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My Top 12 Favorite Western Cartoons

I got bored, so I decided to make this.

12. Lady Lovely Locks
I will admit, I had no idea this show even existed until late last year, and that was because someone compared it to Go! Princess Precure coming up. I had nothing better to watch at the time, so I thought why not and decided to watch it to relieve the boredom. I will admit, it's not that good of a show. It's cheesy, Lady Lovely Locks is too perfect, the show has so many creative ideas but never got to utilize them, their episodes are too short for any kind of character development, the villains are cheesy, and it could have been so much better. But even so, I still like it, and it's a heck of a lot better than other stuff I've seen despite the low rating I gave it. Here's hoping I make a fan fic that'll expand on its ideas and characters. It's unabashedly girly, but oddly enough, it didn't repulse me or drive me away, so if it can do that, then it deserves a spot on this list.

11. My Little Pony Tales.
I'm kinda sad people aren't seeing the good things about it and focusing too much on the bad. I mean, yes it definitely has its problems (the worst being the music, continuity errors, the short episode duration, and one episode that's just plain terrible), but for the most part, while it's nothing ground-breaking, it has a lot of things to like. For one thing, the ponies have some personality and some flaws, so they're not totally bland (though I do think Starlight could have gotten more development), it definitely tackles most of its issues in a somewhat sensitive and fair manner unlike most shows like it, and for the most part, it's not as girly as many people think. It's definitely FAR away from G3-3.5, just so you know.

10. The Powerpuff Girls

9. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
One of my favorite old cartoons!

8. Steven Universe
When I first heard about this show, I was so sure it was going to be yet another bad gross out Cartoon Network comedy in the vein of Uncle Grandpa and Teen Titans Go, where it'd focus only on pointless comedy and stupid stuff that's all style and no substance at all. And of my favorite internet critics was praising it up the wazoo, along with everyone else around me. My curiosity being piqued, I decided to check it out. Best decision I ever made. Sure, it's no different from other shows out there, but it's just so wonderfully sincere and does its own thing. It's actually a serious show, albeit with plenty of comedy and cuteness, and even though its stylish, there's plenty of substance underneath.

7.Voltron: Legendary Defender
I never in a million years thought I'd like this.

6. Song of the Sea

5. The Legend of Korra.
Is it any wonder why I love this?

4.  Avatar: The Last Airbender.
I love this!

3. LoliRock
Easily one of the best magical girl shows I've seen, the best written and the best executed.

2. Redwall Animated Series
I would never have seen this series had I not began watching The Cartoon Hero's internet review of it.

1. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
I hadn't heard of this show until 2011, and I had long lost my faith in Western cartoons back then. But people kept raving about it and praising it up the wazoo, and I was convinced that any girl themed show was automatically bad. But out of morbid curiosity, I checked it out, and it didn't hook me right away. Sonic Rainboom was the episode that truly made me realize that this show wasn't going to be bad like all other shows I knew. In fact, by the time 2011 ended, I had become a hardcore fan! Well, not TOO hardcore.
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