a thing of hair on it's forehead. Otoya loved anything that was cute, so she took to it immediately.

"Awwww! How cute! It looks like a puppy!" Otoya squealed as she caressed the little dango-shaped puppy lovingly.

Soon, the little puppy grew longer and even grew a curly tail and legs. It even started talking!

"O-O-Oto-Otoya..." It was the first thing it said, and it startled Otoya as she was doing her homework, but she soon became used to it trying to learn new words.

But unlike the others though, it didn't sense any Digimon nearby. Otoya's family didn't live near the woods, so they didn't fight the Goblimon. But the next day, Otoya left for school and the little puppy became worried.

Right as Otoya, Riku, Rena, and Kosuke left school, Otoya saw Labramon sitting quietly in front of the school entrance, waiting for her.

"Whaaaaaa!? Wha-what are you doing at my school!?" Otoya yelped, which made Rena, Riku, and Kosuke all shocked.

"I was worried about you, Otoya," Labramon said.

(end flashback)

"Good thing nobody took it the wrong way!" Otoya said.

"Okay. Now onto mine," Kosuke piped in.


Kosuke developed a habit of going inside his house through the side window, which lead to his room. He didn't want to go into the living room anymore. He didn't like seeing the same things there, smelling the same smells, and having his stomach feel wrung out every time he went in there every single day.

But when he got into his room, he saw a large, white egg with orange stripes on it laying next to his bed. He slowly approached it when it suddenly wiggled and glowed. After the glow faded, he saw that the egg left behind a very tiny, very cute, and very soft and slimy marshmallow-shaped creature with a round head, a mouth, and a pair of beady black eyes. Kosuke softened at the sight of the small creature, and laid on his bed so he can look at it at eye level.

"Now where did you come from, little guy?" Kosuke asked.

The marshmallow shaped animal didn't answer.

"Guess you can't talk yet, eh? Small world out there, isn't it?" Kosuke said as he patted the marshmallow-shaped creature on the head. It felt soft and slimy, but he liked the feel of it.

He and the small creature spent the entire day together. But dinner time came around and Kosuke decided to make dinner for himself and for the marshmallow-shaped creature. He prepared some pre-prepared spaghetti and meatballs in the microwave and took it to his room...only to find the marshmallow-shaped animal transformed into a white toothy thing with two wiggly antennae and small feet.

"Hello!" It said in a high voice, which shocked Kosuke even more. Seeing the shock on his face, the white toothy animal became a little crestfallen.

"Oh. Did I scare you? I'm sorry," It said again. Kosuke finally got over his shock, ambled toward the little thing, and stroke it's head and antennae.

"You didn't scare me, little guy. What's your name?" He told him softly.

"I'm Tokomon," The white toothy animal, Tokomon, said at last.

"So you're a Digimon, then? Interesting," Kosuke said.

"How do you know I'm a Digimon?" Tokomon asked.

"I just know," Kosuke replied.

"Wanna be friends?"


(end flashback)

"...the end!" Kosuke said with a clap of his hands and a flap of Patamon's orange wings.

"I really like Kosuke! Is he cool or what?" Patamon said.

"He sure is!" Yun said.

"I get to tell our story!" Rena exclaimed, raising her hand.

"No! I'm telling it!" Riku argued.

"No! I am!"

"I am!"

"You'll leave out the best parts!"

"No I won't! I have ADHD! I pay attention to details nobody else does!"

"WILL YOU TWO QUIT SQUABBLING?!?" Melody, Biyomon, Kosuke, and Patamon exclaimed angrily, which scared the two siblings.

"Alright," They sighed, then began. "We find eggs in our rooms. They hatch. They digivolve. Later, they digivolve again. The end!"

And that was the shortest story of them all.

"That was fast," Terriermon said.

"I'm with ya on that!" Coronamon told him. They high fived each other.

" you all have your digivices?" Yun asked.

"Yep!" Otoya said, then gestured everyone to show their digivices.

Yun presented hers first. Hers is light pink and pale green. Minako's is violet purple. Melody's is crimson red. Kosuke's is a mango orange color. Otoya's is cerulean blue, like the ocean on a cool summer day. Rena's is light lavendar, and Riku's is a shimmering goldenrod.

"Now...onto questioning the Digimon!" Yun said.

Right on cue, all the Digimon gathered to the center of the gazebo, waiting for the humans to ask their questions.

"So, what do you want to ask first?" Lunamon asked politely.

"I'll ask the first question. How did you all get to our world? And on the same day no less?" Yun asked.

The Digimon looked at each other and ruminated. Then, minutes passed. Yun could tell by their faces that they didn't seem like they had even the faintest clue to how they got to the human world.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot remember anything before meeting you, Yun. It's all a blur," Lopmon replied sadly.

"Yeah. Me neither," Salamon backed her up.

"All we remember is that we came from the Digital World," Labramon told them.

"What's the Digital World again?" Rena asked, feeling confused.

"The Digital World is where we come from. We are born and live in a world that was created by your world's communication network," Patamon explained calmly.

"Digimon is short for Digital Monster!" Biyomon piped in.

"We kinda knew that already," Kosuke retorted a little gruffly.

"Hmph! Humans are so impudent," Biyomon said.

"What was that!?" Riku cried out angrily, thinking the insult was directed at him.

But the children didn't get the time to ask more questions. Why? Because a loud roaring sound nearby prevented them from doing so!

"What was that!?" Minako yelped.

"Look! Over there!" Yun pointed to a secluded part of the park, where something large and green began running rampant.

And large and green it was, indeed! To Yun, it looked like a much larger, more vicious version of Goblimon, only with horns on it's head, a large open mouth with fangs, horns on it's body, white hair on it's head, a bone club in it's hand, and glowing red eyes.

A light appeared on Minako's digivice, showing the image and name of the rampant Digimon, who was too busy knocking down trees with it's bone club.

"Ogremon. A champion level. It's a virus type ogre Digimon. It's special attacks are Bone Club and Overlord Fist!" Minako said.

But something else caught Yun's attention.

"Look! On it's arm! A black hexagon!" Yun said.

She was right. A black hexagon with stripes and a skull shape lay on it's arm, the one holding the club. Just like Goblimon.

"Yeah! We should destroy it!" Kosuke said.

"What does the black hexagon do?" Otoya asked.

"I don't know, but from what I can see it makes the Digimon go crazy. It's best to destroy it as soon as possible!" Yun explained calmly, trying very desperately to hide her fear.

"That thing needs a make-over," Biyomon snorted gruffly.

"Pheh! That ugly thing!? We can take it down easy! Ya ready, Coronamon?" Riku exclaimed rather proudly.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" Coronamon said as the two of them charged toward Ogremon. But Rena and Lunamon pulled Riku back.

"Riku! Don't go after it so recklessly! You could get killed!" Rena scolded harshly.

"That's right. Ogremon are extremely dangerous," Lunamon told him in a particularly clear, pretty voice.

"Boom Bubble!" Patamon shot a huge ball of air at Ogremon, successfully hitting the hexagon. But it wasn't enough to make it go away. Fortunately enough, the Ogremon seemed to be so preoccupied with it's task of knocking down trees that it didn't even notice, let alone feel, Patamon's attack.

"Wow! He's worse than you!" Melody told Yun.

"Awww, come on!" Yun replied. As Melody pointed out, Yun often had a habit of being preoccupied with a task she really liked while totally forgetting and ignoring everything else around her. Completely. And that's not even an exaggeration. But the Digimon proceeded to attack it anyway, except for Salamon who decided to stay by Minako's side. It wasn't out of fear of the ugly green thing.

"Salamon? You're not gonna fight?" Minako asked.

"Nope! If I attacked it with my Holy Roar, I might draw it's attention, and I don't wanna do that. Especially not since it doesn't seem to notice Patamon's attack. It'd be best if we didn't use any LOUD attacks," Salamon explained.

"You've got a point," Minako said. She also noticed that Labramon remained by Otoya's side for the exact same reason.

"Be careful!" Yun advised.

"Blazing fire!!" Terriermon shot a sphere of fire at Ogremon's arm, successfully hitting the hexagon, but it still wasn't enough to make it disappear.

"Feather strike!!" Biyomon shot sharp pink feathers at Ogremon's arm, one of them hitting the mark.

"Tear Shot!" a ripply ball of water shot out from Lunamon's curly antenna and hit the hexagon with aplomb.

"Corona Flame!" a blazing sphere of fire shot out from Coronamon's forehead and hit the hexagon.

"Freezing Snow!!" Lopmon blew out a blizzard of powdery snow, freezing Ogremon's entire arm.

This was what finally got it's attention.

It roared upon feeling the intense cold ice on it's arm and upon not being able to freely move it. It finally turned around and saw the small Digimon with it's evil, glowing red eyes.

"Oh no! It's found us!" Lunamon squeaked.

"Not to worry! The hexagon should come off soon!" Patamon exclaimed reassuringly, though he wasn't too sure himself. Especially since Ogremon started charging after them.

"Bone Club!!" It screeched as it approached the small group of Digimon.

This is when Salamon and Labramon decided to fight.

"Holy Roar!!" Salamon's LOUD attack, which frightened everyone as much as it did Ogremon, made the bone club come out of it's hand. Labramon took the opportunity and leaped on it's arm. It's fangs glowed in a faint rainbow light.

"Holy Bite!!" Labramon sunk it's teeth deep into Ogremon's arm, causing him to screech in pain. This made the hexagon on it's arm finally dissipate into the air. Right then and there, Labramon leaped off and returned to Otoya's side, and apparently so did everyone else.

The red glow in Ogremon's eyes finally faded, and he looked around the area in a confused daze.

"Huh? Wha? Where am I? This ain't the Digital World!" Ogremon said in a deep voice, then saw the trees he knocked down. He gasped.

"Oh no! Did...did I do this!? Oh merciful heavens, I did! I did!" Ogremon wailed.

"Ummm...excuse me?" Yun caught it's attention, and instead of attacking her, he dropped to his knees.

"Awwww! I'm so sorry! I truly truly am! I have no idea what came over me! First my buddy Goblimon and now me! How could we be so dumb!? I didn't mean to cause all this destruction!" Ogremon importuned sadly. But Yun wasn't angry at him.

"It's alright. It wasn't your fault. And did you say you know the Goblimon?" Yun told him.

"Yep! He's my best buddy!" Ogremon replied.

" you know where you got the black hexagon from? That was what made you go crazy," Yun told him again.

"Indeed it did. To be honest, I dunno how I got it. All I know was that I was just mindin' my own business when suddenly this big black thing came up to me in one fell swoop. I dun remember nothin' after that. Sorry!" Ogremon explained.

"I wonder what it could be?" Rena said.

"It sounds scary!" Otoya said.

"Well, whatever it is, make sure it doesn't control you again, okay? I think you should go back to your world now. I'm sure your Digimon friends might be worried about you," Yun told Ogremon as he opened a little white hole in the ground with the snap of his fingers.

"Indeed they will be. Thanks a lot for stoppin' me! I really owe ya a big one! Gotta bounce!" Ogremon exclaimed with a wave as he leaped into the white hole and disappeared.

"Now that was awesome," Kosuke murmured.

"That was quite dangerous, wasn't it, Otoya-chan?" Labramon asked.

"It sure was!" Otoya replied to both her faithful Digimon and Kosuke.

An idea sprung into Yun's head like an overpowered pogo stick.

"Uwaaaah!! I thought of something really cool!!" Yun exclaimed.

"What may it be, Yun?" Lopmon asked.

"Yeah! Tell us!" Terriermon said.

"I wanna know!" Salamon piped in.

"Me too!" Otoya exclaimed.

Yun proudly pointed her index finger high into the sky, with her arm extended and face smiling brightly.

"We are the Digimon Brigade!!"


With Yun's sudden fiat, everyone's mouths dropped to the floor in utter confusion and shock.

"Digimon..." Minako murmured.

"...Brigade?" Melody whispered.

"Yes! The Digimon Brigade!" Yun exclaimed.

"Why?" Kosuke asked.

"Just think! Just like in the TV shows and comic books we read about Digimon, we have been given Digimon for some kind of divine purpose! How do you explain us all being given Digimon at the exact same day and time? Something must be happening in the Digital World! In regards to the name, I think we should have our own group name, don't you think? It wouldn't be a fantastic and adventurous journey without a good name, wouldn't it!?" Yun explained rather joyously and enthusiastically, but upon seeing the weirded out looks on everyones faces, she turned a little red. "Uhhh...if you don't like the name, that's fine. Anyone got other ideas?"

Everyone looked at each other and ruminated amongst themselves silently.

It was Riku who tool the plunge.

"COOL! I love the name Digimon Brigade!"

"Come to think of it, it DOES have a nice ring to it," Minako said.

"Yeah. I can't think of anything better, so..." Kosuke said.

"It's good," Melody said.

"Wan! I love it!" Salamon piped in cutely.

"I think it sounds cool!" Rena said.

"Me too!" Lunamon backed her up.

Yun's face lit up with joy.

"Alright! Henceforth, we shall be known as the Digimon Brigade!!"

"YEAH!!" Everyone cheered with their fists in the air.

"Now, there's one important rule that EVERYONE has to follow! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, should know that you have Digimon! It'd cause a huge stink! We have to swear to keep them secret and guard them with our lives!"

"Yeah!!" Everyone replied.

"Good! This first Digimon Brigade meeting is adjourned!" Yun edicted, clasping her hands together like she's some court judge. Rena looked at her watch.

"Oh dear! It's almost time for dinner! We have to run! Come on, Lunamon!" Rena said as she dashed away from the park.

"Yes, Rena-san!" Lunamon exclaimed quickly as she followed Rena.

"Heh. I gotta go too. Bye! Coronamon!" Riku said goodbye to everyone and proceeded to follow his sister.

"Riku! Wait for meeeee!" Coronamon pleaded as he tried to keep up with Riku.

Soon, everyone else left.

"Bye-bye! I'll see you all later!" Patamon cheered happily as she followed Kosuke away. Basically Yun, Minako, Lopmon, Terriermon, and Salamon were the only ones at the park now.

...or so they thought.

Minako turned to the torn down trees with a curious look on her face.

"What's wrong, Mina-chan?" Yun asked.

"I thought I heard someone laughing," Minako replied.

Then, the long ears of Terriermon, Lopmon, and Salamon stood straight up.

"There's a Digimon nearby!" Lopmon exclaimed.

"What!? So soon after the other one!?" Minako yelled.

"No worries. This is a small one. Wan!" Salamon replied calmly but sweetly.

"Let's go see!" Terriermon said.

The five decided to find the Digimon. It wasn't that hard to find it, since the laughing was relatively close by. What they saw surprised them.

They found a little girl and a small pink winged Digimon playing happily in the park. And the two just caught sight of them!

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